best ways to write an effective call to action

If you have experience in today's business world, you may know the importance of creating a compelling call to action (CTA). A call to action is said to be the heartbeat of a marketing campaign and is the focal point of your brand management. Although your CTA should be simple, it should also be unique and penetrate your reader's mind. A compelling call to action can function without marketing strategies to generate profit. When you write a call to action, you summarize everything you have worked for in a few phrases. Most CTA buttons have a text of two to three words, such as "Shop Here" or "Contact Us Now."

You must know what it stands for if you want to dedicate your resources and knowledge to come up with a perfect call to action. Before creating one for your business website, you must go through the call to action examples.

What is a Call to Action?

A call to action refers to a phrase, sentence, or information written on a website to provoke an immediate response from customers. Many website owners have their strategy for placing their CTA buttons on their platforms. A call to action is a specific point of view or a collection of facts about a product or a service ready to be sold. It is a subtle way of urging people to take the desired action, which is to invest in your business and avail of your services.

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An effective call to action can urge customers without letting them feel like they are being told to do anything. When the customers feel they are investing in your business or buying products from your store with their intention, you feel that you have written a perfect call to action. It is crucial to create one because customers may like to buy from your store, but they would try to avoid it out of spite.

Importance of a Call to Action

1) Motivates Your Sales Funnel

Call to action and digital marketing sales funnels go simultaneously in the eCommerce world. Your CTA serves as a transition throughout your buyer's journey. They inform users about what they should do after landing on your website, urging them to take immediate action. Whether you want viewers to go through your blogs, give their contact information, download your ebook, or subscribe to your email list, you must relate this action with a compelling call to action in the sales funnel. Since you are the website owner, you must go through relevant CTA practices, such as writing a text for your CTA button highlighting the benefits. For example, you can write "Get More Tips" rather than "Subscribe" as your CTA text.

The easier you make your customers take the desired action, the more urgency they will have to do so. It would be best if your CTA creates a better user experience. Instead of making your customers puzzled about taking the next step, you should convince them through your eye-catching and brightly colored call to action button to guide them to the next phase of the buying process.

2) Demand of Customers

Call to action is as essential to people as they are to businesses. Many expect to see a CTA button after landing on an eCommerce website. They rely on these buttons to take the next step. They go through your ad copy, want to engage with your brand, and rely on CTA to take immediate action. Ignoring CTAs can confuse your viewers, and you will see a decline in your website's conversion rate.

There are occasions when you want your brand to show predictability. Predictability ensures that your company is reliable and easy to engage with. Hence, your CTA button must be as predictable and intuitive as possible. An effective call to action on social media, end of videos, digital advertising, and websites is part of your marketing campaign.

Tips to Write a Call to Action

1) Selling the Trial

Since you are the website owner, you can use a free trial rather than a freemium. There are many effective call to action buttons that you cannot help but click, and "Free Trial" buttons are one of them. It is recommended for those companies that sell software as a service (SaaS).

It would help if you didn't hesitate to offer your customers a free trial or ebook. Furthermore, you can learn the relevant email marketing strategies to convert free members into paying customers. It is crucial to guide your customers through every phase of the buying process. This approach will help you identify the best things to buy in your store. Hence, you can balance your customer demands and objections, which will help you boost your website's conversion rate.

If your customers want to take the desired action, you must remove the possible obstacles. Remember that they will have plenty of questions and hope to get the right solutions from you. According to a stat by Neil Patel, asking customers to buy on their first encounter with your brand will increase your website's bounce rate by 84%. On the other hand, offering a free trial will increase your conversions by 328%.

2) Benefit-Oriented CTA

When you write a call to action, it must provide some benefit to your customers. An ineffective CTA will increase your website's bounce rate. For example, Google is primarily powered by different forms of content. People were concerned about the quality of their blogs, videos, and other forms of content when it wasn't giving algorithm updates. However, the Google algorithms mean it is an entirely different ball game today. People go to the Google search engine to look for the correct answers. If they don't get their desired answer, they go to another search engine, such as Bing.

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Similarly, your CTA must benefit your customers. If they don't find any value within your CTA buttons, they won't click on them. The placement and color scheme of your CTA button is as vital as your message. Many marketers get a lot of conversions when they place their button on the right side of the homepage. If we talk about the button color, it usually works when it contrasts with the page's central theme.

3) Instant Gratification

In today's day and age, when there are thousands of reasons to be busy, nobody likes to wait. For example, you would be frustrated to see a long line of customers at the bank. Similarly, your customer service must function properly for the growth of your business. According to a stat shared by Neil Patel, testing customers' patience, such as long hold times, contribute to 35% of subpar customer service.

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Satisfaction of customers is the ultimate objective when you write a call to action on your website. When people visit your website's homepage, they may have multiple questions, such as "Will I be satisfied after buying this product or subscribing to the email list?". In other types of content, delayed gratification guarantees success as we value what we take time for. However, there should be a smooth process while convincing your customers to take action, especially when selling a digital product.

Create a Perfect Call to Action on Strikingly

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You can make the most out of your call to action buttons by relying on a professional website builder, such as Strikingly. Strikingly is a website builder that enables you to build your dream website within next to no time. It is a user-friendly website development platform that helps you play with all the website features.

The best thing about Strikingly is that you can build your website without writing a single line of code. Once you have registered for a free account on our platform, we will provide you with ready-to-use website templates, which you can customize according to your business idea.

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You can add links, images, and CTA buttons with the help of the Strikingly website editor. To add written content to your webpage, click on the text section in your Strikingly editor and start typing. We also provide a drag-and-drop feature to assemble your images and buttons according to your preference. If you go through some of the established websites on our platform, you will see many call to action examples placed at different areas of the homepage. You can learn from these sites to create your call to action buttons.


A call to action gives you the finishing touch on any content. It is a cherry on top that every website viewer wants. Your business lead must follow your written call to action before taking the next step. A perfect call to action can help push your viewers, seal the conversion and create a loyal customer. The CTA button can be an essential way of informing your customers to take action immediately to attain the best benefits.

Whether you add CTA buttons to create a sense of urgency or steer your customers towards the checkout procedure, the most important thing is to involve it in your website plans. Ignoring CTAs will be a massive mistake as it can negatively impact your website's conversion rate.

Once you learn how to write a call to action, don't hesitate to create one to serve your website and business. If you are looking for a reliable website builder to build a business website, you should only look at Strikingly. If you are unfamiliar with some of our tools, you can submit your queries to our Happiness Officers immediately.