Creative Ways to Write a Privacy Policy

If you manage an online space these days, you must have a very cautious approach. This is usually the case when you have designed a website that is bound to collect critical information from the audience. You must ensure that your audience feels secure whenever they land on your website and trust you while sharing their critical information. As a website owner, it is your responsibility to make the audience secure and build trust. One of the best ways to do that is by writing a quality privacy policy page.

Whenever a customer appears on the website, the first thing he considers is their data security. Have you seen the text when you visit websites or answer questionnaires? That is the agreement of the policy you must go through and agree to. By agreeing to those terms and conditions, you will understand that whoever acquires it from you is willing to protect you and your website's privacy.

What is a Privacy Policy?

If you want to ensure the protection of your website, you must understand what an online privacy policy actually is. It is defined as the legal statement that explains the handling and managing of the personal information collected by the companies or business owners from their customers. These critical details must be secured in the best interests of the customers. As a business owner, this online policy is one of the most important documents that you can make.

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This is pretty much the case when your primary clients are online customers only because you have nothing to tell them except for the information you collect from them in this procedure. By acquiring all the information from your customers, you assure them that you wouldn’t do anything to harm that information. The policy page you have created on your website must be complete, authentic, and easily interpreted. This would help the website visitors understand the reasoning behind your company’s data collection strategy.

Importance of a Privacy Policy

1. Legal Requirement

No matter which part of the world you belong to, privacy rules and obligations are implemented everywhere, and it is the right thing to do. If you come to Strikingly, you will see that we are on the same wavelength. Wouldn’t you agree that every company or every business owner has the right to protect his own personal information? Therefore, you must understand how important it is to check out the different privacy policy templates and create one for your own business.

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However, many technical things must be taken into consideration, such as the business location, the business niche idea, the scope of the business, etc. An online policy page isn’t like any other website page in which you have just to add a certain amount of content to satisfy the public. A lot of analysis and in-depth monitoring have to be done before creating the final version of your online privacy page.

2. Builds Customer Trust

When you build an online privacy policy, you must understand that the focal point of your policy page should be customer trust. If the customers do not trust the information you are giving, there is no point in doing all this hard work. Trust badges are very important for your online policy page. Your page should message your customers and website visitors that you value them all equally. If the customers feel valued by your website, there is no reason why they won’t return to it again.

In recent years, one bad tradition has been set among website developers. When they create a website, they create a policy page just for its sake. They establish that page just to coincide with the rules and regulations of website security. You must understand the importance of this page for considered and website visitors. When you acquire their information, it is your responsibility to protect it at all costs. If you respect their privacy, they will appreciate your honesty and transparency.

Crucial Elements

1. Introduction

If you look at a sample privacy policy, it usually starts with an introduction to the company. However, it is not always the case, as many sample privacy policies don’t follow this concept. If we were to recommend, we would suggest that you should add a paragraph related to your company’s introduction, so your audience doesn’t feel confused. The introductory section is usually helpful for those customers and website visitors that have no idea about your online business.

If your business idea is unique, the introduction becomes even more important. If you provide an introduction in your policy statement, it will send a message to your customers that you are accommodating. You can classify this practice in the form of a handshake. You are likely to receive a hand from an agent or a business person who wants to talk with you about your business idea.

2. Kind of Information.

In most cases, the most essential thing you require for your online privacy policy is an explanation of the data you are willing to collect. Even though it is apparent that you will be collecting personal information, you must tell the audience about the kind of information you will be collecting. If you collect more than just personal information, the reasoning becomes even more important.

In your policy agreement, you must tell whether you are collecting usage information, such as internet service providers, IP addresses, type of website browser, crash logs, and the duration of the page visits. If you are using cookies to improve the functionality of your website, you must let the customers and website visitors know about it.

3. Protective Measures

Most privacy policy templates are designed for data protection. Once you provide your customers with the reasoning behind your data collection, you must pledge that you will do everything in your capacity to protect it. If you have a history of protecting critical data such as this, it will be easier for you to attain the trust of your customers. Your online policy should state clearly the areas in which you store the data and the people who can access it. If you share their information with your business partners, you must tell them they respect your customers’ privacy the same way you do.

You must convince your customers that you are making all the effort to protect their information. It just goes to show how important an online policy agreement can be. If there are no signs of such an online policy on your website, you can expect a high bounce rate on your website.

4. Contact Information

Your contact information shouldn’t only be associated with your website and your online privacy policy. In your online policy agreement, you can end the policy with your contact information or any other person you think should be contacted if they have concerns about the given data. Considering how critical the concerns are, you must be able to communicate with your customers efficiently.

Add Privacy Policy on Strikingly

Strikingly fully believes that a healthy relationship between the customers and business owner helps achieve long-term goals. If you work on Strikingly, you will build strong relationships with clients. We help you secure a safe connection between the customers and the overall business. As most countries require terms and conditions or an online privacy policy section on your business website, Strikingly seems to have found an easy way to add an online policy.

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To add the online policy to your website, you must go through the following steps:

  1. Complete your registration on Strikingly
  2. Check out the Strikingly website editor and move to “Settings”
  3. In the privacy and legal section, check the box “Show Privacy Policy”
  4. Add the policy statement that you have created in the given space
  5. Check your footer settings

You must know that the policy statement can be seen in the website’s footer and the checkout process.


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As the world is heading towards the digital era, data protection has become even more important today. Therefore, you must create a privacy policy page while building your website. It is a habit that not just beginners but many certified website developers tend to neglect while creating a particular website. If you own a company website, you must double-check your policy statement so that customers trust you fully.

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Policy agreements are essential for building customer relationships and maintaining their expectations. You have to ensure your customers that you completely comply with the current regulations and make an effort to protect their critical information. We hope you understand the significance of all the elements required to write a successful online policy. So, make your online policy part of your professional website and ensure that customers remain loyal to you.