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Once a business starts to ensure success in the domestic market, it is common for you to expand your business so you can attract new customers. There are many benefits for you to grow a global business, such as opportunities for online sales and business growth. Most importantly, it enables you to make your business compete on the international front.

However, growing a global business does not happen in a blink of an eye, there are numerous risks and consequences attached to it. Even though many factors contribute to the success or failure of your global business, you can check into the best practices to study further about a global business.

Steps required in Growing a Global Business

It is difficult to execute the productivity strategies to ensure that your business starts expanding globally, it is all baby steps. To ensure the success of your business, we have mentioned a few marketing practices below for you to go through.

1. Identify the Right Person and Team

If you want to know how to expand your business, you would require an ideal partner and a team to correspond with your business work. Even if your partner takes the role of a ‘mentor’, you need a partner who you can trust as you plan to grow a global business.

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It is essential to create a local office and a team that understands the competition in the market and the language to coincide with the local rules and regulations. For example, you may require help from your partner to select the best brand font to expand your business.

Having an effective business partner will be a brilliant marketing strategy not just for the health of your business in the competitor market, but also for the management of expenses. If you can work with a local partner, it will enable you to refer to your company’s unique selling point in a way that is effective in the local market.

The working community that you hire to listen to the international business partners and customers must be familiar with the local environment. Moreover, they should also take care of your interests.

There can be a possibility that the foreign companies you deal with are more experienced in doing business than you. Therefore, without a professional team that has traditional and local business contacts, you will be hung out to dry. The lack of a professional team will be the biggest roadblock for you to grow a global business.

Hence, you should never rush when creating strategic partnerships. You must always take your time to identify the best alliances that you can trust. You may consider your partner as ‘ideal’, but there can be a better option for you tomorrow. Therefore, you must always be bold when you decide about your partner. When you are in search of distributors, do not assume that the biggest one is the best. Although they have many products, they may not be able to give our business products the required time.

For example, Strikingly is a well-established operating platform that is recognized across all fronts. If you want to grow a global business, we are the best example for you to follow. Even though we still have a small working community, we are taking gigantic steps to ensure that we are efficient with our hiring so that our global business climbs further heights. If you want to look into the opening positions of our platform, look into our open positions and join our working community.

2. Hire an Appropriate Market-Research Firm

One of the most significant steps when you grow a global business is to appoint an experienced market-research firm. Just because the global market has a huge potential, it doesn’t mean that it will be home to the customers that you want to interact with.

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With an experienced market-research firm, you can determine whether your business has a good reputation in that location or whether there is a market that is associated with your services or products.

The firm will enable you to decide how your brand will transform into a foreign culture. Moreover, it will help you visualize the current marketing requirements and competition. For many business owners, this is very difficult research for a single person, which is why it gets neglected. Therefore, you must look to hire smart professionals that understand the marketing demands and your business position in the competitive market.

3. Understand the Language Barriers

Once you decide to grow a global business, you must be aware of the obstacles and the consequences that come with it. One of the biggest obstacles regarding it is cultural differences. Not only must you manage your marketing or branding to appeal to customers in a different region, but you must also understand their culture. You can study about their cultures in your local office.

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For example, the working schedule in the United States is different from that of European countries. In the United States, personal lives and professional lives often intersect each other. However, in other countries, we see people’s personal lives put to one side. Or, people have stable working hours in European countries. In the United States, people tend to work continuously with a few breaks in between,

Apart from the cultural differences, you must also be aware of the language barriers regarding different communities to ensure that your business is expanding internationally. If you do not know about the language barriers, it will be difficult for you to communicate with people of other regions, especially when you are an industry leader. For example, if you have customers from Canada, it will be easy for you to communicate if they are from Toronto. However, if they are from Montreal, you will experience difficulty in interacting with them as the people in that city usually speak French.

If you want to grow a global business, you must decide on the international languages. Learning international languages is the best way to overcome this obstacle. You can take language classes to know the key phrases for you to interact with international clients. Even if you are not perfect in the language, you must be good enough to interpret what the foreign customer is saying. As an industry leader, this will show that you care deeply about your customers and have respect for their culture. It will also show that you believe in creating strong relationships with foreign customers.

4. Create Close Relationship with Local Businesses

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Developing an ecosystem of complementary products and services is a brilliant strategy for you to grow a global business. These products and services may come from third-party relationships and prove to be beneficial for your business. These third-party relationships are essential in the scaling of your business and reducing the financial risks associated with it. They enable you to:=

  • Conduct meetings regarding alliance programs
  • Create an effective ecosystem strategy and business model
  • Create an internal team to handle relationships

It is never easy to expand your business. However, it is beneficial for numerous business owners to step foot into the global market for better opportunities regarding their business growth. Once you plan to look into the details and outsource the administrative responsibilities, this difficult step of ‘going global’ will be beneficial for you.

5. Look for the New Business Ideas

Rather than thinking about the perspectives of your local customers, it is important if you prioritize the perceptions of the foreign customers. Foreign customers will be the most crucial aspect for you to grow a global business. With the use of modern technology, you can create a customized business website that reaches international clients. This strategy will ensure that your business starts expanding internationally.

You must have someone within your team that recognizes the domains of the international territories. If you know about it, it is the best thing for your business. Time zones, language barriers, and cultural opportunities must all be considered once your business starts expanding globally. If you do not look into the demands of foreign customers, you will have the risk of having a fallout with your international business partners, as you were too much concerned about the local community.


If you want to know how to grow a global business, you must ensure that the current employees are on board. You will need them not just for the training of newly hired employees, but also for the development of new processes. You must get them on board and listen to their ideas about communication, customer purchases, market situation, and more.

Strikingly also believes in the evolution of business. You can rely on such recognizable platforms to get to know the best practices surrounding business expansion. Make sure to check out the live chat box of our platform and interact with our happiness officers. We will ensure that you study all the innovative marketing tips so your business starts expanding internationally.