Nowadays, you will see many rumors flying around related to online businesses. The reseller business talk was relevant even before the COVID-19 pandemic started. With time, it had gained popularity, especially when people feared for their lives and physical conditions. As many businesses were forced to shut down due to the coronavirus disease, online businesses have continued to find alternative ways to conduct multiple operations successfully.

On the other hand, website visitors have also found ways to identify what they require from online websites. Instead of going out, they believe completing their purchase through an online order management system is better. They feel their desired product will be seen on their doorstep by just executing a few clicks. The new inventions in the world of shopping bring opportunities for eCommerce experts and online business owners. It has created a window of opportunity for those who have become unemployed during this pandemic. As the world looks at ways to survive this tough inflation time, reselling businesses provide new ways to make a living.

What is a Reseller?

If you are new to the eCommerce world, you must understand what is a reseller. It is defined as the person conducting wholesale purchases of eCommerce products from manufacturers, owners, and retailers that send them directly to the respective customer. If we define it in simple words, reselling individuals are the ones who get products from suppliers to cater to their own online business. By following their practices, life will be easy for the customers who don’t want to invest time and energy in getting a product from the manufacturer.

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Due to the reselling business, people can purchase products per piece or unit rather than going for the minimum purchase cost. Customers can get customized recommendations from the reselling business owners who endorse the required product. Sometimes, they can be classified as a hybrid of manufacturers and consumers. It is not a walk in the park for anyone to do reselling business as it requires tremendous marketing skills and excellent online sales.

Reseller Business Ideas

1. Footwear Business

In the eCommerce industry, footwears are arguably the biggest trend across all categories. Shoes, sneakers, flip flops are some of the products in demand all season. Many resellers consider this business idea because of its trends and how it is active in the market. You can identify the shoe manufacturers, branded sneaker suppliers, and even the retailers who supply these products to the reselling individuals.

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In today’s day and age, a sport is as vital in an individual’s life as a profession. On both sides of your life, one common denominator in your physical appearance i.e. the footwear you wear. When you conduct business meetings, you would require different footwear than when you go for a hit on tennis courts. You don’t need to invest your time collecting these items from the warehouse, as you can ship them to your shop directly. The ease of business in today’s era has empowered many business owners. When you start a reselling business on footwear, you don’t need to go anywhere and just stay connected with your online customers.

2. Clothing Boutique

Like the footwear business, clothing boutique is also very common in eCommerce. Therefore, it is another necessity that seems perfect for resellers. Branded clothes and customized designs are available across high-end shops and outlets. However, if you want to go with a permit to resale and make it accessible for your customers, you are allowing your business to explode in all forums.

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Nowadays, every person wants to buy fashionable clothes. If a person is about to go to his first professional job, they would want to have the best dresses in their locker room. Even if there is no reason behind buying fashionable clothes, it simply satisfies people to buy branded clothes. No one would like to buy products of those brands that are distinct in the market. Therefore, it is important to have authentic brands of clothes in your store so it catches the attention of your customers right away.

3. Dropshipping

As an entrepreneur, you must understand that the reselling process can be classified as a form of dropshipping. In dropshipping, there is no need to invest in product development, logistical operations, and warehouse stocks because all the responsibility lies on the shoulder of the supplier. Therefore, to become a reseller, you just require time, energy, and relevant skills to develop product marketing strategies.

It is important to note that the drop shipping process is a huge trend in the eCommerce industry today. To produce quality marketing strategies for products, you must face the competitions that retailers bring. If you cannot fight this competition, you will lag behind and continue to fall off the cliff. To stand out in this competition, you must create a professional website and build on your online presence. Strikingly is the website builder that will help you in all aspects of website development.

Strategies for Reseller Business

1. Identify Target Market

When you go through how to become a reseller, the first step involves the identification of your target market. As a reselling business owner, you must have an exceptional experience when it comes to handling target audiences and demographics. You cannot come to the audience giving history lessons about your reselling business idea. The audience would only be interested in the daily trends you should bring to the floor.

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Moreover, you should talk about the business ideas based on the audience you are talking to. For example, if you have gentlemen at an average of 30, you can speak of footwear in professional life. You can talk about the sneakers used in sports and the formal shoes people wear to their offices. Understanding your target market will make it easy to develop relatable marketing strategies that work to their maximum potential.

2. Reseller Permit

If you have permission to resale, you can save investment and put yourself on the safe side in a reseller business. Firstly, you have to make sure that your online business is registered. Secondly, you must research the rules and regulations about the location where you want to cater. After that, you can start picking up all the relevant application materials before getting a permit for resale.

According to research conducted in the United States, a business with a reselling permit doesn’t pay sales tax on the eCommerce products it buys for selling purposes. However, the reselling individual must collect the sales tax from consumers and deliver the data to the state.

3. Add Product Value

This is the stage where you put the extra effort into customer service. The aspects, such as giving promotional codes to the exclusive online subscribers, rebates on online purchases, and many other strategies are there to build a strong customer relationship. In this case, customers would like to buy products from resellers due to excellent customer service.

Strikingly’s Reseller Program

Strikingly is a website builder that fully believes in the application of reselling businesses worldwide. If you want to open up a reselling business idea, you can come to our platform, build a website and display all the products related to your marketing strategies. Most importantly, we provide our affiliates, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and digital agencies with the reseller program. This program is preferable for those agencies who want to establish an outstanding website building service for their customers.

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For your understanding and convenience, you can check out Strikingly’s website editor. It is the fastest and the most efficient way of developing websites through free hosting services. All you need to do is customize one of our provided website templates, and your desired website will be displayed on your computer screen. You do not need to write a single line of code to create a website.


Life after the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been easy for businessmen. Many businesses have closed due to a lack of funds or support. Therefore, they must adapt to their surroundings and develop ways to keep their businesses afloat. One way to maintain high standards is to open up a reselling business.

To become a reseller, you must have a professional website at your disposal. After all, only a strong website will help you develop marketing strategies related to your reselling products. Strikingly provides you with unique features for the development of an eCommerce website. If you have issues related to website development, you can contact our Happiness Officers immediately. So, create the website of your dreams and make your reselling business idea productive.