It is not often that you browse the internet and find different things on your mobile phone. When we go through numerous stories on our Twitter or Facebook newsfeed, we continue to scroll on our mobile phones because social media fulfills our demands consistently. When we look at different content posted on Instagram, we choose to stay on that platform and continue to scroll because it has an excellent and crisp-looking interface and layout.

When you go through numerous web design ideas on the internet, this is exactly the kind of approach you should be having. You must create a source of attraction for your visitors that enables them to stay on your website for longer. If the visitors enjoy the experience of being on your website, they will not just come to your website again but also leave positive feedback in the comment section. This will add to your brand identity and ensure more online sales.

What is a Website Design?

You may have seen it many times on the internet, but you would still be struggling to define a web design. It is a holistic process in which a website designer must create a prolific website that matches the users’ demands. Instead of just prioritizing the software development, you must note that a responsive layout of a website refers to the overall user experience aspects of a professional website. If we visualize the website elements carefully, the appearance relates to the color psychology, font combinations, and the website images required.

The layout is defined as how the content is structured and organized to coincide with the website's appearance. If you approve all of these elements, there is a strong possibility that you will create a robust website design for your business. With so many quality website builders around, such as Strikingly, the website design looks after your features and functionality.

There is a reason why we help our website owners to build designs that are applicable for both desktop and mobile versions.

Importance of a Website Design

1. Creates Good Impression

When you have good web design skills, it will only add to your personality as a web developer. You will leave a strong impression on your website visitors by creating quality website designs. By scrolling through your website, they will be able to make their judgment about your brand within a couple of seconds. If the response on your website design is good, it will create a strong brand identity for your online business.

If we talk about the digitized world, the phrase "first impression is the last impression" completely resembles your website design. Your attraction cannot be for the right reasons if your website design is poor. A quality website design helps you create a good impression, which paves the way for you to add to your tally of website visitors.

2. Affects Search Engine Rankings


Image taken from Google

When you implement your web design content ideas, one of the most important things to consider is the search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. Website content strongly impacts how the search engine spiders crawl and index your website. If your website sits top of the search engine rankings, it will create trust within your target audience. That is because people will never trust those websites that have an ineffective website design.

Such websites have a very bounce rate for a specific reason. Once the users see a poor website design, they will not even bother looking at the elements present in the website navigation and will jump to another website.

3. Creates Brand Personality

website brand personality

Image taken from Strikingly

One of the reasons you should implement new web design ideas is that it adds to your brand personality. The better reviews you receive from your target audience, the better it is for your brand personality. In website development, you must know that it isn’t easy to create a brand personality, and it takes seconds to put a dent in it. Therefore, you have to be cautious with your designing skills and ensure that you prioritize the demands of your visitors before anything else.

Strategies to Create a Beautiful Website Design

1. Determine Your Goals

You simply cannot think about a responsive web design if you don’t know your goals and objectives related to it. When you intend to build a website, you must undergo a certain questionnaire. If we talk about the website’s goals and objectives, we have shared a few of those questions below:

  • What are your prioritized targets related to your website?
  • Who will be your target audience?
  • What is the roadmap for your visitors when they land on your website?
  • What is the scope of your targeted niche?

Before you think about creating a website design, these will be the kind of questions that you need to answer. Just like you are told to start from first gear while learning to drive a car, you will be told to start from objectives while learning to create an effective website design. You must create actionable objectives for your website because it influences the features and content you will add later.

2. Look for Inspiration

While going through the website building ideas related to your business, you must look for inspiration from others. Competitor analysis is key for building high-quality web designs for your website. Website is defined as a combination of various design elements to create a coherent space so your website content can thrive properly. If you are struggling to create one for your website, it is better to look into other websites and how those designs are built.

established website designs

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

While doing the competitor analysis, you can see how they have used the colors, fonts, and background images. You can also highlight some of their elements that can benefit your website. You can go to Strikingly’s Discover to visualize some of the best websites created by our users. You can learn about the strategies that helped those businessmen build a solid online presence through their websites. You can incorporate their strategies into your own working plans by noting down their strategies.

3. Choose a Template

When you are trying to go through new websites ideas, you must know that all of them start with a website template. You cannot build a creative web design without understanding the customization skills. After choosing a quality website template, you must personalize it to fit your niche and the users’ demands. If you own a small business with no technical expertise related to website development, you don’t need to worry as Strikingly will help you.

strikingly website template

Image taken from Strikingly

We provide our users with a collection of website templates to select the best one for their website idea. After prioritizing their website template, they can choose the best possible color schemes and font sizes to reflect their brand. According to the website template, you can easily play with numerous color schemes here on Strikingly. You can also take help from countless built-in fonts and Google fonts. Apart from that, you can also establish your own custom font as per your branding guidelines.

4. Add Content

When you learn web designing, one of the most important things you learn is to add website content. Website content is defined as the kind of work or tasks performed by you that you want to promote on your website. The website content you are promoting must fit the demands of your target audience. Another thing that you should know is that creating website content is different from adding website content on a platform.

add valuable content

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

When we create website content, it requires a lot of research and evaluation. You must think a thousand times before creating the final version of your content. You should only consider adding the website content on your website once it is approved by your content teams. Strikingly’s website editor enables you to add your content directly onto the page that you are working on.


By relying on an effective website builder, such as Strikingly, you can sharpen your web design skills. It can be a beneficial strategy because you will be aware of everything you want to prioritize in your website design. Furthermore, Strikingly gives you the freedom to play with your business interests and create different combinations of your website elements. Even if you choose to change designs as per your requirements, you will have an idea for your next design.

Going back to the definition of website design, it is no longer the kind of mountain that you had to climb a few years ago. Many quality website editors, such as Strikingly, have made it possible for you to create these designs within a couple of clicks. As you may now know about website designing, it is time to go to Strikingly. Create impressive designs for your website and make an online presence for yourself.