Electrician websites

Electricity is among human necessities. Without this, there would be serious trouble with how we deal with our everyday life. It serves as the main generator, which has significant controls on how things work.

Why create an electrician website?

Humans rely on electricity so much. This is one of the main reasons why electrical companies and professionals are needed within the country’s economy. Nowadays, hiring an electrician and visiting electrical companies isn’t as easy as they were before. Due to the pandemic, we are obliged to stay within our homes as much as possible. We are currently living in this modern age because being at home is not a hindrance for you to get what you want. If you want food, you can get a delivery. If you’re going to buy something, there are tons of online stores on the internet. The same goes for electricity. If you seek professional electrical services, an electrician website is always present.

If you are a professional in the electrical field, having your own electrical website is a must-have. Not only is it easier to reach your target audience, but it also helps you in achieving long-term goals. Creating your own electrical website gives you the power to control even the simplest tasks you need to accomplish. Marketing strategies are also easier to execute through designing electrical websites. Many electrical company websites have managed to increase the number of audiences by simply choosing the best electrical contractor website template that suits their taste, forming the best electrician website contents, and finally, sharing the good words to the world.

If you are now starting to get curious on this subject, just stay back and relax because Strikingly has a lot waiting for you within this chapter.

Prestatutecho electrician website

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Features your electrician website should never miss

Before you can achieve that flawlessly designed electrician website, you must put high considerations first on the elements you will include in your electrical contractor website template. What menus should I have in my electrician website design? How many pages should I create for a single electrical company website?

If you have these questions running inside your mind, you don’t need to worry because Strikingly has the best answers for you.

  • Catchy Background. Website background images make your electrician websites more enticing and fun to visit. When choosing your background layout, be sure that you are not just using high-quality templates, but also attractive templates to make that good impression. One practical tip you can do is to use photos that you personally captured. Through this, you aren’t just making it more realistic but also provide your website visitors a quick glimpse of how you do what you do.

Strikingly is among website builders, which allow you to create your website however you want it to be. You can choose from its vast collection of unique themes and templates. Or you can add your own personally captured photos to give a more customized look on your electrician websites.

  • Specified Services Offered. Clarity comes with effectiveness. One crucial aspect you should never forget in creating your electrician websites is to include a clear list of your customers’ services. This plays an essential role in making your website reliable. Design a section within your electrician websites to which customers could access a detailed list of all the services they could expect from you. Include details like the service name, the price for service rendered, hotline number to contact, and other information which a customer will need.

With Strikingly, you can easily do this part through its Add Custom Form feature. This feature allows you to add different customized sections to your electrician websites to look more professional and exciting. To know more, here’s how it works.

Services on website

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  • Testimonials. Trust is one of the main goals why electrician websites are created. It seeks to capture the hearts of a wider audience within a short period. As a website builder, one step you could do to fulfill this is to include customer testimonials. Adding an audience section within your electrician website’s layout will give you a higher chance of getting every website visitor’s trust. It is usual for consumers to see other consumers’ insights and opinions first before transacting with a specific company/business. By adding testimonials from your past customers, you prove to potential customers that you are reliable and worthy of their trust.

Testimonials on website

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  • Blog Posts. It may seem not to like it, but Blog sections add more spice to any website built. It gives customers sufficient information about the business as well as the kind of environment it works with. Through blog posts, they are gaining additional information and answers to their personal questions and queries. With Strikingly, you can add a simple blog section on your electrician websites without breaking too much sweat. Through this feature, you can now share your thoughts and communicate with your audience more!
  • Gallery. Personal website galleries are also essential. Aside from testimonials, it is also a weapon that you can use in showing customers how you perform. Design a gallery of videos and photos on your electrical contractor company profile to make it more aesthetically made and give an aura of being among professional electrician websites. You can also include a portfolio of your past projects for a clearer view for your website viewers.

IMAD website gallery

The image is taken from IMAD

The best electrician website example to get your inspiration

Now that you’re almost done, Strikingly gives you these inspiring and best electrician website examples to keep you going. Take a good look at these examples and start creating yours with Strikingly!

  1. Moran Electrical Contracting

Moran Electrical Contracting is an electrical company website based in Chicago. They provide high-quality electrical services for different structures involving multi-residential, institutional, commercial, and industrial. Moran Electrical Contracting has a specific team of professional and experienced electricians ready to respond to concerns at any time. Their electrical company website features a classy website design. Once diving into their electrician websites, you can immediately spot the set of high-quality photos used throughout the website page. Each specific service they are offering is also clearly posted on their electrician websites.

  1. Rio Electric

Rio Electric is among electrician websites that are characterized as “a true inspiration for branding and marketing.” Their electrical contractor website template features a creative yet elegantly-designed website homepage. It has a slider feature that highlights various images taken from their previous projects. Rio Electric’s electrician websites also built a section where all their past customer’s testimonials about their service are posted.

  1. Withrow Electric, Inc.

Withrow Electric is an electrician website which has been serving the country of Columbia for years. Since the year of 1996, they’ve been providing the country with high-quality electrical services. Upon visiting their electrician websites, a bright color palette will welcome you. A phrase saying “red and yellow kills a fellow” also shines on their page. Their logo is also included as one central element in their electrician website design. Aside from this, their electrician websites have a section that showcases a set of their employee’s photos. Including a section like this on an electrician, websites give off a more “homey” feeling capturing more attention from website viewers.

  1. Hall Electrical

Hall Electrical has been in the field of providing electrical services for more than fifteen years. Their electrician websites offer a spectacular design of website elements and high-quality photography. It possesses a sleek design of a hero depicting their collection of high-quality works and different customized headlines. Hall Electrical also took the opportunity of having their own electrician websites. They included a detailed yet straightforward portfolio of their previous electrical services and projects on their main website page for their potential customers to know how they work in the field.

  1. Weifield Group

Weifield is among electrical companies which combine professional electrical expertise with how our modern technology works. They build a number of the world’s most energy-efficient structures. Once diving upon their website, one can see how successful this electrician website is. A section where their company’s milestones are placed can be seen once visiting their electrician websites. A crew of the month is also one element that is prominent on their electrician website’s homepage. Customized introductory videos, which are among the website designing trends, can be seen upon visiting their electrician website. The presence of a zooming, roll-over feature on their personal photos also adds more fun and excitement to their website viewers.

Create electrician websites with Strikingly!

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