Creating good website content is not a walk in the park for everyone. It requires appropriate planning and optimization. Another thing that people won’t find easy is the content seeding strategy. Basically, making content-related strategies involves a lot of revision. You must understand the kind of content you want to prioritize and understand how your readers interpret it.

Before you create content-related strategies, there are many things that you have to be aware of. You simply cannot invest your time, effort, and money and end up with bad reviews from your respective customers. To make sure that you create a positive perspective about yourself, you can go through our tips of content seed. Before we go through our strategies regarding seeding, we will tell you about seeding and its types.


For those who don’t know what is content seeding, it is a strategy in which content makers use the brand’s content across many platforms. The content makers can create a partnership with the influencers to promote a product on social media to reach out to their targeted audience and attract customers. Seeding of the content enables the brands to showcase their content in certain sections so that the targeted audiences can recognize it.

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Influencers are the best choice for content seed as they already have large audiences at their disposal. As those audiences are attracted to that influencer, they will trust whatever content they share. For example, if you want to share content related to a foundation or fundraiser, you can consider Gary Sheng (as shown above), who is currently a movement of his own. Strikingly is a massive advocate of brand marketing. It enables you to create a simple and unique website for your brand at a low cost. Once you register yourself on Strikingly, you will know about all the latest features to promote your brand and services.

Types of Seeding

Secondly, we will discuss the two types of content seeding, i.e. simple and advanced. If we talk about simple seeding, it enables the content to spread to the brand’s own network. As very few influencers share that content, we see very few likes and comments on those posts. The effort and expenses are less. However, the content must be up to the mark to have a genuine value on social media. Only by having content of the highest standard will it have chances to be successful.

If you want your content to go viral across the board, you should go for advanced seeding. To create viral content, you must be aware of the content structure ideas. Brands will create numerous videos, articles, and infographics of this type and deliver them to a high volume of influencers, companies, and marketing people. Even though there are more impressions on this content, the effort and investment are also high.

Best Strategies for Seeding

There is no rocket science for making your content effective as a strategy maker. However, you can go through the following tips and learn about seeding content for your better understanding.

1. Objectives

When you understand how to use content seeding, the first thing on your notebook should be the objectives. Objectives are one of the fundamental aspects of project management. When you determine your goals, you will understand what you want to accomplish or whether you want to build brand awareness or improve your online sales. Once your objectives are established, you can look for the best platform to help you achieve them.

2. Ideal Influencers

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You have likely understood influencer marketing until now. By having good influencers, you can create an effective content seeding strategy. After recognizing your influencers, you can consider the types of people that would find your content interesting. Ensure that you look into the trending hashtags or topics associated with your brand and the influencers participating in the discussion.

3. Relevant Services

If you consider the best content seeding examples worldwide, you will find out that they don’t just follow social media trends. Moreover, they are delivering relevant content to their influencers. If you want your seeding strategy to be successful just like them, make sure that you do the same and send the content that is actually relevant to your audience. If you invest so much time, effort, and money on your content only to hand it over to an irrelevant influencer, all of your hard work will be wasted.

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For example, if you have written a blog related to a holiday, you might want to look out for the influencers that have content related to holiday events, such as Merry Christmas or Thanksgiving. You cannot just be sharing content related to traditional events without knowing whether it is a holiday event or not. Similarly, if you are willing to sell chocolates, you would look for influencers that have content dedicated to chocolate sweets. You can’t just be handing out content related to any food. This is how the execution of a niche pays off.

4. Engage

When trying with your influencers, you must digest anything they throw at you. If you look at the best content seeding examples, you will find that the brand owners have unique personalities. For instance, if the influencers do not have to provide good feedback about their brand, they take the criticism really well. If you cannot resist criticism, you cannot promote your brand properly.

Therefore, if an influencer posts anything related to your brand, try to engage with them. It is considered one of the best brand management strategies out there. If the influencers like your brand, they can like your post, comment, or share. However, if they post something negative, be thankful to them. Sometimes, a detailed and honest review may also benefit a brand. You will clearly understand the areas you need to improve your respective brand through an honest review.

5. Evaluate the Outcome

If the influencers like your posts, the rest is for you to evaluate that how they can play a part in influencing your content seeding strategy. You can check out the reach of the posts done by the influencers, traffic stats, and engagement statuses. The engagement can be in the form of likes, comments, and mentions of the brand. If we talk about eCommerce, you can track any affiliate link that influenced the campaign. By visualizing all of these barometers, you will understand what worked and didn’t.

Externals Ways to Content Seed

Firstly, the best place to start is your own social media account. Regardless of it is Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, it can be vital for you to understand how to use content seeding. Whenever you decide to promote your respective content, consider your social media platforms with a reasonable following. You can also consider a creative and a thought leader in your industry. If they have a blog section, you can ask them whether you can write a guest post.

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Another thing that you must know is that email marketing is not dead. Even though many marketers are more influenced by social media platforms, it is a big blunder from their side to disregard emails completely. Unlike social media platforms, email marketing doesn’t involve whether the user sees the email or not. Many of the consumers still feel inclined to email. If you want to attract your consumers the same way, make sure to send high-quality emails to them so that they start taking notice. With Strikingly, there are unlimited possibilities for you to create the best email marketing strategies for your business. We always consider the preferences of the website owners to ensure that their platforms generate effective results.


As you have understood that what is content seeding, it is vital to put all of your incoming thoughts into perspective. For example, let’s say that you share a blog post that you have recently written so that people take notice of your brand. If you are using an Instagram account, you can place the link to your post on your profile’s bio. Based on your content’s clicks, you can establish a budget and the cost-per-click.

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If the brand influencers find your content attractive, they will share it on their wall or put a story on Instagram. If you want to create a strategy for seeding by yourself, you can do that by conducting in-depth research and finding out the influencers who can link your content with their followers. There might be a possibility that you have made your mind up after going through this article. If you have, waste no time, head over to Strikingly, and show your content creation to the world.