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You may already know how to use Instagram reels. In today’s day and age, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms. People use it to promote their business and let the world know about their everyday lives. With technological evolution, Instagram has introduced new features that have become a source of attraction for users worldwide. One of those features is the reel feature, which has been a major part of this platform.

Even though these reels are short, they are entertaining and have a special way of grabbing your attention. If many people feel inclined to your videos, it will help you in increasing social media engagement. Creators like Justin Bieber, Shahrukh Khan, and Stanley Tucci helped transform this addictive feature from Tiktok to Instagram. Now, this feature can increase your followers and spread your word about business products and services.

What is Instagram Reel?

To increase Instagram engagement, you must know what Instagram reels are. They are defined as full-screen vertical videos with a limit of 90 seconds. They are created through different editing tools and have an extensive collection of audio tracks (featuring audios of trending songs or viral content of other users). Apart from the sounds, the reels can include more than one video clip, filters, captions, backgrounds, and stickers.

strikingly instagram reels
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As there were copyright issues before the inclusion of these audio tracks, Instagram included this feature so that the users could create content without worrying about the music copyright laws. Reels are not the same as Instagram stories because, unlike stories, they don’t disappear after a day. Once you create a reel, it will be displayed on your Instagram account unless you choose to delete it. The best thing about it is that it is favored by the Instagram algorithm, which means that people who don’t follow you other than your feed posts will also see your reels. Many people see the reel feature as the TikTok version on Instagram.

Steps Involved in Making Instagram Reel

If you have been using Instagram or even TikTok, it is likely that you don’t need the Instagram reels guide for your assistance. If you are using Instagram but are not familiar with this feature, you can go through the five steps below for further clarification:

1. Click the plus icon on top of the Instagram page and choose the reel option

2. Record and upload your desired video on Instagram: It is important that you record the video by holding the record button. Moreover, the video must be uploaded from your camera footage

3. Edit your video content/reel: You can add strikers, drawings, and other types of content through the icons on top of the reel editor. The editor possesses built-in creative tools, which help you modify your reel in a single interface

4. Make adjustments to your Reel’s settings: These changes are totally different from the changes that you make in your content. In this case, you will be able to add a caption, add location, tag other people in your reel, enable Facebook recommendations

instagram reel settings

Image taken from Instagram

5. Publish your reel: Click on the share button on the bottom-right of your screen to complete the process

Best Tips in Making Viral Reels

1) Learn Instagram Algorithm

As mentioned, Instagram reels for business are strongly favored by the Instagram algorithm. Its magic and influence are not a secret to anybody using this social media platform. The platform uses the matchmaker to determine which reels will be displayed to which user. For example, if you are into sports and have previously displayed content, you will be shown different reels of tennis, football, cricket, basketball, etc.

instagram reel content
Image taken from Instagram

Similarly, if you have published content regarding politics previously, there is a chance that you will have reels regarding Russia’s developments in Ukraine. Understanding how the reels algorithm works will help you get more views on the explore page. You can attract the Instagram algorithm to your videos by adding trending music, using hashtags, and improving the visuals of your reel. If your videos don’t look pleasing to the eye, the Instagram algorithm will not recognize you or your videos.

2) Trending Audio

If you go through different Instagram reels ideas on your social media account, you will realize that most creators use the same audio on top of their video content. According to an article from My Colorful Wanderers, Fire on Fire by Sam Smith is the most trending song for the reels on Instagram. Similarly, people have used The Home Depot beat and many related audio soundtracks as part of their reels.

The reel sounds on Instagram are the same as the audios of other creators’ videos. When they gain popularity, you can get more viewers if you use them as part of your reels. The reason is that the users tend to look into the music more than anything else, as the algorithm mentioned above seems to prefer it. The best way to analyze these audios is to note the audios are appearing on the videos, as mentioned earlier. If there is an arrow alongside the sound name, it is trending.

3) Not Much Sale Factor Involved

Even though you would like to deny it, there is a section of people who open Instagram to check out the social media advertisements. Therefore, Instagram reels for business have recently been a significant talking point. Visitors go through the reels to explore different business ideas, interact with others, and get entertained during their breaks in the working shift. This is why your reels mustn’t just become a meaningless distraction to them.

As an Instagram user, you must create reels that look eye-catching and attractive to the target audience. Whether that means giving them dancing tutorials, making them learn how to swing a baseball bat, or simply providing hidden facts about some political news, your priority must be your visitors, and you should make them feel entertained. If your viewers don’t find your videos pleasing to the eye, they won’t just ignore that video and do not prefer to watch any of your future reels.

4) Consistent Posting

Regardless of what Instagram reels ideas you prefer, it is vital that you don’t just create one particular video and feel that your job is done. You must have the same approach with your reels as your Instagram stories. If you post reels consistently, you will have chances to increase your viewers. Moreover, it will help you improve your performance on the platform across Instagram stories and reels.

consistent instagram posting
Image taken from Instagram

As a content maker, you cannot just invest all your time and effort in one video and think it will go viral. The more reels you make, the better chance there is that your videos will go viral. As with every social media platform, Instagram prefers recent content over old content, so you must keep updating your content and keep your followers entertained.

5) Collaboration With Other Creators

In 2021, Instagram added a new feature called Collabs. This feature is a huge part of the Instagram reels guide because it helps you to share credit with another content creator. As a result, they can share the reel from their Instagram page as if they own it. The Collab feature is innovative in many ways because it helps you interact with influencers, brand partners, and other companions.

Moreover, this feature allows you to extend your following, which means more likes, shares, mentions, and Instagram engagement. If unaware of the Collabs feature, you can go through the following steps:

  1. When your reel content is ready to be published, click on “Tag people”
  2. Click on “Invite collaborator”
  3. Choose the Instagram account you want to mention in your video

Once your mentioned users accept the Collab invitation, it will appear on their Instagram timelines as their video.

Add Instagram Content to Strikingly Website

Instagram has become a popular social media platform, and its content cannot be ignored, especially if you are a business owner. If you own an eCommerce store, you must show your products' reels so potential buyers can get an idea about how to use them. For example, if you have put a PlayStation 5 on your selling list, you must know how to use Instagram reels. As a result, you can create reels about how you connect your Playstation console and make life easy for your buyers.

social media content
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Strikingly is a free website builder that helps you to add all the Instagram content as part of their website section. Moreover, it can help create a bridge between the social media platform and the website by displaying social media platforms in the form of an icon. These icons usually appear in the final section of the website page.


Make sure you go through this Instagram reels guide if unaware of this feature. The reels feature is truly a game-changer in this business world as it helps you promote your content in attractive videos rather than just limiting it to high-quality photographs. You can also create a fully-functional website on Strikingly and boost your social media content.

If you have problems establishing a professional website, you can collaborate with our Happiness Officers. So, create a high-quality website on Strikingly and promote your Instagram content to give your followers plenty of reasons to regard you.