Designing a website seemed like a daunting task until website builders simplified the task with website template free downloads. With the right choice of template, you don’t really have to think too much about your site’s framework. All you need to do is plan how to present your brand and create a positive user experience through your choice of design elements and website features. When done right, let your choice of website template free you from the intimidating task of designing your online space.


Free vs. paid templates

One thing to consider when selecting a template is the cost involved in using one. Some website owners opt to use paid templates because they are a lot less common. Most people wouldn’t want to pay for a site template so you get a certain level of assurance that you will not end up with a generic looking website when you do pay for one. It may sound like a good deal but you may not be able to test the design to determine if it would work well with your content. It will be a gamble because templates can cost you anywhere from $50 to $150.

Website template free downloads let you create websites without incurring extra expense for template design. As a leading website builder, Strikingly ensures that all users - including free accounts - get access to its collection of website template free of charge. This enables everyone to get the best services from our platform regardless of the account tier they belong to.

Flexibility and customization of features

Just because you’re getting your web template free of charge doesn’t have to mean you get a generic website design. Your choice of template and website builder should let you have a certain level of freedom to customize your website and give it a more personalized feel.

Explore your website builder’s customization options. Ideally, you want to be able to use your own brand’s color scheme to keep your site’s design consistent with the rest of your marketing materials. If you have your own custom font, the ability to use custom typography is a huge plus when considering a site template and website building platform.

Type of content and website

Your choice of web template free also depends on the type of website you’re building. Strikingly’s collection of templates are divided into categories to streamline your search. You can start by going through the selections under the type of website - business, startup, blog, online portfolio, etc. - and select a template that suits your content requirements.

Templates are not limited to the sections that are provided by default. Strikingly makes sure that all templates can accommodate different site features. For instance, users may start with a simple single-page website that provides information on their company. Later on, they may add sections for monetizing their site - an ecommerce platform for selling products or an event registration page where attendees can purchase tickets. Additional features will work well with all templates.

Go for responsive design

In this day and age, people are in constant search for information even while on the go. Make sure your website stays visible to mobile device searches. Responsive website design is an important component of a free web template. It enables you to create a website that is readily accessible through various screen sizes so you can reach a wide audience.


Test your selected template on mobile devices before committing to it. Make sure that all the design elements - text content, button links and images render well on smaller screens. Non-responsive web templates can hurt the site’s user experience and, by extension your online reputation.