A web builder makes it possible for individuals with no technical knowledge of website design and development to build their own sites. It lowers the barrier to entry into e-commerce and digital marketing for startups and small businesses that have limited marketing budgets. There are tons of options out there and the choice of site builder can spell the difference between the success or failure of a website project.

godaddy web builder

In 2017, domain registrar GoDaddy introduced a website builder that is marketed for beginners. It promises to simplify the website building process and help brands set up their sites without the need to learn code. GoDaddy is a relatively new entrant into the free web builder market. Let’s see how it compares with Strikingly, one of the top 10 free web builders catering to startups, small businesses and novices in web design.

Ease of use

GoDaddy site editor

Both website builders feature a user-friendly interface that is great for beginners. Both has an easy sign up process that lets you get started with creating your website in a few clicks. GoDaddy starts by asking the user what type of site he intends to build and then take him through a collection of themes to choose from. Users can choose to preview a template before committing to it but, unlike Strikingly’s template preview that allows the user to see the different design elements of the theme to help the user decide if he is making the right choice, GoDaddy’s preview is limited to a view of the first half of the webpage. From there the user is taken to another page for customizing the theme and selecting pages or sections to be added to the site.

Because the page elements are not on the same panel, it takes a few clicks to finally edit the content on the website on GoDaddy’s free web builder. Getting around the interface takes a bit of getting used to. Strikingly, on the other hand, allows you to edit the content on your webpage without having to scroll through different panels. The left side panel of the editor contains all the sections of the site so you can access each area and make edits without going through different panel settings.

Templates and Customization

Both allow users to customize their selected template in terms of color schemes and typeface. Some people may find the customization options a bit limited on GoDaddy compared to Strikingly that also allows users to upload custom fonts or Google web builder fonts. Color schemes on Strikingly also enable you to select up to two colors - one main color and a neutral secondary color.

In terms of template options, both feature mobile responsive templates so you don’t need to edit your chosen theme’s CSS to make the website adjust to different screen sizes. However, if you’re looking for a bit more variety in site designs, Strikingly is the best web builder for you with its wider range of templates suited for various industries. GoDaddy’s templates are all modern looking and they seem to all look the same. Both platforms allow you to switch to a different template mid-way through editing and even after publishing your website, however.

Strikingly has an integrated app store where users can add site features such as payment gateways, document upload and music playlists. GoDaddy does not have an app store but it does provide in-house apps for basic features and a Paypal integration for ecommerce. Strikingly also has an integrated SEO tool and web analytics tool so you can get started with digital marketing campaigns right away.


Both GoDaddy web builder and Strikingly have free accounts so you can try the platform before investing in a paid account. The only caveat is that GoDaddy’s ecommerce and digital marketing features are only available for paid subscriptions.

Paid accounts on GoDaddy start at $10/month for basic non-ecommerce sites. If you’re looking to build an online store, expect to spend about $300 per year on this platform. Strikingly offers a more affordable basic plan of $8/month. It’s ecommerce platform, Simple Store, is available for free accounts as well which would be great for single product sites. Upgrade to a Pro plan to be able to sell more products on your site.