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This post is ideal for you if you are a small business owner looking for various trends in eCommerce on how to boost eCommerce sales. Today's expanding online retail market has benefited a lot of eCommerce business owners. Even if you've used some tactics that are successful for well-known companies like Amazon and eBay, the question still lingers. How do you boost your online sales in the face of fierce competition? A savvy business owner knows the best strategies for boosting eCommerce sales. For this reason, at Strikingly, we choose the most successful trends with our users. You can expand your business internationally with these ideas and trends that help boost eCommerce growth.

Top 11 Ecommerce Trends for 2022

The pandemic-related fundamental change in consumer purchasing patterns and behaviors have had a substantial impact on the expansion of e-commerce over the past year. People's expectations for their online experiences have risen due to this change. What will occur in the coming years?

1. Personalization is a Key

ecommerce trends
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The market is more crowded and competitive since more merchants have shifted to or increased their eCommerce activities in reaction to the pandemic. In 2022, customers choose who they communicate with and do business with online. Long-term lockdowns also led to a significant change in the demographics of online shoppers. Before the pandemic, tech-savvy millennials and members of Generation Z predominantly shopped online. Older people are more accustomed to this approach now; thus, the eCommerce sector needs to step up its personalization efforts. Surprisingly, a higher percentage of consumers are eager to reveal personal data because so many are accustomed to buying in this way. The successful eCommerce trends in 2022 will be the ones who evaluate their data, hyper-personalize their items, and expand these efforts.

2. Chatbots' Ascendance

 ecommerce trends

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Let's face it: individuals have limited patience and attention span when it comes to web browsing. You have a wonderful—yet constrained—opportunity to address a customer's inquiries and boost online sales if they have questions about a product. In this situation, chatbots excel as the most favorite eCommerce trends.

Virtual assistants are not entirely new, but recent developments in artificial intelligence have made them a robust customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Strikingly offers live conversation, which is comparable to (and possibly superior to) chatbots. Using the live chat tool, you may reply to consumer questions instantly. Adding this to your online retail store will help your consumers feel more trusted, which will help you develop a stronger relationship with them over time.

Additionally, it is an excellent approach to producing qualified leads for your eCommerce website. Make sure you employ Strikingly tools to produce something akin for your online store.

3. Buying a Mobile Device

ecommerce trends

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Grow Code estimates that 50% of all Americans use a mobile device to conduct their online shopping. Furthermore, 55% of Europeans shop online using their mobile devices. One of the eCommerce trends for 2021 that won't go away is mobile shopping.

Customers may use their phones to purchase from anywhere, which is crucial in today's society. You're missing out on significant chances if your eCommerce site or web application isn't responsive to mobile devices. Mobile shoppers are drawn to the convenience of using their phones to make payments. Fortunately, you won't miss the chance to use Strikingly to start your mobile shopping company. Strikingly gives the impression that retail eCommerce is simple. We offer a Simple Store section and optimization tools to start your online retail store. Second, all websites designed with Strikingly are already set up to respond to mobile screens. This indicates that a range of devices can access your online business.

4. A Variety of Payment Methods

ecommerce trends

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When you are ready to pay for your online shopping binge, and you get to the checkout cart, there is nothing more aggravating than finding out that the eCommerce site does not support your preferred payment option. The worst-case situation for merchants is when customers leave their shopping carts unattended. Consider expanding the methods that customers can use to pay for things in your store if you presently just accept cheques and credit/debit cards to lessen the probability that this will happen to you. This is one of the main eCommerce trends to pick from in 2022. As seen in the image above, Strikingly impressively offers a solid selection of payment methods. Through the website editor, go to "Store Settings," then click "Accept Payments." This makes offline payment methods and payment channels like Stripe, PayPal, Square, and more possible.

5. Use of Social Media

ecommerce trends

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The incorporation of social media services into online business is one of the most apparent eCommerce trends we've seen this year. Social media has long been a key component of marketing plans. However, its benefits go beyond those of promotion. You can incorporate social media into your retail e-commerce site to increase sales and client loyalty. Successful businesses sell their products across all platforms and distribution channels and engage with customers where they are most active.

For instance, Facebook Shops enables businesses to create a customized online storefront where customers can shop, browse, and find products.

Instagram has been experimenting with a live shopping feature that allows businesses to promote products in a live broadcast as customers peruse the featured items.

In addition to these advantages, integrating social media is excellent for creating dynamic content. This screenshot was taken from a website made with Strikingly. They included an Instagram component on their e-commerce website to provide dynamic content. This improves the appeal of their website. Additionally, it gives their clients a better understanding of the goods and services they provide.

6. Editorial Content

ecommerce trends

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Ecommerce website techniques are still dominated by recurring eCommerce trends. The best strategy to attract visitors to your website may be to start blogging. Even though it appears strange that an online store would include a blog area, it's fantastic for your inbound marketing strategies.

These strategies increase traffic to your e-commerce website and raise your profile in the online market. For instance, the editorial marketplace Gear Patrol has carved out a niche for itself by fusing carefully chosen products, brand alliances, and highly editorialized content. Through creative partnerships and promotions, they've enabled other companies to connect with their followers as they transitioned from a blog focused on products to a large marketplace. Take into account editorializing your content if you want to be like them.

Strikingly users can add a blog area to their website. The nice part is that you can edit this section, whenever and to whatever you like. The design may be modified, photos added, and material that is optimized for both SEO and human readers.

Strikingly also offers an SEO Checklist that helps you stay on top of the SEO techniques you need to use on your e-commerce website. Please be aware that some tasks on the SEO checklist are only available to Strikingly Pro Users. Therefore, you might want to upgrade from your free account to use these services.

7. Support for Environmental Sustainability

ecommerce trends

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Millions of web users have fully embraced numerous important causes. However, the current eCommerce trends that are most in vogue are related to environmental sustainability. If you are a business owner, this is the ideal time to implement this trend in your eCommerce industry. How? Instead of selling single-use items, you sell reusable ones. As much as possible, replace plastic with eco-friendly alternatives when creating packaging. Since it has to do with the planet where we live, there are various ways you might use this trend for good.

8. Use of Image and Video Content Effectively

Since social media platforms have greatly impacted our daily lives. One of the major eCommerce trends has been effectively selling your products through photographs and videos. You can hire a photographer or videographer to create top-notch content for your website, such as a straightforward blog. Just be careful not to make any offensive or irrelevant clips that could destroy the opportunity to boost online sales. Being clever and original is advised.


In general, eCommerce trends must prioritize the end user. Focus on where your target consumer is and offer ease and support this year. Regardless of your target market, if they are unaware of your product, they cannot purchase it. To keep current and potential customers happy, don't ignore traditional channels in favor of new ones; instead, have a balanced omnichannel approach.

Lastly, the ideal trend you can employ is to build a solid and reliable internet brand. It serves as the cornerstone of your work and achievements. If you have a strong internet brand, it won't be challenging to sell your products to your target buyers. You may create a flawless representation of your company that reflects how you want your clients to perceive it. You are making the appropriate choice about presenting the public face of your brand by picking the best website builder.

Strikingly has an extensive international user base, and we can gladly announce that we currently have over twelve million satisfied users. Visit our homepage and check out how insanely simple it is to set up an online store if you wish to join us.