Website Color Scheme

When we talk about the website color schemes, we don’t just talk about aesthetics or our preference for a particular color. A color scheme also relates to Google ranking, color psychology, and marketing in today's digitized world. If you want to make your website attractive, you need to choose the best color scheme for the website. If you make the wrong choices in this regard, it will hurt your page visitors, page views, and online sales. After all, colors are beneficial in spreading crucial information, no matter if it is informative or narrative-based.

In marketing, the concept of a 3-second rule is the benchmark for every entrepreneur. According to this rule, you have three seconds to generate a good satisfaction score from your customers. On the world wide web, you have three seconds to make an impression on Google and other search engines. If you make a bad impression, you will see your website’s bounce rate rise. Google has a strong eye on your bounce rate and will bring consequences if your first impression isn’t good enough.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Color Scheme

1. Understanding of Audience

If you have a specified product or service that you want to sell on your website, or even if you have a website where you share information, you will have a target audience. In a few situations, it is very easy to determine the target audience. For example, you can assume the audience of the “Beauty Inu” website on Strikingly to be women as it is selling dresses for women. However, there are situations when it is difficult to gauge your demographic.


Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

If we talk about online payment systems, such as credit cards, it resembles everyone. It could be anyone from any country and of any socioeconomic heritage. In these website color scheme situations when genders do not count, you can use color to create an emotional attachment with the customers. For example, the red color would bring panic, so it would be the wrong choice. Blue will generate confidence, and brown will create dependency, so both choices will be ideal.

2. Color Combinations

Now that you understand your audience, you must go for the correct color combinations as part of your website color guide. You must choose the correct website color scheme by acquiring a color palette or the color combinations that you want to implement on your website. This is where the concept of the color wheel comes into being. In 1666, Isaac Newton laid the foundations of the color theory. It helps you to understand the interaction between colors.

Color combinations are crucial in making your website attractive. To bring a source of attraction to your website, you must understand the nuances of color. You must understand the reason why colors coincide together effectively. Color combinations are made of the following:

  • Complementary colors
  • Split complementary colors
  • Triad and tetradic colors
  • Analogous colors
  • Monochromatic color

3. Reasons for Color Choices

As we have described in the previous point, the color combinations are equally as important as the reasons for your preferences. For that reason, you must study the color psychology principles for common color meanings. Numerous website builders online can provide you with the website palette and an overview of its usage. However, you must note that choosing the best website color scheme is not a walk in the park for you.

Color is not defined as some sort of precise science, and there is no formula for which color means what. You can use color combinations to target specific niches. For example, if you are creating a food website, you can use colors like brown, red, and orange to capture your visitor’s attention right away. Similarly, if you own a fitness or a health website, you can use green color to indicate freshness.

4. Simplicity

Like many other aspects of your platform, your website color scheme also revolves around simplicity. If your landing page contains confusing website content and doesn’t have a direction in terms of practical tasks, your visitors will walk away from it without hesitation. There are thousands of color shades on the internet, and it won’t take any rocket science to create complications out of them. The lesser colors you choose, the easier it will be for the visitors to understand your website’s content and objectives.

strikingly simple color

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Founder Mastermind on Strikingly contains probably the simplest color scheme you would ever see on our platform. It only has one appealing color in the form of yellow. The only other significant aspect of the landing page is the call to action (CTA) button, which gives the visitors a direction about what to do after landing on their website. The font color showcasing the website title is appealing and can be read easily.

5. Consistency

Regardless of the website color scheme that you come up with, it is essential that you maintain consistent color psychology across all sections related to your website. The sections even include social media platforms, through which you promote your website content and updates. For example, if you want to promote your products and services via a brand website, you must use the same logo in all of the sections.

If you have different logos but the same website title on your website and social media, it will create confusion within the visitors’ minds, and they will think a thousand times before purchasing products from your store. Your web design theme colors should coincide with the images that you upload on your social media pages. Strikingly has made it easy for the website developers as they can create an attractive web design without writing a single line of code.

6. Uniqueness

different color combinations

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

If you are struggling to create an effective website color scheme, you can do a competitor analysis and visualize the strategies others have taken in order to create one of their own. However, your color scheme shouldn’t be copied from another website developer. If your color scheme is unique, it will have a high probability of becoming popular on the internet. However, if your visitors find your color scheme to be copied from another website, your credibility will go down the drain.

7. SEO

If you are building your website for the first time, no matter if it is on Strikingly or any other website builder, there are specific terminologies that you would be going through for the first time. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a massive part of an online website and your website color scheme strongly influences it. Google is the most popular search engine today, alongside Yahoo. In 2021, Google had the most significant market share in the world.

search engine optimization

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Considering the reputation of Google, it is important that you keep it happy and maintain a high Google ranking. Most importantly, you must ensure that you have a good ranking organically. If you have high organic searches, you don’t need to invest much in marketing purposes. To maintain their immense market share, Google always relates with websites with a good user experience. If your website is ugly with questionable website content, Google will find it nothing more than a meaningless distraction.

8. Brand Identity

Your website color scheme is vital to your brand identity. Therefore, your color palette should coincide with the beliefs and messages that you want to convey. For example, if you are offering discounts on beauty products, your color scheme should catch the attention of your visitors on the spot. Similarly, your website logo should also be strongly associated with your color palette. The Vencat Capital website on Strikingly has a logo that is easily identifiable because of the white color.

strikingly brand identity

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website.

As a result, brand identity has a lot of significance in eCommerce. The best technique is to create a list of adjectives that play a part in your company’s personality, just like you describe an individual. It is your responsibility to how you want your brand to be seen and how it distinguishes itself from the rest of the competition.


When we talk about choosing the right website color palette, there is a lot of brainstorming that needs to be done. If you are into the website color scheme strategies for the first time, this task can be intimidating. When you build a website, you would have a feeling that colors should be the last thing that you should worry about. The developers think that colors are just about preferences, and they choose their preferences and implement them on their website.

However, this strategy is wrong and can significantly affect your website’s conversion rate. By relying on an effective website builder, such as Strikingly, you can efficiently implement colors on your website. We provide our users with a color palette, enabling them to choose the best colors for their website sections. We also trust our website developers to choose the best colors for different website pages. Of course, you cannot impress everybody in the digitized world. However, you can dramatically convert your visitors into buyers by having the correct color scheme.