effective ways to create a successful marketing offer
Are you running a freelance business or a well-established company? Regardless of your answer, your success is highly dependent on a compelling marketing offer. A quality offer alongside a healthy call to action (CTA) would be good enough to facilitate your customers. It all boils down to whether your marketing strategies can pass the three-second test. For those who are unaware, a three-second test makes you know whether your customers can understand what you are selling within three seconds or how your products will impact their lives.

When someone is going through a sales copy, website content is the biggest that they prioritize in three seconds. They proceed to the next plan if the reading is not engaging enough. This is not just important for selling consumer products but also for the promotion of your professional services. You need to ensure that your services are unique compared to the other service providers. If your audience cannot be bothered about your presence, you cannot generate revenue.

What is a Marketing Offer?

If you want the best for your marketing strategies, you must be aware of what the marketing offer brings to a business. Sometimes, if you want to define a particular concept, the best way to determine it is by highlighting what it is not. As many people get confused by the offers in marketing, we will follow the same wavelength and tell you what it is not. You can classify a market offer that provides value and ensure the visitor fills up the form after landing on your website. When the visitors have filled the form, a few factors don’t necessarily contribute to generating a lead. The unnecessary factors should not be ignored at all costs.

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According to the definition, the market offer doesn’t correspond with the following elements:

  • "Contact Us" page
  • Product-related content
  • Customer case studies

As you have understood all the factors that are not involved in the market offers, let’s look into the factors that correspond with the marketing situation:

  • Ebooks and Infographics
  • Discounts and Promotions
  • Webinars
  • Industry-related reports
  • Membership loyalty initiatives

Best Ways to Create a Compelling Marketing offer

1) Audience Preference

When individuals decide to create marketing offers, the first thing they should do is to look into the audience preferences. Their offers should always be based on what the audience is looking for. You cannot be promoting your offers regarding automobiles and cars when the audience prefers to talk about computers and laptops. Similarly, you cannot be talking about sports equipment when your audience is full of ladies preferring to talk about remote jobs.

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The best way to understand customer demands is by applying customer segmentation. By creating customer segments, you can divide your audience as per their attributes and preferences. For example, if your target audience is teenagers, you can talk about sports equipment so that they can prioritize sports just like their education. As a marketing person, you must look into your visitors’ problems, lifestyles, interests, and the outlets they approach. If you don’t want to create segments, you can talk about the marketing trends, which will be a source of attraction for more than 90% of your target audience.

2) Clarify Your Offer

When you are promoting your offer, you must inform your audience about what you would like to see them buy from your business. A successful marketing offer always understands what customers require and don’t require. As a marketing person, you can ask yourself how this offer can affect your customers’ lives. Your marketing content should make the customers understand what your products and services have in store for them. You must have quality presentation skills to make sure your customers instantly try and purchase your product.

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You cannot be making your product attractive if you talk about the drawbacks and disadvantages that your products offer. Therefore, it is crucial to go with the pain points of your target customers. You can highlight the specifications and talk about the benefits that the product brings to the table. You can make your marketing message look simple and authentic by highlighting the product benefits.

3) Offer Accessible to the Audience

This is a step that many businesses have a hard time getting through. When you create marketing offers, you must ensure they are accessible to the target market. You cannot assume that your customers will approach those offers by themselves. You must invest time and effort in getting the audience to access those offers.

4) Call to Action

For any business website, a decent call-to-action button is vital for generating leads. For those who don’t know, a call to action helps the customers to understand how they can get involved in the action plans after landing on a particular website. When you create a compelling marketing offer, you must include a CTA button as part of your plans. Apart from the website action plans, the CTA button will help the audience understand your offer's benefits.

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The CTA button is crucial to your website’s landing page. If your landing page doesn’t have enough CTAs, your audience will feel confused and lost. Even if the customers know about your product, they wouldn’t know how to proceed, so they can move close to the purchase process. However, the confusion will remain if you include too many CTAs on your landing page. Successful marketing people tend to have two CTA buttons on their landing page.

5) Sales Funnel

A successful marketing offer always prioritizes its customers and ensures they get to their eCommerce website's checkout process easily. It is important to note that customers don’t decide to buy your product instantly. They have to go through several stages before getting to your checkout process. These stages are the ones that help you establish a sales funnel. If you have a sales funnel protecting your offer, it will help you to filter out the relevant people interested in buying your products.

If you want to establish an eCommerce website, you don’t need to look any further than Strikingly. Strikingly doesn’t just help you in the addition of your respective eCommerce products but also enables you to create product categories regarding it. Once you enter the product on your website, you can include different attributes of it, such as product name, image, price, customized options, etc.

6) Credibility

If you are not a credible marketing person, you cannot attain the trust badges from your customers. You may have heard a saying that the first impression is the last impression. That saying perfectly corresponds with the marketing world. It takes years to build trust within your customers’ eyes, but it only takes seconds to tarnish everything you have achieved in this digitized world. When you create marketing offers, and the audience doesn’t seem to pay attention to them, all your hard work will be lost.

The best way to build customer trust is by posting testimonials and positive reviews. You can create a testimonial page to publish your customers' positive reviews. You can also tell about the highs and lows of your brand to go with your achievements in the "about us" section of your website. Moreover, you can also use different social media platforms to support your business.

Influence of Strikingly

Many website builders around the world encourages the use of marketing strategies to support eCommerce products. However, no one is better than Strikingly when establishing exquisite eCommerce websites. Strikingly is a free website builder that helps you create your desired website without breaking a sweat. When you create marketing offers, you must implement them on your Strikingly website to make life easy for your target audience.

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Strikingly makes it easy for the customers to integrate eCommerce products. Moreover, we provide you with multiple payment gateways so that the customers can easily go through the checkout process rather than ignore it because of the lack of payment options. Moreover, we also help you to integrate your social media status on your website. As social media is significant for a marketing strategy, you can include the social media status or simply attach your social media accounts in the form of icons in the last section of your website.


The marketing people want nothing but the best for their business. To achieve their respective targets, they do in-depth research about innovative marketing strategies and how they can implement them. However, they also have to prioritize the preferences of their audience. Otherwise, their marketing approach will be toothless, and your targets will not be achieved. When you look at the successful marketing offers, all of them pay attention to their audience’s likings and dislikings.

If you want to attain the trust of your customers, you must rely on a quality website builder, such as Strikingly. We provide you with mobile-friendly website templates, which allow you to create the eCommerce website of your dreams and move on to your marketing strategies. If you have experienced problems in developing your fully-functional website, you can let our Happiness Officers know about it. So, create a world-class Strikingly website and let your marketing strategies do the talking.