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Don’t let great ideas go to waste. Your passion for writing is like a fire burning inside you. It drives you to come up with valuable insights and share ideas that deserve to get noticed by your audience. Indeed, making money out of writing is not your goal on day one, but you will soon figure out how to monetize your blog once you publish them online. Once you get wide range of audience, things will happen according to plans. Just identify your goals early and tailor-fit them with the best tools and features to launch your creative ideas online.

No wonder many blog writers these days share their journey on how to make a profitable blog. Because learning how to raise blog profit is one of the most sought topics nowadays, freelancers and bloggers share tips on making your blog profitable. Here at Strikingly, we have worked with many talented blog writers who build a solid online presence using our web services and tools. Our intuitive web features allow them to grow their readers online and become global. That is why we are about to unravel the secrets of starting a blog for profit. We have simplified five effective ways to get your first profitable blog live.

Find out how to start a profitable blog with the best web services, tools, and features for building your own blog space online.

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5 Ways on How to Start a Profitable Blog

Starting a profitable blog seems like a tough job. However, you just need to be equipped with the proper knowledge, tools, and skills on how to monetize your blog. Here are the five ways to start a profitable blog using Strikingly as one of the best platforms to build your blog website.

1. Choose Your Niche

2. Try Strikingly Website Builder

3. Use Best-in-Class Web Design

4. Know Your Target Readers Well

5. Get Your Own Domain Name

1. Choose Your Niche

Obviously, the first thing you need to work on is choosing your niche. Understanding your niche well can help you develop your goals and strategies. At first, you may find it helpful to visit some online forums so that you will know the hot topics or latest trends. By tackling what people want to read or know about, you’re putting your best foot forward to creating profitable blogs. Make sure you do well on this first step.

2. Try Strikingly Website Builder

Why Strikingly? Why not? We’ve got the most user-friendly web editor plus cool features on how to make a profitable blog. Did you know that we got free unlimited hosting and all our sites are mobile-first? Two of the most important things to have in setting up your blog website. With our drag-and-drop editor, making edits on our web templates would be much easier. Schedule your blog posts and edit dates so you can always make new updates. You can send newsletters to your readers and add a paid subscription for new members. You don’t need to learn how to code to build your own blog space with us. Do it like an expert. Monetize your blog with Strikingly and start a 14-day trial now.

3. Use Best-in-Class Web Design

Creating great content alone doesn’t lead to a profitable blog. You have to invest in best-in-class web designs. It’s a good thing that Strikingly has over a hundred eye-catching blog themes that makes it easier to drive traffic and raise blog profit. A stunning landing page can be a plus factor in starting a profitable blog. You can check out our designer web templates and create an account for your website.

4. Know Your Target Readers Well

To make your blogs profitable, you must understand and know your target readers well. Good content does not gain any attention because the writer didn’t thoroughly research the audience. Know your readers to come up with topics that suit their interests, mood, demographic orientation, culture, etc. Many successful writers and freelancers prioritize this because it is key to the overall success of creating a profitable blog.

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5. Get Your Domain Name

Why is getting your domain name essential to making profitable blogs? Having a custom domain shows professionality and exclusive ownership of your website. It indicates how serious you are about making a blog profit. You can use easy-to-remember domain names or the one that automatically points out your niche. Make it remarkable and unique so that your readers don’t forget you.

Things You Need to Do to Monetize Your Blog

• Try Affiliate Marketing

You can monetize your blog with affiliate marketing or paid advertisements to show on your page. Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to make profitable blogs. By partnering with popular brands or writing reviews about product launches, you get paid a commission on every click made through your unique link. Strikingly does have affiliate programs for our users, especially blog writers who want to promote us on their web page. Our affiliate program can help our website users earn a blog profit.

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• Promote Your Blogs on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are best for branding and marketing strategy. If you're starting a blog website, this is an excellent opportunity to promote your website. Driving more traffic to your website can also prompt conversion. Also, you can grow your readers organically with your social media followers. Paid ads campaigns are effective for promoting a blog website. Hence, it’s ideal to invest in them.

• Optimize Blog Content With Targeted Keywords

SEO-targeted keywords are one of the best ways to monetize your blog. Your blog content will be searchable online and most likely get your audience's attention. Using targeted keywords help optimize your blogs as well as your website.

• Ensure Mobile-First Web Design

Having a mobile-first web design is an advantage for your blog website. It’s one of the essential requirements for starting a profitable blog. Thus, you must ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and you have quality content.

• Collaborate With Other Blog Writers

Work with other blog writers. Collaboration is another way to monetize your blogs. You can help each other by promoting related content on your web page. Sometimes, collaboration may be beneficial in building a solid online presence. It can be used to promote brand awareness and work with people with the same interests as yours.

• Build an Online Presence That Stands Out

An outstanding online presence is essential to raising a blog profit. To make a profitable blog, you must invest in best-in-class web services and tools. Choose a website builder platform that can take your work globally. Join us with over twelve million users. Earning money online is easy when you have the tools and features to make it happen.

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Learn How to Make a Profitable Blog Website With Strikingly

1. Choose a Template

Once you have created an account, it will take you to our free web templates. For blog themes, you can choose from minimalist to elegant designs. Easily set up your website with a simple web editor.

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2. Add a Blog Section

We have a Simple blog that you can add to every type of web theme. What’s good about our blog section is that you can publish it immediately. Also, you can schedule blog posts and show or edit the date.

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3. Add Text and Images

Adding text and images is easy with our drag-and-drop functionality. Simply browse from your computer or upload pictures that you can use for your profitable blog. Strikingly website comes with free hosting services.

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4. Publish Your Blogs in Minutes

Now, it’s time to shine. Once you are ready with your blog content, hit publish. Your website will go live in no time. It’s ridiculously easy with Strikingly.

Final Thoughts

As a writer, it may not be your first goal to raise money on day one. But, as you go further, you realize the benefit of elevating your blogs to something profitable. Why not? All you need is your burning passion, creative skills, proper knowledge, and the right tools to make things happen. Many talented individuals make big names online in terms of writing high-quality blogs. Influencers and content creators stand out because they know how to properly position their online content. In this journey, you must try every opportunity that you come across.

Don’t hesitate if it doesn’t seem to work at first. Just find the best platform. Strikingly can make it happen. You can check out our users’ websites and chat with our team. The first step to awesomeness is trying out something new. We’ve developed fresh modern ideas that suit the young and old generations. Our web services are intuitive and world-class to meet our users' needs across the seas. You, too, can make a difference. Share your expertise with the world and monetize your blogs with us.