The jewelry industry is a billion dollar online market. Wouldn’t you want to take a piece out of that pie and build your own jewelry website? With the right kind of strategy and a bit of planning, it’s possible to create a successful online jewelry business. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.


1. Select your niche

Before you go ahead and set up a website, it’s important to identify your niche first. There are many areas in the jewelry industry where you can specialize. You can go by material - e.g. precious stones, pearls, gold, silver, etc - or you can target a particular market demographic - kids’ accessories, teenagers into affordable fashion jewelry or a more sophisticated clientele looking for elegant and one of a kind pieces. Source for a supplier or a local craftsperson to help you build your inventory.

2. Select a website builder

Once you have the specifics of your jewelry business figured out, the next step is to build the store where you will be displaying items for sale. In the digital world, this is essentially your jewelry website. If hiring a professional web developer is not in your budget, a good website builder like Strikingly can help you set up a professional looking ecommerce store for your jewelry venture in just a few minutes.

Strikingly features a wide collection of jewelry web templates to get you started. With a jewelry website template, you don’t have to worry about learning to read and write code to build your site. You can now focus on planning the content that will go to the website.

3. Customize your website

After selecting a jewelry web template, you want to bring in your own brand and style into your website and start personalizing the template. With Strikingly’s intuitive website editor, it’s easy to add your own personal touch into your jewelry website. Choose from the pre-selected color schemes for the template or add your own custom color scheme depending on your branding or your personal preferences. Choose a font combination to make your text content more attractive. Add image or video backgrounds on your landing page to get customers to stay and shop around your store. Create your own logo and put it up on the site to help customers remember your company easily.


4. Add an ecommerce platform

Strikingly’s Simple Store makes it possible for startups and small business owners to create their own online shops in just a few minutes. Add this ecommerce platform to your jewelry web template and start building your inventory on the site. Select a payment gateway integration through the Strikingly app store so you can accept credit card payments online. With the membership feature, you can also let your loyal customers come back and view purchase histories so they can easily order the same items in the future.

5. Write the web copy

The reality of it is that you will be competing with thousands of other online jewelry stores so you want to put some thought into your web copy. Your site content should be aligned with your marketing strategy and get customers to choose your brand over others. There are several messaging strategies you can use to attract a following. For instance, putting a “fair trade” symbol on your jewelry and website is a great way to get customers to buy from you. Just make sure that you’re really selling fair trade jewelry items - that is, they should be environmentally sustainable and sourced locally.

Add an engaging headline and call to action on the upper fold of your website. Clearly communicate how customers would benefit from buying from your brand. If you’re running any promotions, the headline is a great way to announce this clearly.