create a stunning personal website to win proposals

We are officially in the digital era, and the world runs more on the Internet than outside of it. In such a competitive market, what should you do as an entrepreneur? Gone are the days when only established organizations or multinational companies used to own personal websites.

Nowadays, everyone understands how to design a personal website, and you can design it about anything you want. A blog site is the best example because it gives you an insight into your story, likes, interests, ideology, etc.

On the other hand, you can also see website owners selling products and services through their websites. When you look at the number of online sales they are generating, you could be tempted to create a personal website.

Personal websites are built to put your CV (resume) or work samples online, build a brand, or simply create an online presence.

What is a Personal Website?

A personal website is a compilation of information about a single person. Unlike other businesses and companies, a personal profile website is developed to promote a single person rather than the brand. Therefore, personal website templates tend to impress everyone who visits them.

personal website example

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The next target is to identify the gig or a professional job that matches your aims and requirements. In other words, a personal website acts like a CV or a resume, which allows you to communicate with anyone interested in your services. If you know how to design a personal website, you can achieve your results promptly. Since you invest your time in yourself and your career development, your personal website will help you evolve as a professional.

Tips to Build an Exciting Personal Website

1) Define Your Message

You should ask yourself why you are building a personal profile website. Then, determine your objectives to help you figure out everything else, what content to include, and how to structure it to serve your purpose.

To prioritize your inward search, here are some of the questions that you should answer before building your personal website:

  • What will be your reputation in front of your colleagues, future collaborators, and potential employers?
  • What skills or attributes make you stand out from others in your field?
  • What do you hope to achieve through your personal website?

define your message

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Take your time in answering all these questions because these answers will serve as the guiding principle on your website development journey. The answers to these questions will establish the foundations of your personal branding, which distinguishes you from the rest of the competitive players in the market. A clear brand identity will send a strong message throughout all your online assets.

2) Look for Inspiration

If you are making your personal website for the first time, you will likely be confused and struggle to implement your ideas. It is important to browse the Internet and look for inspiration. In addition, you can look up to the people in your field and see what kind of content they share on their website. We also recommend you check out the professional personal website templates, which allow you to attach your CV and portfolios accordingly.

When you look at your competitors, check out their website design and content. You may identify a particular layout that could work well for your website. Moreover, you can also see how they have included their mission statement or color scheme combinations that suit their personal brand. Make all your notes and add all your screenshots to a particular folder. Afterward, you can refer to them while creating your personal profile website.

3) Choose a Template

Once you have gone through a broad range of personal websites, you will know what type of website you want to create. You must use pre-designed website templates to get on the right track and make development easier. These templates, like what we have on Strikingly, will allow you to build your personal website for free and help you adjust your design and prioritize your content. An ideal blend between your content and website design will guarantee a positive user experience and optimal website navigation.

You should go for personal website templates that match your style and content demands. You should decide whether you are building a single-page or multi-page website and choose a template that fulfills your requirements.

4) Add Your Content

By the time you have reached this point, you will know the reasons behind building your personal website. Since you have chosen your website template, it is time to add relevant content and blend it with your design.

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Before you start adding your content, you must identify what content your personal profile website requires. Then, you can take out your notebook and list all the content your website should contain. Here are some of the common elements every personal website should have:

  • Homepage: It is the first page of your website that your visitors see. To make an ideal first impression, you must focus on developing an exquisite homepage design. You should communicate your plans in a strong mission statement and an attractive design.
  • Bio: It should contain a small personal introduction on your homepage. It should mention your professional career, but don't be afraid to describe your personality by sharing your hobbies and interests. To build a resume website, you must add a downloadable version of your CV.
  • Best work: Your personal website can be an online portfolio displaying your best work scope. You must assemble your portfolio so that you only show your best work. For example, you can share stories behind your successful marketing campaigns if you are a digital marketing specialist.
  • Images and videos: Visual content is always a good idea, even if you don't want to create an art website or an illustration. Including your personal photo with an ideal atmosphere will attract many viewers to your website. You can also include videos of you communicating with the audience for various reasons, such as speaking in a press conference or performing onstage.
  • Testimonials: Adding positive reviews of clients you have previously worked with will add to your credibility and online presence. The online reviews will help you to prove your skills to new clients. However, over-the-top bragging may create doubt in your clients' minds and have the opposite effect.
  • Contact: If your visitors cannot contact you, all your hard work will be wasted. Add all the contact information in the contact section and include your social media platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

5) Customize Your Design

Your website design is as important as your website content. If your design isn't attractive, your customers will leave your website without second thoughts. Here are the elements that you should include in your personal profile website design:

  • Color scheme: Colors are extremely influential in mood and tone. Try out different color combinations and produce an aesthetic result.
  • Font choice: Typography also plays a huge part in conveying different moods and feelings. To choose the best fonts for your website, browse other established websites and see what type of fonts suit your brand.
  • Logo: It has a huge role in your brand personality. If you don't have one, we recommend creating one through online logo generators.

Create a Personal Website on Strikingly

If you browse the Internet, you will find a lot of quality website builders that encourage their users to build effective personal websites. However, Strikingly is a website builder that stands out from the rest of the competition. By relying on Strikingly, your personal website will be in front of your computer screen within minutes. Registering on our platform can build a basic personal website with all the fundamental features. However, you can upgrade your subscription plans to get extensive paid features.

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We provide our users with professional personal website templates that reflect their personality and allow their website to compete in the market. You can experiment with the color schemes, design layouts, and all the other elements, such as banner images, buttons, etc. In addition, you can customize your templates by adding videos, images, GIFs, written content, or any other element to your personal website design.

social media integration

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Once you are happy with the website layout and content, you can publish it and make it accessible to the viewers online. Remember to link your website with your social media platforms. You can include your social media platforms as icons in the last section of your website and your footer.


A personal profile website is fantastic and can help you in several ways. It can be anything you want, such as a professional portfolio or a digital playground for creative ideas. As your website's authority, you can go with your gut and make something enjoyable.

When it comes to personal websites, you truly have nothing to lose. Create your personal website today and build your online presence on the Internet. Of course, you should always enjoy yourself while building your website.

If you have difficulty making your website on Strikingly, you can contact our Happiness Officers immediately. Your personality is what sets the tone for your personal website. The more information you convey through your platform, the more attraction and opportunities you will get.