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If you look at online businesses today, you will realize that email marketing has become crucial to their working plans. Many companies worldwide look forward to having the best email newsletter service at their disposal. If the businesses can attain these services, they could produce overwhelming results as they would have so many options on the table. You would see a surge in your business leads and sales by delivering quality newsletters.

The success of your marketing campaigns depends highly on the number and quality of business leads you generate. Even if you create a fantastic sales funnel, it will not be worth it if the customers are not opening your emails. You have to make sure that your customers find your emails interesting; otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to make your way through the initial phase of your marketing funnel. The newsletter services are relevant in both large-scale and small organizations. If you have just opened a business and want to take advantage of these services, ensure you go through this entire article.

What is a Newsletter Service?

If you want to increase your online sales, you would likely have an idea about the top newsletter services in the world. It is defined as a platform that provides you with ready-to-use website templates and the necessities to develop effective newsletters.

Once you create quality newsletters for your business, you can start sending them to your respective subscribers in the email list. You can create a huge email list by adding a contact form on your Strikingly website. Moreover, you can also develop call to action (CTA) buttons to let your audience know how they can subscribe to your website.

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Email automation is another crucial factor in developing newsletters. You can send similar emails to a specific audience section in one frame. If your audience meets the trigger criteria, the email will be delivered to them. Some service providers also enable you to schedule your emails so that you can deliver your emails at different times.

Importance of Newsletter Service

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective strategies in the digital world and is pretty much relevant within more small and large-scale organizations. Some of the reasons why you should consider email marketing for the evolution of your business are mentioned below:

• It is easy to manage and can perfectly coincide with your daily schedule

• It helps you manage your marketing campaigns effectively

• It helps you to create a direct relationship with your potential customers

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However, you need to understand that your email marketing strategies depend highly on choosing the best newsletter service. If you don’t have a good long-term plan regarding your newsletters, you will not only see a decline in your online sales but also in your professional credibility. If you have plans for your newsletters, your services will solely take responsibility for delivering your emails to the respective customers. You must not show negligence in this regard, or you will spend more money and struggle with marketing budget allocation. As a marketing person, having a poor email delivery rate will be the last thing that your business wants.

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Top Newsletter Services in 2022

1) Strikingly

If you like us to recommend the best email newsletter services, Strikingly sits on top of our list without question. Strikingly is a free website builder with innovative updates and features coming thick and fast on a weekly basis. We have an ambition of an efficient website development process and maintenance activity. Strikingly has a fantastic website editor that enables users to develop their desired website within a few minutes.

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We provide our users with a newsletter feature, which can be visualized in our VIP and Audience Plans. By being part of these subscription plans, the users can send emails to the contacts they have collected through their Strikingly website. If you have a Strikingly website, you can collect emails through the contact form, sign-up form, subscription form, or online store sales. You can also increase your email list by manually importing them to your Strikingly dashboard.

2) Constant Contact

Apart from Strikingly, Constant Contact is arguably the fastest growing platform for a newsletter service for business. Once you have gone through this platform, you will realize that it is extremely easy to use and can be used by beginners for email marketing purposes. By checking out its interface, you can manage the campaigns, newsletters, templates, contacts, and your email list effectively.

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Image taken from Constant Contact

Once you complete your registration on Constant Contact, you will be accessible to unlimited emails and campaign posts. The email campaigns have integrated social media tools, which helps share purposes. You can also incorporate this campaign alongside your Facebook or Shopify advertisements. Constant Contact provides customer support through live chat and cell phone. Moreover, it provides a collection of beneficial resources for its customers.

3) Drip

Drip is one of the top newsletter services because it can be used across many niches. It can be used by bloggers, eCommerce website owners, and digital marketing people. Its innovative tools help you to conduct email automation, create marketing sales funnel, and customize your newsletters. If you use Drip as your preferred website platform, you will see a surge in your business leads and online sales. The best thing about this platform is that it can be easily integrated with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Drip enables you to add pop-up features and opt-in forms to your WordPress or WooCommerce websites, which will play a part in capturing business leads. They will be collected as part of your email list in your Drip account. Like Constant Contact and Strikingly, Drip provides its customers with live chat support, automation training, tutorials, and other courses to help you understand its working and potential complications.

4) Hubspot

Hubspot can be classified as the best newsletter service for businesses, regardless of whether the business is small or large-scale. Hubspot is a customer relationship management tool with innovative features and tools to help you in your journey of getting new customers onboard and able to retain the existing ones. The biggest priority of Hubspot is to build long-term relationships with its customers. You cannot attain the trust badges from your customers without providing quality customer service; that is exactly what Hubspot provides.

Hubspot’s newsletter feature is not difficult to begin with, as it will showcase many automation features that can benefit business growth. Hubspot provides its users with a drag-and-drop feature for building personalized newsletters. The other quality features of Hubspot include the following:

• Time optimization

• Drip campaigns

• A/B testing

• High email deliverability

• Performance Analytics

5) ConvertKit

ConvertKit is also one of the top newsletter services associated with professional marketing people, bloggers, and authors. It provides powerful features, but you need to give a premium to be accessible to them. Apart from the premium price, you must also practice it before understanding how to use it the right way. The best thing about ConvertKit is that it provides you with content upgrades. It combines with the sign-up form, which provides users with exciting incentives.

The auto-responders of ConvertKit enable you to make the most out of your emails and stretch your marketing campaigns for an extended time. Apart from the content upgrades, another massive thing about this platform is that it makes customer segmentation very easy. Through the segmentation feature, you can create personalized emails effectively. In simple words, ConvertKit helps you to prioritize email marketing. If you are an advanced or an experienced digital marketing person, ConvertKit is the platform for you.

6) Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the most popular and effective newsletter services in the world today. You can conduct fully-functional email campaigns by being in the bracket of free plan users. One of the reasons why we have included this in our list is because it came to the market earlier than all the other platforms. However, people and online businesses have been using Mailchimp for a long time.

Mailchimp provides its users with an effective email builder via a drag-and-drop feature. Customer segmentation, performance tracker analytics, and time-based deliveries are some of the features that are connected with this platform. A huge benefit of using Mailchimp is that it can be easily connected with top website-building platforms, such as WordPress and Shopify. This is arguably one of the reasons why it is so popular among digital marketing people these days.


These are the six exquisite newsletter services for business these days, and you need to study them all carefully. If we were to recommend, we suggest you check out Strikingly’s newsletter feature. By upgrading your subscription plans to VIP, you can take note of this feature and deliver newsletters to your customers to increase your online presence.

To check out the newsletter feature, you must go back to basics and build a professional website for yourself. If you are struggling to understand the newsletter feature or the development of a fully-functional website, you can let our Happiness Officers know about it. So, rely on Strikingly and use the newsletter feature to generate quality business leads.