Pop-up Shop

Whether you are introducing a new product or promoting your brand to the target audience, a pop-up shop is a fantastic idea to consider. Many online businesses have different objectives and ambitions for which they prioritize new marketing trends. It could either be a way to increase their online sales or to enhance their brand awareness. Moreover, they would also like to build an online community to increase engagement or penetrate the new market. Marketing people should come up with technicalities to boost their sales and drive more traffic.

When the business owners look into the new marketing trends, their priority is more towards the audience experience rather than the basic retail elements. Even though the physical setup is satisfactory, there is a lot of thinking and brainstorming behind the experience. If you can create innovative ideas, you can generate a high level of excitement and optimism among your customers. As a result, there is no reason why the customers won’t return to your store and make further purchases.

What is a Pop Up Shop?

To get happy customers for your online store, you must know what a pop-up shop is. It is when a brand or a business randomly creates a sales space for a limited time. This marketing tactic creates a source of urgency within customers and makes the customers purchase the products which the business is selling. This occasion is for a limited amount of time and has a specified theme. Many pop-up shops have an exclusive gateway and aim to provide a meaningfToperience.

online website community

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This is the concept that many marketing agencies neglect while developing their marketing strategies. After all, it is all about building connections and encouraging customer engagement. These shops are considered rare events where the business owners practically work as front liners, directly engaging with the target audience. This is a better tactic than creating secret-based connections with the top hierarchy in your office.

Relevant Pop Up Shop Ideas

1. Branded Decor

It is not a surprise that your brand website gives the utmost impression of your brand and objectives in the customers’ eyes. How about having the same kind of approach for a pop-up shop? As per recent trends, renting branded decor for your online shop is pretty effective. If we define it in simple words, you must use the same theme, color, and font style on your pop up shop as you do with the temporary retail space.

rent branded decor

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You can identify a local decoration organization that provides customized services on every product, such as furniture, bars, and lightning. You can ask them to pay special attention to photography so you can fill up your website’s gallery section with quality images. This will also help you elevate your social media status and promote your business in the long run. If your pop up shop is themed similarly to your brand, it will only do good for your brand management strategies.

2. Interaction with Products

The basic objective of a pop up store is to increase online sales by allowing customers to interact with your products. Regardless of the kind of product or service that you plan to sell, the audience will be able to interact with it in your pop-up shop. How you decorate your pop up shop will send a message to your customers about how they can participate or interact in a particular event.

interaction with product

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For example, if you sell laptops or different IT products, you must decorate your pop up shop like a software house. Similarly, if you sell sporting wear, you can decorate your pop up shop like a sports stadium. By this approach, they can create a picture of these products in their daily lives. If you sell jewelry, you can decorate your pop up shop like a wedding function where guest books, dinner, and desserts are served.

3. Drinks and Snacks

Speaking of food, it is also a trending niche in many businesses. If you have a unique boutique, you can rent an exquisite venue for your pop-up shop and serve different drinks to the audience. If you see two people involved in a business meeting, you can offer them tea. By serving different drinks and snacks to your customers, you can generate positive customer feedback. If your storefront isn’t big enough, you can give out small bottles of water.

If you serve desserts to your visitors, it can be considered a good idea. You can also integrate cookies and cupcakes into your meals and customize them with your brand logo. Small-sized cupcakes will be satisfactory for many customers because many people eat them numerous times. You must also finalize your meals per the season and the competitors. If you offer the same meal on every occasion, customers will eventually get tired of your service.

Importance of Popups

When you go through different marketing trends, you must evaluate all the dynamics it possesses. Similarly, you should only integrate pop-up shops as part of your plans if you understand its importance. The pop ups appear right in front of the customers in a pop-up shop. Therefore, you must give an exquisite offer that converts a confused user. Many users feel that the pop ups are frustrating. However, providing pop-ups at the right place and at the right time can turn into a wonderful user experience.

If you want to create an advertisement for a particular product, pop ups can be a wonderful idea as it brings the customers closer to the product. Apart from that, they can also display featured products, sidebar advertisements, etc. However, there is nothing better than pop up shops when it comes to grabbing attention.

Venues for Pop Ups

1. Kiosks and Booths

Kiosks and Booths are the kind of pop-up shops that are the benchmark of our industry. They have the tendency to produce the best pop up events, becoming a huge source of attraction to the public. You will most likely see kiosks and booths in shopping malls or local markets. Many outdoor venues, especially seasonal gatherings, have a tracking history from medieval Germany’s temporary Christmas festivals.

2. Store-Within-A-Store

On the internet, you will find many stores with vacant floor space, which means they are missing out on making essential revenue. Businessmen having long-term thinking will prioritize the smallest spaces as part of their pop-up shop. Some retailers create a partnership with a permanent fixture (Starbucks), while others prioritize the rotation of rooms to remain current.

Display Popups on Strikingly Website

In 2020, Strikingly introduced pop-up shops into their working plans, which are easily customizable and easy to implement. No longer do you have to hire technical experts when it comes to guidance regarding pop up advertisements on your site. The best thing is that Strikingly allows you to create your website design without writing a single line of code.

There are many websites on Strikingly where pop ups are displayed. If you plan to create a website, you should follow the steps below for pop ups:

strikingly enable pop-ups

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  1. Go to the “My Sites” page on Strikingly. Click “Edit” on the website where you want to integrate pop up advertisements
  2. On the Strikingly website editor on the left side of your computer screen, click on “Settings”
  3. Select “Promotions” followed by “Pop ups” and click on the option “Enable pop ups”
  4. Customize your pop up advertisement based on your business idea. Consider the type of popup that you want
  5. Consider the layout of your pop up advertisement. You have the authority to place your image on the left, right, or the center. You can also check out the preview section to see the layout correctly
  6. Upload the image and create the text that you wish. You can choose different text formats

display pop ups

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  1. Select “Name” if you want to integrate the subscriber’s names and your email address. Click on “Save” and “Publish” and the pop up advertisement will be made active by Strikingly


As the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the business sector for both good and bad, you must evolve yourself as a businessman and look into the new marketing trends on social media. If you look into your social media accounts related to marketing, you will likely come across the term pop-up shop. Pop up shops are extremely relevant in the marketing stream and have become a great source of attraction for customers worldwide.

Before you publish your pop up advertisement, you must have a fully functional website at your disposal. Strikingly is a free website builder that allows you to create a basic website with all the required business features. All you need to do is complete your registration and make your development skills count in our free plan. So, create a top-class business website and become a source of attraction to the public.