Everything You Need to Know About Urban Photography

Photography is one trending skill which can bring a huge impact to many people who feel curious about it. For many passionate individuals, photography is something that can give you a lot of opportunities once you master every single detail. You can use it to capture the best moments in your life and keep them with you as long as you want. Some consider photography a form of art that can help you express your thoughts in the most wonderful way. But apart from all these definitions we can link with photography, one will surely stand out for those seeking stability—it helps you build your online presence.

There are a lot of photography styles and focus which can capture your interest. Among these is known as urban photography. First time hearing it? Well, worry no more because this blog will introduce you to the wonderful world of great urban photography. So, sit back, take important notes from our guide to urban photography 101, and who knows, it might be the start of a more awesome adventure for you.


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What is Urban Photography?

Urban photography is a type of photography that emphasizes the beauty of urban spaces and the elements within them. An urban photographer usually takes photos of specific urban spots that showcase unique geometric and architectural features a person can find in a metropolitan area. Urban photography can be anything that shapes an environment and the living things in it. Great urban photography is also known as a style that can be easily merged with subjects revolving around documentaries, portraits, and even fine arts.

One misconception people get about urban photography is that it is somehow related to street photography. These two types of photography are both awesome genres for someone who wants to learn photography. But, unlike what most people think, these two focus on different fortes.

Great urban photography directly focuses on the beauty of contemporary life illuminating an urban space, specifically cities. Street photography, on the other hand, is a style that involves taking photos showcasing society within a public space. It is important to understand these differences to save yourself from confusion when starting your urban photography journey.


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Why Master Urban Photography 101?

Learning a guide to urban photography can give you awesome benefits. Like if you are someone who loves taking a stroll on busy streets and urbanized areas, becoming an urban photographer is good for you. Urban photography can help you get to know a specific area more and use that as an opportunity to discover new ideas. Some urban photographers use their skills and knowledge about urban photography in seminars and workshops to nurture aspiring young urban photographers.

Aside from that, many photographers have the chance to reduce their anxiety by indulging themselves in urban photography. When you do urban photography, you often visit different areas, and meeting new people is normal. To focus more on urban photography showcasing people as the main subject, starting conversations with strangers must keep things more real. You get the chance to exchange fun stories with them and eventually create a connection that can help you take the best urban photography results.


Another fun thing about learning a guide to urban photography is that you can eventually use your skills and start an online business. Many urban photographers have managed to establish their name in the field of urban photography by sharing their works online.

If you wish to be like them, you can use your urban photography skills and get hired by clients through your own great urban photography website. All you need to do is capture your photographs, put them on your own designed website, and share it on your socials. You can even start your urban photography portfolio with us in just a few steps and get the fun rolling!

Tips and Tricks on How to Ace Urban Photography

Now that we’re done with the “introduce yourself” part, let’s now move on to the highlight of this urban photography 101 blog. To establish your urban photography brand in the online world, it is not enough that you only know the basics. The good thing about us here in Strikingly is that we don’t let anyone get away from our blogs without getting the best ideas they could learn. Just like what we’ll share with you in this next section—knowing the best urban photography tips you can use to kickstart your own platform.

1. Camera Settings

Cameras play a massive role in giving you the best results for your urban photography. As an urban photographer, you have to get to know your own camera.

Among our best urban photography tips, understanding your camera settings is the one you should put on top. On most occasions, urban photography 101 involves capturing subjects that are moving or at a fast pace. Before starting your urban photography journey, always ensure you are on your right camera setting. Find what specific camera focus and aperture settings work best for you. Ensure that your shutter speed is set right to avoid blurry images and that your urban photography image has the right exposure settings.

If you know what camera settings work best for you, it will be easier for you to capture your subject no matter their current position. By understanding your camera settings, you are not just saving yourself from getting unpleasant photos, but most of all, you are protecting yourself from the waste of time due to repeated takes. Remember, you aim to take only the best urban photography shots for your future clients. You wouldn’t want to get zero awesome photos to post on your online urban photographer website, right?


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2. Wander Around

In case you haven’t noticed, we have mentioned how urban photography is mostly related to various places. If you are someone interested in starting your own urban photography business, you have to wander around. As much as possible, go and take a walk around the city or any urban area close to your place. Doing this guide to urban photography can help you get ahead of the game and keep the inspiration flowing.

Many urban photographers usually take their time appreciating the urban place they walk in and observe as much as possible. As soon as they get hold of it, taking the needed photos just comes naturally. For beginners, you don’t have to worry about where to begin. Among the best tips we can give you is simply to carry your camera with you and take a walk. You wouldn’t know when and where the perfect moment comes, so better be ready, right?

3. Capture Spontaneous Movements

If there is one common element present in the best urban photography images online, it’s the element of movement. Many urban photographers consider movement as a crucial element of urban photography. Aside from the fact that it is fun to do, the challenge of capturing moving subjects helps you learn more useful urban photography tips.

Capturing moving subjects can give you the best images you could have as an urban photographer, which you can showcase to your online audience. While on your usual stroll, try to be more observant and cautious of the things around you. Be aware of how things move around you and ensure your camera is ready. You can capture people walking to work, vehicles moving along the street, children enjoying their fun time in the park, or birds flying around.

You can also be more creative on your website and include photos with touches of lines and forms on your urban photography tips like skyscrapers and buildings. By mastering how to take pictures of moving subjects, potential clients can also see how professional you are with your urban photography skills, making you one step ahead of your competitors. Sounds fun, right?


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4. Practice Patience

Last but not least, practice being patient. Urban photography sounds fun and exciting but could also test your patience at specific points. Capturing photos of moving subjects will require you to be patient to get the best shot. Realistically speaking, it will take a couple of tries before you get the perfect angle and lighting for your dream shot. If you truly wish to master the art of urban photography, you must practice keeping your patience long and keeping yourself focused. You don’t need to pressure yourself just to do good. You don’t expect someone to be good at their first try, right? Just be cool, take your time practicing, and eventually, you’ll be able to do urban photography just the way you like it.


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Photography is a favorite hobby that continuously amazes people nowadays. It’s one skill that has an endless wonder hiding behind it. Becoming a fantastic urban photographer requires skill and perseverance to do the things that interest you the most. But apart from that, you also need someone to help showcase your talent to the whole world. Someone you can partner up with not just to brag how awesome you are in urban photography, but, most importantly, to help you achieve your goals without worrying too much about website building—just like how we do it here at Strikingly.

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