Every year, online jewelry revenues rise by 5 to 6 percent. By 2025, the worldwide jewelry market is projected to be worth $480.5 billion. Based on these numbers, selling jewelry online or beginning a home jewelry company has tremendous potential and is a perfect way to earn cash on the side. Entry thresholds are also very low to get a piece of the massive budget. To meet consumers all over the world, you can make a personalized jewelry website at home and use an online shop to jumpstart your jewelry business.

Sharing your work with the public is one of the many joys of becoming an artist. Jewelry designers understand this because jewelry can become extremely sentimental to their customers. The fastest way to get your work out there and build new ties with happy customers is to start a jewelry website and company.

The jewelry industry has entered the online market and now amounts to billions of dollars. Wouldn't you want to take a slice of the pie and create a jewelry website of your own? It's possible to build a profitable online jewelry company with the right kind of approach and a bit of preparation.

Create a Jewelry Website for your Jewelry Business

Any company wants a website, and that includes your soon-to-launch jewelry shop. The reason is simple: having a website opens up your business to an entire world of future buyers. There are no boundaries for an online jewelry business online. People from different countries can locate you and your jewels and make a purchase even if they’re thousands of miles away from you. From just the town or city you're in, your client base expands dramatically.


You don't need to spend hours at this early stage to create jewelry website. Get your jewelry shop up and running by using a jewelry website builder like Strikingly for eCommerce.With the aid of an eCommerce website template, you can now begin your journey of creating your own jewelry website design. There are tons of pre-made templates that are built to target sales and configured for your jewelry website and jewelry business.

Strikingly templates are highly customizable. You can alter colors, add or uninstall features and pages, and upload site-wide custom artwork. When selecting the right eCommerce template for your jewelry website, here are some features you'll want to consider:

  • A homepage with a big, attention grabbing photo that captures the attention of your site visitors.
  • A navigation bar that allows search groups for shoppers.
  • One-click add to cart buttons to ease your site visitors into the shopping process.
  • Prominent Call to Action buttons (CTAs), such as Buy Now or Add to Basket, push shoppers to convert.
  • Templates for the details page for your section, shipping policy, return policy, and payment methods.

Source the materials needed for your Jewelry Website


When launching a jewelry website, the next thing to remember is the individual items you'll be selling. Begin thinking about the materials that you need to make each piece of jewelry. This can include things such as:

  • Diamonds
  • Pearls
  • Earring Studs
  • Beads
  • Gemstones
  • Precious metals
  • And more..

You're going to need an action plan from where you're going to procure supplies. Local craft shops, such as Amazon and eBay online markets are a perfect starting point for small businesses who want to start a jewelry business. You can also use Google to search for more choices and expand your product offering.

Think about your Jewelry Business Model well

The online business model of your jewelry business explains how you can import items and market them.

In the jewelry market, there are lots of choices to choose from, such as:

  • Source ingredients and make your own unique, personalized jewelry to sell online: A custom jewelry making company.
  • Sourcing fine jewelry: Curate designs from different jewelry manufacturers and designers that you enjoy. Create a brand around jewelry quality or design, then resell their goods at a profit to your clients. Customers then will come to your company to find a particular form of jewelry (or designer).
  • Dropshipping: Collaborate with a jeweler or wholesaler who, if they put an order from your website, sorts, packs, and delivers the item to a client.

Like with any small business, build a business strategy that clarifies which model you are going to use. In addition to information about the entity you are intending to sell to, the paper shares how you want to source, produce, and sell your jewelry are also factors to keep in mind.

Be creative with your Jewelry Business name!

Each corporation wants a good business name. It's how consumers get to meet you and can be at the core of all company properties, including your jewelry website, invoices, legal records, and bank statements from customers.

When you're brainstorming a brand name, there are two paths to take. You could go with a name unrelated to jewelry and create a stand-alone brand that, like Tiffany's and Swarovski, would later become known in the jewelry industry. Or, obviously, your business name might mean that you are selling jewelry, such as Goldsmiths and The Diamond Store.

Healthy names for labels are short and easy to recall. Stop those words which are hard to spell. The quicker it is for a client to remember your brand name, the less likely it would be to find you online.

It is therefore fair to verify if your preferred company name has the domain name and social media handles available.

Using the same brand identity across different outlets often improves brand consistency, something that has been shown to help corporations boost sales by as much as 33%. But you'll want to align your business name with your domain name. The quicker it is to recall the domain name of your jewelry company, the better the likelihood buyers will shop. Be creative with it!

Be mindful of any legalities

You'll have a brand name to market your jewelry at this stage. But before you begin to sell your goods online, ask the patent office to verify that you are not infringing on another business. Consider registering the jewelry company until you get the all-clear. Instead of being a sole proprietor, registering as an LLC protects you from being responsible for any complications you face as the jewelry company expands. Plus, it also comes with tax incentives to form a registered corporation. If you intend to scale your jewelry company from side hustle to full-time jobs, this can be helpful.

A new bank account, too, is key. That way, without it being mixed up with your personal transactions, you can conveniently keep track of your company expenditures and profits. Choose an accounting platform that fits with the current bank account for companies. When it comes to paying taxes, knowing just what is going in (and out) will help you. The regulatory criteria for the sale of jewelry are another thing to remember.

Keep in mind that you will need to comply with jewelry laws and regulations to prevent finding yourself in hot water, based on the sort of jewelry you make and the business model you are using. For example, when purchasing jewelry, certain countries require you to receive a certificate to ensure that it is genuine. In order to be able to market it for its highest worth, some can need the jewelry to have a hallmark.

Analyze your audience

Whatever goods you sell online, your future buyers need to be identified. A good awareness of these consumer personas suggests that you will create goods and prices that they can like and create a campaign strategy to put the products in front of them.

Do some market research about what kind of individual will purchase the jewelry you sell. Are you selling low-cost pieces of fashion jewelry that teens might wear? Or personalized jewelry for females aged 30+ at a higher price point? Where is your target audience living?

Doing a competitive analysis is the best way to do this. Select jewelry stores that sell products that are close to yours and look at the individuals they are targeting. Chances are, the prospective clients aren't going to be that different.

You should show multiple individuals your jewelry and interview them. Will they buy it for someone else just for themselves? What are the characteristics of the person getting your jewelry?

Your goal at this point is to know as much as you can about the individuals most likely to purchase your jewelry. Don't be afraid to arrange family members' interviews and plan focus groups to get input! Tools such as Zoom or Google Meet for video conferencing may promote focus sessions without having to meet in person, especially in this time of a pandemic.

Build your Jewelry Business and Website with Strikingly


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To wrap this guide up, our best advice for you is to build your website using a formidable website builder. Strikingly is a free to use robust and advanced website builder that will enable you to create jewelry website in just minutes. With hundreds of themes available and the friendliest of Happiness Officers, what’s there to not like?