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When we talk about a professional website, we don’t just talk about how beautiful its content displays. It is also about preservation and security. The biggest marketing people invest a lot of time creating a website backup plan as part of their website protection strategy. Going for an ideal web host and strong password protection are two measures for website protection. However, a backup plan is the heartbeat of website protection and it is something that has become extremely common in the digital world today.

As a marketing person, you must execute your backup plan as soon as possible. When you have a backup related to your website all the time, it helps you in many different ways. For example, suppose a hacker takes advantage of your website's security vulnerabilities and you lose some of your website data. In that case, your backup will be there as a solution to all your problems in a matter of minutes.

Importance of Website Backup

1. Protection from Human Error

As humans, we aren’t perfect and tend to make mistakes from time to time. For example, you can click the option “Delete” button by mistake to remove the file from a system we intended to use. We might create modifications within the file that may alter its functionality. Even though we cannot remove these mistakes from our system entirely, we must take a proactive approach regarding them. If you are a computer expert, you may have seen many cases like this.

For example, suppose a web page or website section suddenly has functionality that has stopped working. In that case, you can solve it via two methodologies:

  • Highlight the exact problem, its cause, and how you can resolve it
  • Restore the most recent backup of your website and proceed

The first step may take a lot of time because it depends upon the severity and the extent of the error. However, the second way will get your website working very quickly. The recent website backups are able to restore most of your work.

2. Eliminate Loss of Data

If you are running a blog website and publish numerous articles and guest posts per day, there is a chance that you may need consistent website backups to secure your website data. Imagine if an individual deletes one of your blogs. There is a chance that he may even delete the entire blog database by mistake. However, the consequences of these mistakes can be alarming if you don’t have an effective backup plan at your disposal. Maybe you are giving your team members too many privileges they don’t deserve.

strikingly team members
Image taken from Strikingly

Your backup files will come to the rescue in such cases. However, you must have a backup of your entire content history to resolve these issues. It is also essential for keeping your personal data safe. There could even be a possibility that you lose data even if there is no human error involved. Therefore, even if you have a team of certified professionals working with you, you still need an effective backup plan because even the professionals are prone to making errors.

3. Protection Against Hackers

Is there a person who doesn’t want to protect their website from hackers? Even though the increased competition in this digital world is good, it has also had negative consequences. The emergence of hackers has made life very difficult for hardworking website developers. They let all their hard work go to waste with just a couple of clicks. If someone asks you why you need a website backup, you can answer this by saying that you want to protect your website from hackers.

website data exploitation

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

To ensure this, you need effective security precautions. One way is to turn on the two-factor authentication feature on your website. If someone still tries to do some malicious activity, you can go through one of the following strategies:

  • Get your access back through email
  • Contact the web hosting provider and look for his/her help
  • Restore a backup by checking out your hosting panel

4. Update Problems

Sometimes, your computer may have some problems because of the automatic update feature. Updates are crucial in keeping your website fully functional and having zero problems. Even though you cannot ignore the updates, you can execute them more safely and differently. There is an automatic website backup plan to your rescue. A restore point will be displayed on your screen if your website components are updated. If you create a backup manually, it will be helpful in getting through these situations.

Looking at all the websites created on Strikingly, the best way to check their transparency is through the Google pagespeed insight score. By going through the Strikingly websites, you will understand that Strikingly websites have an average pagespeed insight score of 90. This high score is because our websites do not have deficiencies and work at maximum capacity.

5. Malware Infections

Malware infections are defined as the aspects that cause harm to a personal computer. However, the reality is that every personal computer these days is affected by dangerous malware. Most of these computers are vulnerable to such malware. If you have a proactive approach regarding your website security, it is a good habit to have. However, it doesn’t mean that you are completely safe from your potential attackers.

Hackers are not as easy to eliminate as you think, as they use highly sophisticated techniques. It is not a walk in the park to troubleshoot malware. Sometimes, you may not even know whether your website is completely clean or not. Most importantly, if you cannot identify the exact deficiency within your website, your platform will remain vulnerable to these attacks. Keeping recent website backups is the best solution to this problem.

6. Compatibility Problems

If you are using WordPress or any other Content Management System (CMS), you would have too many add-ons to configure. Those add-ons can be associated with your plugins, themes, or other technical stuff. All these tools are highly fundamental, but when you install them, you run the risk of your website not being compatible with them. As a result, your website may have the same problems it had because of the update. However, it doesn’t mean that you stop using those plugins forever. You must have a proper website backup plan, look into the plugin reviews and decide whether they are good enough for your website or not.

7. Migration of Web Hosts

There may come a time when you have to migrate your website to another website host. In other words, you must transfer all your website files from one website-building platform to another. Before doing that, you must ensure that you have an effective website backup plan at your disposal. Certain available tools allow you to copy your data manually. Otherwise, you can ask the service provider to do this job.

strikingly website host
Image taken from Strikingly

When it comes to being a web host, Strikingly connects all the dots for you. We don’t just help you in creating the best possible website for your niche. We also help you in maintaining it for the long term. Strikingly helps you do all the dirty work regarding your website by looking after the technical side. We believe in not just settling for good enough, we strive to get better and find the edge with respect to our competitors.

Clone Site on Strikingly

Strikingly strongly believes in protecting websites to build a brand image. However, we have yet to have a feature that enables you to create a backup plan. Instead of a website backup, we instruct you to clone your websites. When you do that, you can have a copy of the main website on your Strikingly account. To clone your Strikingly website, you must go through the following steps:

strikingly clone site

Image taken from Strikingly

  1. Go to your Strikingly dashboard
  2. Choose the website which you need to convert into a copied version
  3. Click on “Clone” and proceed

original and duplicate website

Image taken from Strikingly

Once you go through these steps, you will officially clone your website. Even though it is not the same as the backup plan, it is vital to do something for the preservation of your website data, and cloning is one of those strategies. Your replicated website will appear above the one you initially cloned. It will have “Copy” written next to it and will have its default URL.


Whether in their professional or private life, human beings are bound to make mistakes. However, it is crucial as a professional to not make the same mistakes but to make new mistakes. You make mistakes to learn from rather than repeat them due to your carelessness. In the digital world, many mistakes have been made regarding data loss. However, the successful website owners are the ones that have website backups to resolve their issues.

If you want to minimize your mistakes immediately, you must rely on Strikingly and create a professional website for your niche. Make sure you clone your website regularly, so you don’t have any problems regarding duplicate content. Whether you want to protect your website from hackers or check out if someone is doing some malicious activity with your content, a decent backup plan is enough for you to take control of your website.