Running an online business requires creativity. If you want to capture the attention of your target audience, you must know how to be unique in your distinct way. There are a lot of other online businesses today that are continuously improving their business techniques to achieve their goals quickly. As someone aspiring for more significant opportunities, you must learn how to become a better online entrepreneur.

The world of digital entrepreneurship has been continuously growing. For the past years, several business owners have established their brands in the world of eCommerce. Entrepreneurs genuinely stepped up their game by using various digital advertising techniques, improving product performance, hiring outstanding employees, and even running multiple social media platforms. All of these techniques were made more possible by one strategy everyone should know when entering the world of digital commerce—learning how to design an eCommerce website.


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Importance of Having Good eCommerce Web Design

eCommerce website design has become one of the best strategies online entrepreneurs use nowadays. It became one of their primary tools in having their own online business space and showcasing to the online community how awesome they are with whatever they do.

In the world of business, your brand is your identity. No matter how many competitors you have in your chosen niche, a strong and established brand can help you outsmart them instantly. Having a guide to eCommerce website design can easily create a powerful platform where your brand is the main character. You can customize the best eCommerce website design to make your brand remarkable to every online visitor who visits your business website. Aside from that, mastering how to design an eCommerce website can help you get to know your audience more.

You can use your business website's built-in analytics to get a clearer view of who your audience is and where they are coming from. You can even break down your website traffic and figure out which of your website contents has the most engagement. With this, you can now grasp which content you should make more and which needs more improvement.

You can set up your business website quickly at Strikingly and get your brand known in your chosen niche. You can smoothly add product photos and videos on any section of your website, alter your homepage layout and navigation and even change your overall eCommerce website design theme whenever you want. Creating your best eCommerce website design here with us can also help you easily share your story with our target audience and capture more hearts, just like Pet Milestone Cards.


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This adorable pet-themed business offers custom gift cards to pet owners who want to cherish their special moments with their fur babies. As soon as you land on their platform, you will instantly spot their charming eCommerce website design. From their brand name paired with cute paws to the images of dogs on their banner image, any animal lover will surely get curious to continue browsing their website. This is among the influential eCommerce website design tips entrepreneurs should note—introducing your brand at one glance.

How to Design an eCommerce Website

Understanding how to design an eCommerce website can be too overwhelming if you're a newbie in the world of website building. To save you from finding where to start, here are some steps you should include in your guide to eCommerce website design.

1. Introduce Yourself

One of the reasons why business websites exist is to let the audience get to know your business more. It may seem not to like it, but many online consumers need to be more meticulous when picking the best online business. They tend to get attracted to companies that know how to introduce themselves and share their stories with their audience. You can easily showcase yourself to your target audience just for your products and services through an online platform.

By equipping yourself with a practical guide to eCommerce website design, you can easily design a space just for your brand. You can add an About Us page where online visitors can see a short glimpse of your brand and your company's history, mission, vision, and goals. Many online shoppers spend their time browsing different websites and examining their About Us pages to find their best choice. Doing this step will help you create the best eCommerce website design and, most importantly, develop a sense of trust from your online audience toward your brand.

2. Reliable Website Security

The next step you need to put in your guide to eCommerce website design is your website security. A jaw-dropping online store design is fascinating, but nothing beats a website with reliable protection. With all the danger brought by online scams and internet fraud, it is inevitable for customers to feel more conscious every time to visit a website.

Most customers who visit a website for the first time tend to back out immediately instead of browsing through the pages when they find something strange in an eCommerce website design. As an effective entrepreneur, you are responsible for removing that anxiety from every online visitor who logs in to your business website. It would be best if you exerted additional efforts to make an eye-pleasing eCommerce website design and a safe one.

Choose a website building platform that values the privacy and security of your brand and your client's confidential information—just like how we love privacy protection here at Strikingly.


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3. Ensure Responsiveness

The next idea to include in your eCommerce website design tips to remember is your website's responsiveness. No matter how an eCommerce website looks, it will only gain the attention it seeks if it is fast. Website responsiveness is among the essential factors that play a massive role in securing good website traffic. Online visitors are fond of websites that are very responsive and perform their duties well. If your eCommerce website design works weakly, your online visitors will lose interest in you. This can result in them exiting your online store without browsing through the pages.

Making your website accessible to any device also plays an essential role in gaining more audience. Nowadays, when people are on their phones rather than their computers, making your website mobile-friendly is a giant leap. Most consumers use their mobile phones to purchase products and services online. By creating your online store here at Strikingly, making your website, mobile-friendly is possible.

4. Striking Visual Design

One thing about eCommerce website design is that it helps you give an instant first impression. You may not notice it, but the online audience is keen when visiting business websites. They wander their eyes around and let their eyes enjoy whatever it sees on a company's eCommerce website design. To secure a good impression from your online visitors:

1. Be extraordinary.

2. Use awesome website templates that fit your business's personality.

3. Add elements that can make your eCommerce website design more eye-pleasing.

Here at Strikingly, you can customize your eCommerce website design however you want it to be. You can add photos, logos, videos, and even your blog section. If you wish to make it more personalized, you can create your business tagline and add it to your eCommerce website design. Just like Real Meal Grill Detroit did with their best eCommerce website design.


Image taken from Real Meal Grill Detroit

This online business has used its primary product to secure a mouth-watering eCommerce web design. From using a photo of their main product as their banner image to add their logo and a striking tagline, anyone would instantly get hooked on their food website.

5. Shopping Cart and Checkout Page

Last but not least, in this guide to eCommerce website design is a shopping cart and checkout page. One reason online stores exist is to provide online shoppers with a virtual platform to make purchases whenever and wherever they are. If you want to make a functional eCommerce website design, adding a shopping cart and a checkout page is one big help. Putting these two on your eCommerce website design can give your audience a specific place where they can see everything about your products and their orders. You can use this place to let your online shoppers review their orders, make their final buying decisions, and proceed to checkout.

To make a user-friendly checkout page here with us, you must include adequate information about the product. You can style your product, and checkout pages just like Beauty INU did. This comprises product information, updated images, product quantity, total price, shipping information, order confirmation, and shipping method. Arrange these elements in a straightforward way to avoid confusion among your buyers. You can also link the products to their respective detailed product pages to make it easier for your clients to get back just in case they need to.


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Having a striking character is an advantage to every brand. To capture more audience, you must show them you are worthy of their attention. One of the best benefits you can get from a robust eCommerce website design is that it can help you establish and strengthen your brand. It can help showcase your skills and capabilities by creating a robust eCommerce website design. You can be yourself while telling your target market all about your story. You can create a safe space through a few clicks where people who have the same likes as you meet and get united.

If you want to know more about eCommerce website design, chat with us today, and we'll get you started.