Food blogging has become one of the top trending blog niches for the past years. With people having food as a basic necessity, it is inevitable for them to fall in love with anything related to it.

Many have become curious about what happens behind every delightful dish their eyes see. Online writers and food professionals have used such opportunities to establish brands in the online community. Whether it is sharing tips about cooking or creating food blog reviews, the world of food blogging is undeniably interesting to indulge in. If you want to learn how to start a food blog website, you have nothing to worry about because we have your back here at Strikingly.


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Benefits of Creating a Food Blog

If you are still wondering why creating a food blog is better than just uploading content on your social media, here’s why:


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1. Be the Boss

Creating a food blog gives you freedom. When you start a food blog, you need creativity and your own blogging space. You don’t need to worry about paying rental fees or hiring the right employee. All you need is your will to create and publish a food blog that best suits your taste. You are the one in control of how your food blog website will look like. Creating a food blog your target niche will like is your only priority. You can make decisions freely on your own without the need to consult the higher-ups. Aside from that, creating a food blog gives you the satisfaction of establishing something yourself.

2. Earn Extra

If you are interested in food and are looking for additional ways to earn, learning how to start a food blog is perfect for you. Writing blogs isn’t only for entertainment purposes. You can earn money from your food blog content with the right marketing strategies and a robust food blog website. Many food bloggers get extra cash from the posts they make on their websites. You can do this smoothly by partnering with food businesses. Monetize your blog by promoting other companies and advertising their products. If you are already a professional, you can use your skills and experiences to develop recipes and other food blog content and then sell it on your website.

3. Builds Community

Connections are essential in establishing a solid online presence. Creating a food blog is necessary if you want to reach a wider audience and be in touch with other businesses. When you start a food blog, you can build an online community that online users can visit to interact with other people. The more people interact on your food blog website, the higher the chance you will get noticed by other famous brands. The world of blogging also isn’t all about competition. Sometimes creating a food blog allows you to meet new friends. You can use your food blog website to learn something new from people with the same interests as yours. Expanding your connection allows you to grow and manage a food blog website more effectively.

4. Write and Enjoy

Creating a food blog has endless gifts it can give you—including having fun. When you start a food blog, you get the chance to get invited to various restaurants and food hubs. Businesses often ask food bloggers for food tasting as a marketing strategy. They sent them invitations to go and create a review of their latest food product or dish created. You can attend gatherings and parties for free and even meet people you can work with for your next food blog. Occasionally, food bloggers also receive gifts like gadgets or coupons in exchange for posting a food blog for another business. Sounds fun, right?

Food Blog Websites to Inspire You

There have been a lot of successful food blog websites that excelled in their way. Here are a few food blog websites to inspire you;

1. Serious Eats


Serious Eats is among the well-known food blog websites today. Like their name says, they took a severe approach to culinary art. Serious Eats food blog website creates content regarding a variety of recipes. Upon landing on their website, you can see different food blog articles and techniques to gain a lot of information. They have an entire food blog section showcasing how you can grill any food properly. Serious Eats also start a food blog sharing information about favorite human foods like pizza, pasta, chicken dishes, cocktails, sandwiches, desserts, and burgers. They also share guides and trivia about foods like steak and eggs on their food blog website.

2. Cookie and Kate


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If you want to learn how to start a food blog while celebrating good food, Cookie and Kate is the best food blog website to inspire you. This food blog website is owned and managed by Kathryne Taylor, a photographer and cook from Oklahoma. Taylor started a food blog in 2010 part-time, but now she is handling it full-time. The name “Cookie” came from her dog, a half schipperke and half dachshund/Australian Koolie mix. Taylor shares vegetarian-inspired recipes on her food blog website. She also creates whole foods recipes which many of her online readers enjoy. Her food blog website showcases recipes in categories based on their course, cuisine, everyday meal, ingredients featured, seasonal, and even diet.

3. Budget Bytes


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If you want to find the best inspiration to start a budget-friendly food blog, Budget Bytes is worth visiting by you. Budget Bytes is a food blog website that aims to share mouth-watering recipes on a budget. This food blog website considers that not everyone can use expensive ingredients when cooking. Budget Bytes and its owner Beth Moncel ensures they can help people start food blogs smoothly. Creating a food blog that also shares the recipes’ costs, preparation, alternatives, and step-by-step shots highlights this food blog website. They also developed a set of principles that can keep your grocery budget at a low level. These principles include planning your meals, using the ingredients wisely, doing portion control, not being afraid of leftovers, using your freezer, and shopping wisely.

4. Damn Delicious


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Damn Delicious is another food blog website that can entice your curiosity about food blogging. Chungah Rhee mastered how to start a food blog and used her skills to create a food blog website that rocks. She began posting her food recipes back in 2011 on her Tumblr account. Her food blog website then started gaining attention from the online community, making her start a food blog website managed by herself. Rhee shares recipes, step-by-step processes, and tutorial videos on her food blog website. She also shares helpful tips and tricks on how her online readers could create quick and easy meals in their daily lives.

5. Smitten Kitchen


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Want to learn how to feature delectable images on your food blog website? Diving into Smitten Kitchen will be exciting for you. With the tagline “Fearless cooking from a tiny kitchen in New York City,” this food blog website has undeniably found immense popularity amongst online readers. Deb Perelman decided to start a food blog inspired by his obsession with the intricacy of food and cooking. She openly mentioned on her About Me page how she loves waking up every day and deciding to cook anything she likes. Perelman chose to start food blog depicting the beauty of comfort foods. Her website also features numerous tutorial videos and guides, which her online readers enjoy.

How to Start a Food Blog With Strikingly

Creating a food blog that can rock the online food business community could initially get overwhelming. Especially when you are a beginner, you’ll tend to face obstacles that can bring you down if you have zero ideas on how to handle them.

Here at Strikingly, we ensure that every food blog website created by our users is practical and functional. We let our users start a food blog that is powerful enough to meet the demands of their chosen market niche. If you are curious about how we do what we do, below are our top 5 tips you can implement to create a food blog website.

1. Choose your blogging platform wisely.


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The initial and most crucial step you need to take in creating a food blog website is choosing the perfect website-building platform. Today, there are numerous website-building platform emerging in the e-commerce world. Each one has its strengths and uniqueness from the others. But only some of them are suited for what you need. At Strikingly, we offer the best website-building features at a very affordable set of prices.

Like this food blog website Natural Shilajit, you can get awesome offers when you start food blogging at Strikingly. You can smoothly start a simple blog where you can sort out your blog categories no matter how you want them to be.

Aside from blogging, selling your food products is also possible through our Simple Store feature. Natural Shilajit used this powerful feature to sell its products and helpful food blog content to entice its readers more.

2. Create a striking name for your food blog.


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The next step in creating a food blog website is making your brand name. In e-commerce, you must be exceptionally creative with your food blog name. With competition everywhere, having a different business identical to you is inevitable. So, as a wise entrepreneur, you must ensure that your food blog website stands out from all the rest.

Flew the Coop is among the food blog websites that took their brand name to the next level. This food blog business website ensured their brand name was striking and introducing. Naming your food blog website should not only be about beauty and uniqueness. It would be best to come up with a name that says something about who you are and what you do. Flew the Coop is the best example of this because they ensure that their online customers can easily remember who they are even at just one glance with their brand name.

3. Design your food blog website.


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After deciding what your brand name will be, it is now the time for you to build your food blog website. Website design is crucial in how you will leave an impression on your online visitors. It will make online users decide whether or not they’ll continue browsing your food blog website.

Watercress Bali ensures that every online user who lands on their food blog website will immediately get enticed. Creating a food blog website at Strikingly allows you to design your platform no matter how you want it to be. Like Watercress Bali, you can put anything on your food blogging platform. You can add high-quality photos, embed your YouTube tutorial videos, add live chat, add powerful e-commerce features, etc. The best thing about mastering how to start a food blog with Strikingly is that you don’t need any coding skills. Just your heart and creativity. Sounds great, right?

4. Empower your food blog website with SEO.


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Search engine optimization is essential in securing a successful food blog website. SEO helps you get closer to your target market and enables you to understand your website’s performance. If you wish to gain more online visitors and drive conversions, applying SEO on your food blog website is a must.

Jianbing Company is among Strikingly's websites that make sure they are SEO-friendly. When you start a food blog with us, you have the freedom to implement SEO elements on your food blog website. You can add keywords, meta descriptions, and anchored links to your website to become more SEO-friendly. Monitoring your food blog website is also more manageable by enabling our built-in website Analytics. This feature allows you to get a better view of how your website performs at a specific period.

You will have the chance to gain essential website data like where your online visitors are coming from, how much time they spent on your website, which website content gathered more interactions, and many more.

5. Promote your food blog website.


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Last but not least, when you start a food blog, you must know how to promote it properly. Creating a food blog website with us allows you to enable it in many ways. Like Tabla’s Gourmet, you can use your website footer and link your social media accounts on your food blog website. We have an add custom form feature which allows you to create subscribe buttons and other forms for your online readers. You can use all the information you collected from your sign-up forms to send promotional newsletters to your audience. We also have pop-up notification features that you can use to let people know about your upcoming promos and other advertisements.


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Mastering how to start a food blog has a lot of benefits, not only for online writers or food enthusiasts. It is also an excellent opportunity for people to dive into a wondrous world where they can learn many new things and even earn extra income simultaneously.

If you want to know more about blogging, website building, and online business, chat with us today, and we’ll start working with you.