How to Sell NFT Art

If you are an artist, web designer, or any established celebrity, it is likely that you will come across the question of how to sell NFT art. In the last couple of years, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have received much recognition. Many influencers are welcoming the idea of selling NFT art. For example, there were recently rumors about Beeple selling digital art for an astonishing $69 million price tag. The majority of the NFT artists won’t have an ideal source of income from anywhere other than their art. However, the more you learn about NFT art, the more interesting it gets.

With their popularity increasing daily, it looks like many brands have made their mind up with regards to NFT. They are likely to gain access to NFT to move into the metaverse. As a result, you may get the feeling that NFTs are here to stay for longer than expected. If you are willing to be extravagant, you can also involve creating or selling NFT art as part of your working plans.

What is an NFT Art?

Before we jump into the tips of how to sell NFT art, it is important to know what NFTs are exactly. NFT stands for non-fungible tokens and is a unique digital file. You cannot destroy it or create its duplicate, but they can range from commonplace to extremely rare. If you collect your regular artwork or paintings, it seems that you may have an idea about how to create an NFT. Similarly, NFTs can be valuable, as you can resell them and make profits.

By having this approach, you can purchase an NFT as an investment type. If you are an artist, you can earn royalties per the number of times it is sold. The royalties can be earned years later if you can maintain your sales. An NFT is defined as a file that comprises any form of digital art, such as video, audio, or digital drawing. It can even be a GIF or a meme (small video clip).

Importance of Creating an NFT

After going through the definition, you may understand the reasons to make and sell NFT art vividly. However, you might still be interested to know about the impact that NFT art can have on your life. Firstly, you must know that creating an NFT will result in many expenses from your end. That expense is that you have to invest to mint it i.e. hosts it on a blockchain. However, the idea is that you will go through how to sell NFT art and earn money through it.

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The amount of profit or earnings you can make through the selling of NFT art can vary hugely, and sometimes it is not even guaranteed. Your earnings depend upon your business skills, expertise, following, and many other factors. With Strikingly, you can easily select the mode of offline payments as part of your online artwork store. We enable you to design the best possible artwork store with innovative features, such as custom form, blog sections, etc.

Best Strategies to Create and Sell NFT

1. Select a Blockchain

When you start understanding how to sell NFT art, one of the first things you encounter is your artwork's authentication on the blockchain. To go through this process, you must understand the different dynamics and types of blockchains in the market today. The reason for that is every blockchain possesses its own tokens. Furthermore, the blockchain must be compatible with both the digital wallet and the marketplace.

If you want to know how to create NFT art, you must recognize Ethereum as the original blockchain. In blockchain technology, Ethereum is arguably the most preferable option out there. It is known for being extremely secure and reliable. Apart from that, there are options, such as Polygon, Immutatate, and Tezos. We suggest that you go through all of these blockchains before making the final decision.

2. Select a Marketplace

When you decide to make and sell NFT art, one of the first things you do is select a marketplace. By choosing a marketplace, you will not just understand the fundamentals of how to sell NFT art but will also ensure that your customers go through all of your uploaded artwork before they can make their decision.

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OpenSea is arguably the biggest marketplace for NFT internationally. Since its establishment, it has been processed with a sales volume of an astonishing $10 billion in terms of sales volume. As it is a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace, you won’t find any restrictions regarding the kind of people who can sell their artwork on OpenSea.

3. Create Digital Wallet

If you want to store your cryptocurrency tokens, you require a digital wallet. This is one of the key components for understanding how to sell NFT art. As we have said before, not every digital wallet needs to work with your selected marketplace.

There are numerous digital wallets for you to choose from, including software and hardware options. The main difference between these options is that a digital wallet enables you to store your NFTs online. On the other hand, the hardware digital wallet offers more security and saves your NFTs offline. MetaMask, Enjin, and Coinbase are some of the most common digital wallets in the market.

4. Buy Cryptocurrency

Before you have a complete understanding of how to sell NFT art and make money, you must splash the cash initially. It takes a considerable investment to mint an NFT. Minting is the authentication of your artwork on the chosen blockchain. You cannot destroy, create a duplicate or vary it.

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If you’re thinking of selling NFT art, you must mint it. In a few cases, you may need to pay the gas fee upfront and complete the validation of your NFT on the blockchain. There are a few marketplaces that choose to do lazy minting. For the payment of minting your NFT, you would require a few tokens. Ether is the most popular cryptocurrency. Before you decide, you need to know the types of cryptocurrencies accepted by your marketplace.

5. Upload Your File

Now, upload your files to the specified marketplace, and include a description. When you think about a title/description as part of your plan of how to sell NFT art, you must have a pragmatic approach so everyone. can easily understand it. If you are willing to upload your artwork, make sure that you consider the file formats supported by your marketplace. Most online platforms support PNG, GIF, JPG, and MP3 forms on their platform.

Strikingly enables you to upload files of almost any kind on your professional website. The size limit of a single file is 10MB. There is a storage limit for each plan that we offer on Strikingly, starting from 500MB per site (free plan) and ending with 10GB per site (VIP plan). If you want to upload your files to a particular website button, ensure that you go through the following steps:

  1. Go to the Strikingly website editor
  2. Click on “Edit” on your specified button
  3. Click on “Document”
  4. You can either drag the file to the forum or browse your computer

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Apart from that, if you want to manage your uploaded files, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the “upload file” window
  2. Click on the tab of “uploaded files”
  3. You will be able to see the number of downloads, storage amount, and file type in the tab

6. Mint Your NFT

Minting is a crucial part of the guide in selling NFT art as it converts your artwork into an NFT so that you can sell it on. If you understand how to sell NFT art, you must get it in your head that you don’t need to mint your artwork right away. As the gas fees vary from time to time in the international market, you must mint it when the fees are lower. Otherwise, you will gain lesser profit than the investment you will make.


Nowadays, people are becoming increasingly accustomed to NFT art. With the COVID-19 pandemic making almost every source of income extremely fragile, it is important to use NFT art to gain huge profits. Once you have a complete understanding of how to sell NFT art, you will go through many opportunities to grow your business. Most importantly, you will be able to create fundraisers for the evolution of your business.

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With so many online applications related to trading and business, you will find certain platforms that can become a guide in selling NFT art. As a business owner, you have to make sure that you make the right decisions and shape your future. Strikingly is the kind of online platform that you can rely on for business activities. We always trust our users to make the best decisions for their business and improve their online reputation. If you intend to sell your artwork online, create a professional website here on Strikingly and build from there.