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You must have a free business email address regardless of the type of business you run. And, if you're like many small businesses and startups, you want it to be as inexpensive as possible. When trying to gain new clients, a professional email address is essential. This article will show you how to set up the best free business email accounts with your own domain. This will make your company appear professional and trustworthy. First, let's clear up some confusion about email addresses and domain names.

What is a Free Business Email Account?

A free business email address uses your company's domain name. As a result, you must first create the domain, followed by the mailbox., for example, is an email address associated with the domain There are several reasons why having your own domain is essential:

  • It appears more professional than a Gmail or Hotmail address
  • Business domain names are easy to remember
  • Having a branded email address builds trust.

One last piece of advice. When registering your domain for email, you must also select a domain name extension. We recommend that you go This article on domain extension selection explains why.

To create a free business email account, you'll need to register a domain name and open a hosting account. Let's get started and figure out how to do that.

The Purpose of Having a Free Business Email Account?

Though the primary reason for having a business email address is to assist your customers in identifying you, numerous other benefits can be added to the list. You can benefit from a business email address in the following ways:

1. Exhibit Your Professionalism

free business email account

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Having an email address that corresponds to your brand demonstrates that you are serious and professional about your business. As a result, your company will be taken seriously by your customers, who are more likely to choose and trust a company with a professional email address.

2. Demonstrate Your Sincerity and Gain the Trust of Your Customers

When you or your employees send emails from an address that includes your company's name, your customers can be confident that the email is coming from a legitimate source. They will recognize you even before they open your content. This will assist them in developing trust in you and giving them the confidence to respond to your emails or contact your support team.

3. Market Your Company's Name

free business email account

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When you use your free business email account, you promote your brand with each email you send. This way, you'll be sure to remain in their minds for a long time.

4. Maintain Consistency

When you use your domain to create individual and group email addresses, you ensure that every email sent has a consistent format and thus maintain consistency.

5. Avoid being Flooded with Spam

Customers are less likely to mark you spam if they recognize you by your brand name. If you use generic email addresses, your emails may not get the attention they deserve and may end up being scammed.

Factors to be Considered When Creating a Professional Email Address

You must have your own domain when creating free business email account. Creating a professional email can be a difficult task. Millions of individuals and businesses have their own professional email addresses. The task here is to get a free business email address that considers the following factors.

  1. includes your company's name/brand
  2. low-cost and one-of-a-kind
  3. web hosting and email, in addition to the site functionality required for your business.

Are Business Emails Free?

To be clear, it is not possible to obtain a free business email account with a website domain at the end of it, such as You could get a free email address that ends in or, but that may appear unprofessional. To get that free email address with your own domain, you'll need to pay for website hosting. When it comes to creating business email addresses, there are a few things we need to follow.

Best Practices for Creating Business Email Addresses

free business email account

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When creating a free business email account, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Choose a domain name immediately related to your business and is easily recognized by customers.
  2. It is critical to have a standard format for email addresses throughout your organization. For example, as your standard format for all employees, you can choose a professional email address such as
  3. Create group email addresses for departments, such as, so you can manage all department emails in one place.
  4. Protect your business email address from phishing and spamming by authenticating your domain with SPF and DKIM configurations.

Strikingly's Guide to Get a Free Business Email Address

Strikingly is a website builder that allows users to add their own domain. A custom domain is essential for creating a professional email address for your company. Whether you have an existing custom domain that you want to connect to your website or create a new custom domain for your business or online portfolio, Strikingly can help! For as little as $25 per year, you can add a custom domain to an existing free plan. Consider having a professional email address with your company name as your custom domain. It's significantly less expensive than Google Mail or other hosting services.

The best part about using Strikingly to create your free business email account is that our yearly paid plans, such as Limited, Pro, and VIP, cover everything you need to know about adding a custom domain and running your business online. With our monthly and yearly plans, you can connect your existing domain or register a new one. Isn't it cool to have your own business website, professional email address, mobile app site editor, live chat support, and all your website management tools in one package? Simply put, we provide you with the best services and tools you need to impress your clients and win business proposals. This is how we make your company stand out online and in professional communications. Strikingly provides a turnkey solution to our users who want to establish a well-established business website and meet their professional communication needs. Here are three simple steps to creating a professional email address with us.

1. Develop a Website with Us

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The first step in developing a professional brand for your company is to create your own website. We have a variety of templates from which to choose. Our simple-to-edit templates will give your company a professional appearance and feel.

2. Register or Connect a Custom Domain

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If you already have a domain, you should keep it. You can use Strikingly to transfer a custom domain to your website or register a new domain. Simply click register a new domain and enter your desired domain name.

If the one you want is not available, it will show you a list of alternatives from which to choose. After you've decided on the best domain for your company, you can create a free business email account.

3. Establish a Professional Email Address

You can create your own professional email address once you've purchased a domain. There are four tabs on your site dashboard: My sites, Domains, @Emails, and Audience. If your desired email address is not available after registering a new custom domain, you can type it in and it will show you a few format suggestions. You can register by selecting the nearest email account suggestion. Tada! You now have a business email address that is professional.

There is some significance to using a free business email account for business correspondence. It distinguishes your business brand because you have your own distinct identity for your service or products. When creating a professional email address, you must consider many factors, from your own domain to purchasing email accounts that you will use in all of your business communications. You must consider the effectiveness of any new feature or function that you add to your website.


Having access to a branded business email address is critical for building customer trust and strengthening your brand. Fortunately, it is possible to create a professional email address without spending a lot of money. It's also simple to do – no technical knowledge is required. A custom domain name and a hosting plan with a free domain-based email address are all you need.

Strikingly makes it simple and easy for our customers to manage their own websites. To create a free business email account, you can purchase a custom domain or transfer your existing one. This is something that many business owners and professionals look for when creating their own websites. It should provide them with the tools and services required to manage their website. Strikingly assists you in running your business the most efficiently and professionally possible. Create your website with us right now. Contact your clients and let them hear what you have to say.