best twitter marketing strategies to make your business successful

Regardless of your chosen business niche, you cannot ignore that having a good social media presence brings great value to it. Many social media platforms have become extremely influential to businesses worldwide because of their ability to run effective advertisements. If you consider the influence of these platforms today, you will forget that they were launched for people to interact with one another. One social media platform that has gained a lot of popularity in the last decade is Twitter.

Nowadays, people rely on a Twitter marketing strategy to promote the products and services of their business. A brand message can spread so easily through big social media pages that many companies worldwide consider this strategy for marketing purposes. You see a lot of traffic on Twitter because of its existence before many of the currently popular social media platforms, such as Tiktok and Snapchat. With its evolution over the past decade, we can safely say that Twitter is one of the most recognized social media platforms today.

Best Twitter Strategies for Business Success

1) Hashtags

When you think about how to use Twitter for marketing, you automatically think of hashtags. If this term is unknown to you, hashtags are words represented after the symbol “#” and used to promote specified content and search on a social media website. Although hashtags are more prominent on Instagram, you cannot exclude them from other platforms like Twitter. Most importantly, there is no limit to the number of hashtags you can add to your post.

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As there is a limit of 280 characters per Twitter post, it is crucial that you remain pragmatic with your hashtag inclusion and don’t ignore the meaning behind your Twitter posts. You conduct Twitter marketing effectively by creating a good combination of your caption and hashtag. If you don’t include hashtags on your Twitter posts, your content will only reach the number of people that follow your Twitter account. However, if you include hashtags, your content will reach all the people associated with your niche.

2) Direct Messages

Just like is the case with most other businesses, your business should also have an effective customer care plan. Your ability to resolve your customer queries will be the heartbeat of this care plan. When people implement a Twitter marketing strategy for businesses, they prioritize customer queries over everything. One thing that makes Twitter stand out among other social media platforms is direct messaging. It is a beneficial way of troubleshooting problems, managing complaints, and answering potential queries.

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If you use direct messaging to answer your customer complaints, it is a wise move for your business. While there is nothing wrong with responding to them on your social media posts, there is a chance that your answers will be read by all the other members of your community. If your products have a problem and it gets heard by other customers, people will start having doubts about your brand. Therefore, it is essential to maintain privacy within your interaction with customers, especially when you are resolving queries.

3) Photos, and GIFS

When it comes to marketing on Twitter, photos, GIFs, and videos carry a lot of importance. If you have used Twitter before, you would know that it gives you the eligibility to add four photos per post. Some users create innovative graphics as part of Twitter marketing and integrate them into their tweets. If there are any GIFs relevant to your marketing message, you can add them as well. For example, if you are set to launch a new product in the market and want to create hype about it, you can add a GIF to get your customers off their seats.

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As it is stated previously, hashtags and captions are critical to a tweet. However, the inclusion of photos or videos is what conveys your marketing message effectively. After posting those tweets, you can create polls on your Twitter stories to ask your audience about the message. For example, you can ask the audience how they have received your new product. The polls can also be created on Twitter regardless, but they will stay on your Twitter account for 24 hours as per the default settings.

4) Live Tweets

Speaking of launching new products, there is no better way to inform your audience about them than making live tweets. If you want to create a Twitter marketing strategy for a popular topic, you can start using live tweets because they will instantly catch your user’s attention. The thing that differentiates between a live tweet and a random tweet is that live tweets are used to generate reactions to an ongoing event.

For example, if you are part of an esports event, you can create live tweets to give breaking news about the ongoing happenings. Similarly, if you are at an award ceremony, such as the Oscars or Ballon d’Or, you can create live tweets about the potential award winner. You can also do it by creating hashtags and telling the other attendees to tweet using your hashtag. You can also pin those tweets so that the new followers see them before anything else.

5) Twitter Chats

Hosting a Twitter chat on relevant topics is not just a fundamental way of marketing on Twitter, but also is an essential part of your brand management strategies. It is important that your Twitter chats are relevant to your products and services. For example, suppose your business is relevant to eCommerce and you are hosting chats about the political situation in Russia. In that case, you will deflect away from your main topic, which won’t do any good to your Twitter marketing strategies.

Before you start organizing a Twitter chat, you must have a strong customer base at your disposal. There is no point in hosting a Twitter chat with just one or two Twitter followers because eventually, you will get bored, and you won’t have any more things to discuss. The more people there are as part of your chat, the more relevant topics will be put to the floor for discussion.

6) Interact With Influencers

When you create a Twitter marketing strategy, your basic aim is to generate positive results. However, the start of a marketing approach can be daunting. You can relate this situation with the opening of a new business. When it comes to a business, and you have the initial aim of earning a thousand dollars, the first ten rupees are the most difficult to earn, and the last ten rupees will be the easiest to earn.

As you will have difficulty in gaining customers initially, you need the help of influencers in creating your online presence. You can tell your influencers to promote your marketing campaign as part of their social media posts. For example, they can include your Twitter campaigns as part of their social media stories so that more people come to your Twitter account.

7) Twitter Advertisements

The last and the most significant way of Twitter marketing is to run advertisements on your social media platform. By running paid advertisements on Twitter, your marketing message will be displayed to those customers who aren’t following your account. Usually, the paid advertisements are converted into pinned posts on Twitter accounts, so that customers can check out the offerings. There are several ways in which you can advertise on Twitter, such as:

  • Promotional tweets
  • Promotional accounts
  • Promotional trends

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While conducting advertisements on Twitter, you must be aware of your marketing budget. You can divide your budget by creating allocations per your marketing strategy. If you don’t target the right people through your advertisements, it will be nothing but a waste of money.

Integrate Twitter on Strikingly Website

We have talked a lot about promoting your marketing message through advertisements, but there are many cost-effective ways available in the market. One of those ways is by creating a brand website on Strikingly and integrating your social media platforms with them. Strikingly is a free website builder that can play a role in your Twitter marketing approach by integrating your Twitter account as part of your website.

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The social media platforms are usually added as icons in the last section of your website. Apart from these icons, you can also integrate your Twitter account on your website, which allows your customers to check your tweets without checking your Twitter account. This approach will increase your Twitter followers and help you improve your social media presence.


Just like with most social media platforms, Twitter has become extremely important for the welfare of a business. Business owners tend to include Twitter in their working plans to improve their online presence and increase followers. They also use this platform to promote their marketing message across the targeted audience.

If you have a website on Strikingly, you can add a social feed or simply integrate your account in your website footer. The involvement of a website in promoting your brand message can play a huge role in your Twitter marketing approach. You can also link your Twitter account on your website so that your website traffic can come to your Twitter account. By promoting your brand on Twitter, you can see an improvement in your business sales.