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In today’s period, it almost feels like everything is connected to social media. Checking social media status is one of the things we do after waking up in the morning these days. One of the platforms that have grown considerably well in the past decade is Instagram. Apart from being a tool to showcase your daily work or highlights, Instagram has also become an essential tool for online businesses. Nowadays, people use Instagram promotions to communicating their marketing message to their target audience.

If you don’t know how to promote your Instagram posts, you will lose a massive opportunity to promote your online business across the digital world. If you are not experienced on Instagram, you can use Instagram influencers' help to market your products. As these influencers don’t cost you huge sums of money, it is cost-effective and will channel your campaigns effectively. When organic campaigns do not produce effective results, people tend to use promotions to improve their online sales.

What are Instagram Promotions?

Before you understand the strategies to promote Instagram posts, correctly understanding the definition of Instagram promotions is essential. Also known as Instagram marketing, it enables you to market your products effectively. If you are unaware of Instagram marketing, you can talk to the influencers to endorse your brand. The influencers have a pretty healthy fan following, out of which a huge chunk will come to your platform. Instagram marketing creates paid advertisements that can be used to run on various social media platforms.

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They are regular Instagram posts on a brand Instagram account, which gets boosted via an advertisement campaign. Simply put, Instagram marketing is a standard post on the platform converted into a paid advertisement post. You can assign a portion of your budget to your promotional content and select the audience attributes you want to prioritize. Once you publish the post, it will get displayed to your target audience. The most important thing is that Instagram promotional content is cost-effective and is cheaper than TV ads, billboards, and radio shoutouts.

Best Ways to Promote Instagram Content

1) Captions

When you are going through a tutorial, “How do Instagram promotions work?”, it is likely that the first thing that comes on your display screen is the importance of captions. If you want to attract a vast number of visitors to your Instagram account, you must write high-quality captions. People tend to use Instagram to promote their eCommerce products, so they feel that posting a high-quality product image is enough for a promotional Instagram post. However, the reality is that your job is only 50% done.

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On Instagram, you get full marks in representation not just by the quality of the image you display but also by the description you use to promote it. For example, you cannot just publish a photograph of new footwear your company has launched and think it will be acceptable to attract customers. If you cannot excite them through your content, they will likely buy the identical product from a different eCommerce website. Your captions mustn't be so long that they create boredom within your viewers.

2) Hashtags

Staying on the captions is not just about writing quality content to support your products. It is also about the inclusion of relevant hashtags. If people are unaware of it, hashtags are words that are displayed after the “#” icon. Hashtags are crucial to Instagram promotions and should be studied before they are integrated into Instagram captions. For example, suppose you are a healthcare worker and promoting vaccines through your Instagram posts. In that case, you can use the hashtag “healthcare” and “COVID19” so that numerous other people associated with healthcare can take notice of your posts.

If your captions don’t include hashtags, your content will only reach your nearest neighborhood or relative. However, the power of hashtags is such that it will make its way to all the people connected with your niche without you tagging them. There is no limit to the number of hashtags you can use in your Instagram content. However, professional marketing people use 5 to 10 hashtags to support their content effectively.

3) Sponsored Content

One of the biggest benefits of Instagram promotions is that it helps you convert your regular Instagram stories, highlights, or posts into sponsored content. This brings many benefits to your business, creating many opportunities for you to reach a wider audience. By targeting a huge number of audiences, you can convey your marketing message to numerous people.

When your content is more visible to the audience, it is easier for viewers to take decisive action. The reaction could be in the form of liking your boosted post or writing positive reviews as a comment or as part of your Instagram story. You cannot simply create sponsored content for your viewers and see nobody going through your marketing content. It will not just be a waste of energy but also a waste of time.

4) CTA

If we stay on sponsored content, call to action (CTA) buttons are extremely influential in how customers approach your products. When people watch your Instagram promotions, the CTA button is likely the first thing they notice and click on instantly. When they click on your CTA buttons, they are one step close to making their purchase from your platform.

As the Instagram promotional content must include CTA buttons, it is a way of inviting people to try out your products and services. People will participate in the comment section when they realize their friends have engaged with a specific brand or product. How the Instagram algorithm works, a boosted post may also mean that the viewers may have already taken decisive action on them. The type of texts involved in the CTA buttons regarding an eCommerce product are as follows:

  • Contact us
  • Shop now
  • Learn more

5) Top Website Builder

Even if you have a great fan following on Instagram and doing all the right things regarding Instagram promotions, even that may not be enough sometimes. Sometimes, you have to go an extra mile to promote your Instagram content. Therefore, it is crucial that you rely on a top website builder, such as Strikingly, and create a professional website to support your Instagram content. Once you complete the registration process on our landing page, you will be a part of the bracket of free plan users.

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Once you are registered on Strikingly, we will allow you to buy a domain worth $24.95. The value of the website domain may change according to the domain names and extensions you prefer. Once you create a website on Strikingly, make sure that you include your Instagram account details on it. Strikingly enables you to integrate multiple social media platforms in the version of social media icons, which can be displayed in the last section of your website.

How do Instagram Promotions Help Business?

Instagram promotions bring many benefits to a brand or an online business. They enable you to implement your marketing strategies at a decent rate because Instagram advertisements are conducted at meager daily budgets. When the marketing people promote their Instagram content, they do not allocate a huge budget for running their respective ads. They know their target audience and know it will be a waste of money to show these ads to unnecessary people.

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As a business owner, it is crucial to select your niche carefully, prioritize their demands and get leads from them. Despite the lesser investment, you can get more leads through Instagram posts rather than your TV ads and billboards. The reason is that if someone is inclined toward your products and services, they will instantly click on your CTA button and complete the purchasing process quickly.

Promote Your Instagram on Strikingly

If you have developed a website on Strikingly, you can check out the social feed section to integrate your Instagram section on the website correctly. The Instagram section can also include boosted posts you have created through Instagram promotions. It means that apart from your targeted reach, all your website visitors will be able to look into your advertisement campaigns.

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The entire mechanism of Instagram marketing is fundamental in boosting your website traffic and increasing your online sales.


Gone are the days when you had to rely on a physical store in your colony to promote your products and services. Even though the strategy is still relevant today, it is nothing compared to the online marketing strategies because your marketing message will only get to your neighborhood. The advertisement campaigns on multiple social media platforms, such as Instagram, will take your marketing message throughout the entire digital world. Therefore, it is vital to take note of the Instagram promotions and find ways to improve your integrity.

To boost your Instagram status, you must build a professional website on Strikingly. Strikingly enables you to integrate your Instagram content as part of your website, which means that you don’t need to update your content continuously on your website. Once you upload new content on Instagram, your website will show it instantly. If you are having problems developing a fully-functional website on Strikingly, you can submit your queries to our Happiness Officers. Therefore, create a quality website on Strikingly and support your Instagram content to attract other audiences.