Subtle Backgrounds

When you have the responsibility of website development, there will come a time when you have to look into the subtle backgrounds. If you have appropriate background patterns at your disposal, it will make your website look attractive. If your website has a suitable color scheme, it will give more reasons for the visitors to feel inclined to your platform. If your website has a good layout, it will enable your visitors to understand your website content in an improved way.

If we define it in simple words, if your website has quality visuals, it will help evolve your online business. Apart from the visuals, the background image also has a vital role in making your website attractive. You may think that you can choose any background image from Google, but that is not the case. Some website developers create outstanding layouts. Even though they may have complexities in their functionalities, their long-term benefits will be pivotal to the business’ success.

What is a Subtle Background?

The subtle backgrounds are considered to have a defined pattern or add texture or certain elements to your web pages. There are many websites on Strikingly that you may have encountered that have patterned backgrounds, such as a restaurant website. These kinds of websites usually use an exquisite wall texture as the background of their website. These backgrounds are perfect for many types of websites because they provide customers with a quality touch without disrupting the entire sequence of the website content.

choose website background

Image taken from Strikingly

Strikingly is a massive advocate of including high-quality website backgrounds to boost online presence. We provide you with a quality color scheme that you can use to create wonderful website designs and visuals. The best thing about this is that you can create visuals for your Strikingly website without writing a single line of code. Once you finish the visuals, you can start adding all the relevant content to your website. For that, we provide you with a collection of font styles and also a customized font option.

Best Places to Find Subtle Backgrounds

1. Subtle Patterns

If you find the right subtle backgrounds for your website, you can classify subtle patterns as the best website available for you or your business. This website provides its users with a vector-based minimalist background. It means you don’t have to worry about the size specifications you are set to download. This also provides connectivity plugins to different image editing software, such as Photoshop and its collection of background images. Therefore, you can edit the images to the best of your knowledge. You can hire editors and tell them about this website if you are a beginner.

If your hired editors already have experience with this website, there is no better feeling than that. However, you must know that there is not just one website for providing quality web backgrounds. Unlike this website, Strikingly doesn’t have any plugins associated with image editing. We provide our users with quality layouts and templates, enabling them to get the best possible website design. We provide our users with a color palette that they can choose to satisfy their website demands.

2. Transparent Textures

Transparent textures are the kind of website that provides you with the best background texture for your website. Their collection of subtle backgrounds commences from a subtle pattern, with the external feature of overviewing your selected texture background in numerous colors within the browser of an image editing app. This feature enables you to save time rather than going through the process of putting your background image again by displaying your website appearance quickly.

transparent textures website

Image taken from Transparent Textures

Regardless of the concept of this website, its preference has always been the customers. They want to ensure that they create a suitable background that catches the eyes of their customers in the first place. In today’s day and age, backgrounds are essential for a high conversion rate and a low bounce rate for a particular website. Many website developers are too focused on the content and the social media influence that they forget about the main elements of their website, such as the background.

3. Lost and Taken

This website is classified as an alternative if you want more options in identifying the best subtle textures. The website collection found on this website usually comes from those people who like the idea of uploading their images of subtle backgrounds. This website has numerous texture categories, such as watercolor, paper, grunge, etc. You can select these categories to make your professional website look more searchable. You can upload any web backgrounds you identify here without cost. As this website is created by an online community, you can contribute to maintaining the standards of the website.

4. Pattern Cooler

If you look for seamless background patterns, this website will tick all the boxes. You can search for subtle backgrounds in the form of numerous categories, such as abstract, geometric, oriental, etc. The images displayed on this website have specified licenses. You must ensure you have checked the licenses before downloading it, or you may have troubles in the future.

Strikingly Examples

1. Julianne Feir

Julianne Feir on Strikingly is an artist that provides art classes. The biggest thing she did was include a social theory into her art concept, which also made her an advocate. Her website includes subtle textures that have a deep red color. This is one of those subtle backgrounds that reinforce the impression of her artistic style and the artistic concept she uses to send a message to the oppressor. The font of her website name (which is her own name) makes the website visual look extremely beautiful.

julianne feir website

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

As it is a single-page website, it contains many sections. The sections include the gallery, philosophy, curriculum, and contact sections. Therefore, she has to be selective with the kind of content that she has to add. It is not ideal for a single-page website owner to include all the content he/she has at his/her disposal. It reduces the loading speed, which automatically plays a role in the decline of your website conversion rate.

2. Venture Catalysts

When we open the Venture Catalysts website on Strikingly, the first thing that clicks on our mind is the website logo, followed by the website name in specified font color. However, little attention is paid to the pattern background alongside these two website elements. The reason why the two elements we mentioned have become a huge attraction of this website is that the background has a huge role to play in this regard. Venture Catalysts provides the customers with subtle backgrounds that look eye-catching and attractive.

venture catalysts website

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

The website contains quality textures that coincide with the website logo and name. It also helps the users identify the navigation elements on the top of the homepage. It shows that the website owner has done all the homework related to the website background before heading over to the rest of the website content.

3. Tablas Gourmet

As you can expect from a food website, there will be multiple food products as part of the website background. This is usually the case with restaurant websites, which use a specified wall texture to make their website attractive. As for subtle backgrounds, it contains multiple food products, such as oranges, peanuts, jam, and cubes of fruits. These food products are just there to remind the customers that it is a food website. A food website usually becomes attractive based on its background elements or features.

tablas gourmet website

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

If you want to make food websites on Strikingly, you don’t need to waste time and complete your registration process. The free plan of Strikingly will enable you to create a wonderful website where you can integrate a quality background image to attract visitors.


When it comes to a particular website, there are numerous things for you to consider. You have to look into the website content, visuals, homepage, the influence of social media posts, and the call to action (CTA) button. However, one thing that many website developers tend to ignore is the importance of subtle backgrounds. You can look into other Strikingly websites if you need inspiration on background patterns.

If you have experience regarding the background selection, you can build your own website on Strikingly. You can select one of the mobile-friendly website templates we provide through our collection. Once you find the best background for your website, you can start adding all the content and coincide it with the background. We ensure that your background image is displayed correctly on both your mobile device and your laptop. If you have any problems regarding website development, you can contact our Happiness Officers, who are available 24/7 for your queries. So, select the best background for your website and make your website attractive.