Parallax Web Design

Because it is so engaging, parallax scrolling, which creates a sense of depth on your site, is powerful. When browsing websites that use this design effect, it's difficult not to be inspired to use it on your own. You can create engaging, scrolling features that help tell the story of your brand by using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), the coding language used to enhance the appearance of your website. This post will show you how to add parallax scrolling effects to your website.

What is Parallax Scrolling in Web Design?

The use of visual effects combined with 2D scrolling to create the illusion of depth and layers in a user's experience is referred to as parallax web design. This concept employs a variety of background and foreground designs that move at varying speeds to convey a seamless online story via the ubiquitous scroll bar. While there are various approaches to implementing parallax scrolling, it is most commonly thought of as making the background move slower than the foreground to illustrate distance and depth throughout the design of a page.

Why Use Parallax Web Design?

Yes, parallax web design is an additional way to improve your website. But why is it necessary to integrate it? What are the advantages of employing parallax web design? Here are our justifications.

1. Best Alternative for Product Websites

Parallax web design is a technique that focuses on creating a simple but effective website design. Using it in your parallax website platform can assist you in providing your users with smooth navigation throughout your website. They can easily and quickly navigate your website page and find their required information. This effect is one of the main reasons parallax web design scrolling is highly recommended for product websites. You can vividly present your products with parallax scrolling websites.

You can even use your selling product photos as the main image for your parallax web design, giving your product marketing strategy. This incredible technological advancement allows website visitors to interact with parallax scrolling websites, increasing interest in your company.

2. Excellent User Experience

Parallax web design gives any static online website a striking, appealing, and fluid movement. This amazing effect provides website visitors with a more dynamic website experience. This is one of the benefits of using parallax web design. When users find your website design appealing, they are more likely to return and stay longer. Apart from that, parallax web design is ideal for mobile users. The parallax website is not only attractive on mobile devices. It is also a great browsing style, especially nowadays when people spend most of their time scrolling through social media on mobile devices. Scrolling is also the most common browsing method on many social media platforms. And by using parallax web design on your website, you make things more interesting for your website visitors. Parallax web design eliminates the need for users to click on navigation bars and buttons, allowing them to simply scroll.

3. Reduces Bounce Rates

Bounce rates are the percentage of website visitors who browse and visit your website before moving to another page on your online platform. When your website bounce rate is high, it hurts your website's rankings. Using parallax web design is a great way to avoid this. Several examples of parallax scrolling on websites have been shown to reduce bounce rates. This is primarily due to the dynamic experience that a parallax web design can provide, which encourages website visitors to stay longer and continue browsing. Parallax web design can also help you improve your SEO rankings. Search engines, such as Google, reward websites that can keep their users on their website page for an extended period. Using parallax web design creates a smooth design for your website and emphasizes your team's professionalism and creativity. A well-designed website page is unquestionably a must-try website page.

4. Enables Storytelling

The use of a smooth, flowing effect while browsing your website is emphasized in parallax web design. This effect alone is an excellent tool for telling your website's story. A parallax website can help you create a more appealing page for your company's amazing story by adding a continuous flow of information that is perfectly attached to your website. Using a parallax website scrolling technique to improve the overall navigation of your website transforms it into an unforgettable virtual experience for your visitors.

5. Generates Organic Social Shares

Parallax website scrolling makes your website more conversion-friendly. It can draw immediate attention to your website forms and call-to-action phrases. You put your visitors in charge of parallax web design. They have the option of actively interacting with your website. This parallax web design role provides your website viewers a mindset of willingly choosing to stay on your website and continue browsing, thereby increasing your website traffic.

The Best Parallax Scrolling Websites

Now that you understand why parallax web design is a holy grail, let's move on to the next level. To help you understand how parallax website scrolling works, we've included some of the best examples of parallax scrolling websites created by our users below. Take a look at these websites, and who knows, you might be the next to revolutionize parallax web design.

∙ Julianne Feir

parallax web design

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

Julianne Feir is a teacher-in-training, artist, and activist. Her passion for the arts and professional work can be seen immediately in her parallax web design. When you arrive at her page, you will be greeted by an amazing abstract background image as well as her website name, Julianne Feir. As you scroll down her website page, you will come across an incredible collection of artworks, photographs, and portraits as her parallax web design. Her parallax web design also features numerous call-to-action buttons. Specific sections include her online resume, philosophies, rationales, lesson plan ideas, blogs, advocacies, student gallery, professional gallery, and contact information.

∙ What I See

parallax web design

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

Anne Kaercher's custom printing website takes parallax web design to the next level. Her parallax web design is filled with stunning photographs and inspiring text. What makes this parallax web design unique is that there are no other sections besides a pricing page and a social media section at the bottom of the website page, which attracts the attention of anyone who sees it. Another excellent example of parallax scrolling provides a simple yet intriguing web design.

∙ Flew the Coop

parallax web design

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

Flew the Coop is one of the most amazing food website services we've created. They are a Portland-based food cart that serves southern fried chicken sandwiches. You'll love browsing their website with its parallax web design and images of the mouthwatering chicken sandwiches they offer.

There are also call-to-actions with some of their menus and a brief description. At the bottom of their parallax website, you can find a brief description of their business, contact information, and even an embedded Google map to help their customers find them.

∙ L’atelier

parallax web design

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

This website is ideal for art enthusiasts who want to learn how to use parallax web design for their art website. It's like going to a museum when you visit this parallax website. When you arrive at their landing page, you will be greeted by a black-colored page with their website title. But don't be duped. You'll come across an amazing collection of paintings and artworks as you scroll through their parallax web design.

∙ Sarah Muller

parallax web design

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

Another slick way to present a parallax web design is this photography website. Sarah Muller, a Swiss/Guatemalan photographer based in Denver, Colorado, owns this. You'll feel conflicted while browsing her parallax website. Her website is divided into galleries that house her photo collection. Her parallax website will undoubtedly inspire you to create your own, whether for food, portraits, commercial shoots, shots from her adventure/travel, music photos, fashion shoots, film photography, or weddings.

How to Implement Parallax Web Design on Your Strikingly Page

Parallax web design is a truly amazing way to improve the look of your website. It can improve the aesthetics of your website and assist you in establishing a solid online presence in your target market. You can easily incorporate parallax web design into your own custom-designed website with us. Here are the steps we've created just to give you a better idea of how it works.

Step 1: Visit Your Website's Editor

Step 2: Select Styles

Step 3: Select Animations

Step 4: Click the Background Button and choose "Parallax."

parallax web design

Image is taken from Strikingly


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