critical strategies to build a wedding website

Weddings are an important day for every person, and so much work is involved. It is a stressful occasion for a person, and the additional task of managing a guest list and informing them about your wedding date just adds to the burden. Creating your wedding website can free you from unnecessary stress. The best part is that unlike many things involved in your big occasion, building a website hardly costs you any money.

Building your wedding website is the perfect way to keep your guests updated. You can share information with everybody in one move and keep things organized. It makes your life easier and is a brilliant way of documenting your big occasion.

Numerous top-quality website builders have made it easy for users to build their websites. If you want a quick and gorgeous wedding website, Strikingly is the website builder that fits the bill. Its feature-rich website editor, alongside responsive website templates, helps you to create your wedding website in no time.

Relevant Tips in Creating a Wedding Website

1) Choose a Template

Make sure that you choose the best-suited wedding website template for your need. Your selected website template should create a bond with your loved ones as they go through the site. When it comes to building wedding websites, the options you have are endless. You can choose a traditional or romantic style, an aesthetic showcasing your interests, or a layout that compliments your wedding theme or location.

strikingly website template

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Strikingly provides its users with numerous wedding website templates to select from, all of which are free to use. Our templates provide you with everything you need to make your dream wedding work, like an RSVP option or a contact form to make sure that you communicate with your guests easily.

Our website templates are responsive, which means they are fully optimized for mobile devices. You can manage your wedding website from any place or anywhere. You don’t always need to open your laptop to check your website’s functionality.

2) Pick a Domain Name

When you create a wedding website, you need a unique domain name. Choose something that’s really familiar with your guests–something like,

To find the perfect domain name, we recommend to:

  • Make it short and easy to spell
  • Keep it relevant
  • Avoid numbers and punctuations
  • Be personal

website domain plans

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You can sign up for free with Strikingly and start building your website. Once you’re done, preview your website. If you want to use more premium features to make your wedding website more usable, go for the Pro plan. Strikingly will provide you with a domain for free for one year.

3) Personalize Your Template

Website templates may look the same initially, but you can always personalize them with your own content. After all, the overall website design sets the mood of your guests as they go through your homepage.

wedding website template

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Strikingly provide you with ready-made templates that you can customize through the drag and drop feature. You can pick your preferred website elements and put them in preferred locations. Drag and drop feature is an important feature of Strikingly as it saves a lot of time for you in designing. You can also change the website color scheme according to your own motif.

You can choose a template that reflects your relationship and also gives the vibe of your big occasion. Guests should know straight away what to expect from your big day. Here are some of how you can customize your website template:

  • Consider the same color scheme that you have chosen for your wedding
  • If you have chosen a particular font for your invitations, see if you can use the same font for your website

4) Build Your Content

build wedding content

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

When you create a wedding website, you must know about the content that you should contain. You can create a gallery section on your website to show your pre-nup photos. You can add photos of yourself, your partner, your family, and your relatives on your big occasion.

Event Itineraries are probably the most important on a wedding website. For example, you can highlight the following aspects:

  • Start times
  • Locations
  • Dress codes
  • Transportation details

You must add the address details of your wedding hall. If your wedding is outside your city, you must include all the directions leading to the destination for your guests. If there are hotels near to your wedding hall, you can inform your guests about them so they can stay there for a few days.

As we are still living in the protocols of the COVID-19 pandemic, the best thing to do is to inform your guests about any safety precautions before your wedding takes place. You can use Google sheets to create an RSVP form and embed it to your website through the Strikingly App Store.

Having said that, you must also not write too much. Adding too much information can be overwhelming sometimes. The best thing to do is to break your information into bite-sized sections that can be identified easily.

5) RSVP Form

This is an optional tip for creating your wedding website, because you can still proceed with the traditional method of sending invitations with RSVP slips. This may be preferred by your guests from the “older generation” but those who are young enough might be more optimistic with your RSVP form online.

If anyone misses out on being updated, it won’t look good for your wedding plans. The best thing to do is to add an RSVP form on your website. It will make it extremely easy for you to relax and manage your guest list. You can add a contact form on your website to communicate with your guests directly.

6) Include a Gift Registry

You shouldn’t add any registry information while sending your invitations, so how will you tell people where to buy gifts if they intend to? If you start calling every guest, it will become a time-consuming process.

Luckily, your wedding website is the perfect place where you can direct your guest to the best presents. You can add a hyperlink to the website to inform your guests about where you have registered for gifts.

strikingly paypal payment

Image taken from Strikingly

Apart from the gifts, you can also accept donations from your guests. You can add a PayPal button to your website to make it easy for people to send their payments. This is a secure way of gifting money rather than sending it in an envelope to bring on your big day.

You can also give brief information about where the money will go. For example, it can be invested in your honeymoon, a new house, a new business, traveling, or a donation to a charity. By displaying this information, you will indicate that you value your guests’ contribution to your new phase of life.

7) Make Your Website Exclusive

If you are a movie fanatic, you may have seen a culture of wedding crashing. However, no one wants to see strangers or uninvited guests turn up on your special day in real life. It only destroys your reputation as an event organizer.

Your wedding is a private event, which is why its details should only be confined to those who will be part of the event. When you create a wedding website, you must make it available only to your guests.

You can narrow down your website traffic to your guests in two ways. First, you can go to website settings and hide your wedding website from Google Search. The second way is to protect your website through a password and send your password only to your guests.

8) Make Your Big Day Memorable

Creating your wedding website isn’t just about having a build-up to the main event. You must add extra spice to your website to give your guests plenty of reasons to be optimistic about your special day. Here’s a few inspiration inspiration:

  • Add your social stream (Facebook or Instagram)
  • Add images and videos
  • Display mementos

You can add a social stream through the Strikingly App Store to let you and your guests share videos and images to your page so it shows up on your website. You can also make your website memorable by uploading photos and videos directly on your website. You can create an online photo album so that people can visualize all the photos in one go.

Some weddings may have games or activities to keep the guests interested. Your wedding website will be the best place to show any of these highlights, such as drawings, quotes, or polaroids.


From picking the perfect website template to creating a wonderful website design, we hope this article has made you realize that creating a wedding website is not that hard. It is extremely easy and should be as you plan and prepare for your wedding. It is an effective way of creating a communication loop with the guests and raising your phone bill too.

Strikingly is the place if you want to implement the wedding website of your dreams. If you are struggling to build your wedding website, you can submit your queries to our Happiness Officers. Without waiting further, create your account on Strikingly today and get your wedding plans started.