elements of a newsletter

There is no doubt that all the elements of a newsletter are fundamental to the procedure of email marketing. An effective newsletter keeps the subscribers updated about all the brand updates. Moreover, it also gives them updates about the sales offers and special discounts that you have the intention to provide. When it comes to email marketing, there is no doubt that customers are the utmost priority. If the customers do not have any interest in your email content, you will see a decline in your open rates and click-through rates.

As a business person, it is a huge responsibility on your shoulders to convince people to subscribe to your newsletter. After all, it has a huge impact on your marketing funnel. Once you have a large number of subscribers at your disposal, it depends upon the quality of your email content. If you can convert your visitors into customers, you are on your way to achieving your goals. However, it all starts with convincing your customers to open your email.

Useful Elements of a Newsletter

1. Subject Line

When we talk about the important elements of a newsletter, the thing that is recognized immediately by the customers is the subject line. If you look at the most successful newsletters on the internet, all of them have fantastic subject lines. They catch customers' attention immediately as they want to open the email instantly and want to see what is written inside. The subject line must play with the reader so that they can anticipate what is written inside.

However, just because you have to make it interesting doesn’t mean that your subject should be lengthy. If the title doesn’t fit into the reader’s inbox, it will create confusion within their minds. It will also bring an informal factor to your content as the reader would feel that you are unaware of the email requirements. However, it also doesn’t mean that the title should be extremely short. In simple words, your subject line must be descriptive and precise. The best way to play with the customers’ minds is to pose a question in your subject line.

2. Preheader Copy

The second point in important element of a newsletter is the preheader copy. There is always a question flying around about what makes a good newsletter. The answer to that is the ability of the marketing person to do something extra, which is brought to you by the preheader copy. As we have said before, the subject line is the first thing a reader sees in a newsletter. You can consider a preheader copy as an extension to the subject line.

3. Featured Content

Featured content is considered one of the most fundamental elements of a newsletter because it appears on the top of your email and in a bigger font. It has a significant impact on your email marketing strategy. If you find it difficult to pick your featured content, you can list all the points required for your email heading, then narrow it down until there are a few left.

4. Graphics

There is no doubt that graphics and visuals are arguably one of the most critical elements of a newsletter. When it comes to the content, it is not just about how to write an effective newsletter. It is also about the visuals you integrate with your written content. If your graphics are not attractive or appealing, your customers may open your email but won’t have the joy of going through your email content. If you look at the best newsletters on the internet, all of them use quality pictures and illustrations.

quality graphic visuals
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When we talk about graphics, it is not just that you integrate them without doing any kind of analysis. How you assemble your graphics determines how your readers will go through your newsletter content. Most importantly, you should only include images in your newsletter that serve a purpose. If you use unnecessary images as part of your content, it won’t bring any benefit to your table. If you have to announce launching a new product, ensure that you include high-quality photos and videos to make your content attractive.

5. Organized Layout

If we talk about essential newsletter components, the overall layout is one of the most important. The layout is one of the essential elements of a newsletter because it provides organization to the content. The layout brings neatness and tidiness to a newsletter. Your content doesn’t look messy to the eyes of the reader when they look at it for the first time. Without a proper layout, it is very easy to jumble things up when you have different types of content, such as images, videos, and written content. The best way to organize them is by creating different sections where you can provide various pieces of information.

Another good way of organizing content is by using mobile-friendly website templates. Strikingly provides you with a collection of these templates optimized for mobile phones. You won't see any jumbled-up content when you open the Strikingly website on your phone as mobile-friendly templates provide organized layouts.

6. Call to Action

Call to action (CTA) buttons are one of the most prominent elements of a newsletter today. When you list what to include in a newsletter, CTA buttons have to be there no matter what. For those who don’t know, CTA is a practice that gives customers an insight into what they should be doing after opening an email. They enable the readers to move into the next part of your respective marketing funnel. The success of your newsletter depends on the click-through rates you receive through your CTA button.

call to action
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If the readers are not clicking on your CTA button, it could be because your CTA button is not visible to them or your content is not appealing. As a marketing person, it is your utmost objective to convince them to click on your CTA button so that you can send your newsletters to them afterward. You cannot be sending newsletters without knowing whether they are interested in your niche or not.

  1. Minimal Promotions

Promotional strategies are one of the most ignored elements of a newsletter. Even though it is a good thing to make discount offer announcements, you should only include 10% of the promotional content and 90% of the informational content as part of your email. If you just discuss the promotional content in your email, the readers cannot understand the fundamental reason behind your niche. On the other hand, if you just focus on the informative content, the readers would gain a lot of knowledge but won’t benefit from it.

promotional newsletter content
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If you look at most of the seasonal promotions, they are done through a small amount of promotional content as part of the email campaigns. The most successful newsletters include promotional content as part of their email campaign. You must provide information and conclude your content with a few promotion lines. Quality information may encourage the users to buy that product from your online store, but promotional content would definitely increase the chances.

Strikingly’s Newsletter Feature

strikingly audience section

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If you want to use all the elements of a newsletter, you should rely on a professional platform like Strikingly. Many users tend to incorporate the newsletter components through the user-friendly features of our platform. The newsletter feature of Strikingly is part of both the VIP and Audience Plans. The VIP users have the eligibility to send newsletters to 2000 different contacts. However, if you are not part of either of these subscription plans, you can go through the Strikingly trail of sending newsletters to 100 contacts.

strikingly email content

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Strikingly’s newsletter feature enables you to send emails directly through the contacts found on your website, contact, and subscription forums. All you have to do is type your email content in the editor column.

You can add all different types of content in this section, such as images, texts, CTA buttons, and links. If you want to send newsletters to a specific group of contacts, you can set the recipients through filters. However, it is essential to note that depending on your site and source, you may only select your recipients.


As you may know now how to write an effective newsletter, it is crucial to put your plans into perspective. If you are experienced, you have the credentials to create an entire marketing funnel and email marketing strategy for your online business. If you want to create a professional website to build an email list, you must go through the innovative features we provide on Strikingly. Strikingly is a free website building platform that offers mobile-friendly website templates fundamental to quality website designs.

Once you complete the registration on our platform, you will fall under our free plan, which will allow you to create a basic website and consider all the essential elements of a newsletter. You can use the newsletter feature by upgrading to our Pro Plan. With this feature, you can create quality marketing emails and give your subscribers plenty to cheer about. As a marketing person, it is a time-saving strategy to have all the required set of marketing tools and systems at your disposal. With a quality email management system, you will increase your online sales and the recognition of your brand on your Strikingly website.