elements to include in your music website

Do you want to create a music website but are struggling in that department? Or are you ready to convert your existing website into a music website? Regardless of your plans, you can learn how to create a music website and impress your fans and industry professionals.

Although social media remains one of the most popular ways to build your fan following, there is still a case to be made for creating a music website. Although social media attracts a worldwide audience, it is easy to lose focus in contrasting viewpoints of so many people.

A website brings back the focus to your band and music. Music websites can offer many benefits to you, as the website owner, and your target audience. It introduces your music to the world, updates the audience about upcoming tours, and keeps them updated about any ongoing activities within your group.

Elements to Include in Your Music Website

1) Great Header Image

Since you are creating a music website, your header image is arguably the most crucial element of your homepage. It is likely to be the first thing that viewers see after landing on your website. You need to look for the best picture representing your music and yourself as an artist. A classic image of your website's header image is a great image of your band alongside your band name.

music header image

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Your header image should be high-quality and convey what you do and what your values stand for. For example, it could be about your latest album art, yourself with a musical instrument, or your entire band. You can place this image in the header area of your website to connect your visitors with your music.

The best approach is to go with a landscape-style image. This image will give you more flexibility while choosing a website template and ensures that it scales nicely on mobile.

2) Short Bio

It would be best if you never assumed that the people visiting your website already know about your music and what you do. Although your visitors are likely mostly your existing fans, you may also see new fans, journalists, and bloggers landing on your platform. If you want to impress your new visitors, catch their attention by including a short bio or an 'elevator pitch on your website homepage.

Short bios will immediately let your fans know who you are and what your music represents. You can also save the more extended version of your bios on the 'about us page. You can include the following elements in your 'bio' section:

  • What is your band name?
  • Where is your band located?
  • Who is the inspiration behind your music?
  • How many people are part of your band?
  • What do you sound like?

3) Music or Video

When visitors visit your music website for the first time, clicking on your music samples is the obvious choice. Therefore, the next element you should include on your website is a song that people can listen to immediately. It can also be an embedded YouTube video they can watch.

By adding visuals to your website homepage, you can create a music website that grabs your viewers' attention through their eyes and ears. Although social media and email marketing still have a lot of relevance in the digital industry, it is unlikely that the viewers will be distracted by them. So, if we talk about the audio or video, ensure that you publish your best or most melodious song that represents your brand effectively.

4) Call to Action Button

The best way of catching people's attention is through a call to action (CTA) button. CTA is designed to direct the viewer's attention to a specific instruction that you want them to do on your music website. For example, it could be about joining your mailing list, buying your latest album, listening to your best track, or donating to different funding campaigns.

Please include one or a maximum of two CTA buttons on your website homepage. Your CTA buttons depend upon what your objectives are for your website. For example, collecting email addresses to build your mailing list is considered a good objective if you have recently set up your music band.

call to action

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On the other hand, if your music band has an established fan following, you can direct people to purchase new tracks or music albums. If you have merchandise related to your brand, you can also display them on your online store. Finally, if you raise money for your next album, you can direct viewers to the funding campaign.

If you are including a CTA button, ensure you do your homework regarding the color and text. For example, the color of your CTA button must create an ideal combination with your website background. Similarly, the text on your CTA button shouldn't be informal, or it will confuse your audience. For example, if your CTA text is 'Contact Us,' people would immediately understand that it will lead them to the contact page.

5) Latest Blogs

When you create a music website, adding blogs can come down to your personal preference. For example, some artists tend to have an entire blog on their homepage, whereas others use a news feed to publish all the updates in the past few months. If you want to include blogs on your website, bring only a few blogging elements, or it will look like a blog website.

Including your best blog on the top of your homepage would be best. According to the stats posted by 'The Unsigned Guide,' 80%%2C%20and%20will) of the viewers don't scroll down on a web page and only read what they immediately see on the screen. You can add three to five blogs on your homepage and direct your customers to the blog section to read more. The published blogs on a blog website can be about the following:

  • New album
  • New show announcement
  • Press article or interview

6) Social Media Links

People will only stay on your music website for a short time. It is good to include social media links so they can connect with you. They can go to your Facebook page and like your posts. Similarly, they can go to your Twitter page, follow you and retweet your posts. It is more than just including as many social media links as possible. It is just about adding the social media platforms you spend the most time on.

Create a Music Website on Strikingly

Strikingly is a professional website builder that provides exquisite techniques for creating a music website and promoting your brand. Firstly, you must visit the Strikingly website and register for a free account. Once your account is registered, you will gain access to the Strikingly dashboard and our compilation of responsive website templates. Finally, you must choose one of the website templates, which will serve as the ready-made website design for your music website.

strikingly music website

Image taken from Strikingly

If you are creating a music website for the first time, you can look at the established websites on Strikingly. Most music websites are in the 'Personal' category on our platform. Most musicians develop a portfolio of songs, albums, and song lyrics on their website. You can change the color palette of your website template according to your needs through the website editor.

Once your design is ready, you can add all relevant content. You can start by writing a small introductory paragraph about the kind of music you produce. Next, you can give a brief overview of your passion and your experience.

After adding a new section to your Strikingly website, click on 'Gallery,' and you can upload as many images as you like. You can also upload your YouTube or Vimeo videos in the 'Big media' section. You must upload your videos on your channels before attaching them to your music website.

add music files

add music files

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Once you finish your relevant content, you can add a 'Contact us page or a contact section on your homepage. Apart from providing your contact number and email address, you can create a contact form that is more convenient for your visitors. Visitors can fill in the required fields and become part of your mailing list. You can also share the office location if you want.

Adding social media channels to your Strikingly website helps to drive traffic back and forth from all your marketing channels. You will be able to attract larger audiences and see a higher conversion rate.


Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Another way to increase your website traffic is by working on your on-page and off-page search engine optimization (SEO). In addition, you can maintain the interest of your audience by updating your content regularly.


When you go through the guide in creating a music website, you may have understood that it should be the living record of your success. You can maintain the success of your music website by producing new content for your visitors. You can also use your content for your upcoming concerts and even integrate it with your event management system so you can get tickets for your shows from your fans.

Strikingly is the perfect hub to define your music career achievements. You should learn how to make a music website because it can boost your success. You can consult with our Happiness Officers today if you are still trying to implement your ideas in the website development process. Creating a music website allows you to remain connected to your fans even when the cameras are not on.