best online job to start in 2022

Finding the right online job in today’s competitive world is very hard. You will find thousands of websites that promise to pay you money for certain tasks, but they may be scams.

Are you looking for the best online jobs that will help you make money in 2022? Blogging is a work from home opportunity that has attracted a lot of beginners. The problem with blogging is a high failure rate, with 90% of bloggers unable to make more than $100 from their respective blogs. Of course, you don’t need to worry because there are plenty of alternatives to blogging.

Regardless of what kind of remote job you are doing, you must convince yourself that you are on the right track. Not all people achieve their desired employment status, but that doesn’t mean that they should stop working completely or don’t have any motivation to do well. Freelancing is a massive trend in today’s market and people have made a living out of it.

This article will share the best online jobs and the most reliable websites for your preferred jobs.

Best Online Jobs to Consider Today

1) Freelance Writer

Currently, 28% of American citizens are full-time freelancers. A lot of people agree that freelance writing is one of the best online jobs to make money. As a freelance writer, your job is to write for others. You can create blogs for other bloggers or agencies. Should you decide to do this, you must prioritize the topic you are good at to offer writing services in a particular domain. As a freelance writer, your earnings depend upon your skills and how you market your services.

a blog website

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Fiverr is one of the best platform for freelance services. You can register on that platform, set up your Gig, and start providing your freelance writing services. You will be paid if your gig is completed successfully. It is important to note that you will only be paid 80% of the order value as Fiverr keeps 20% of the payment as commission.

You can set up your blog website on Strikingly. After completing the registration on Strikingly, you can select from our collection of mobile-friendly blog templates. Write articles, publish and use your Strikingly blog as a portfolio for your writing samples. You’ll also look more professional if you have your own website.

2) Web Design Jobs

Do you have experience creating quality website designs, graphics, or logos? Web designing seems to be a legit online job for making money. As a web designer, you handle all design-related things on the website, such as the landing pages, custom forms, homepage, header, footer, etc. Even if you don’t have the experience, you can check out the YouTube tutorials for a better understanding.

Many freelance web designers earn $20 to $30 per hour if they can code. If you are an experienced freelance web designer, these figures can go up to [$75](\~:text=can%20make%20about-,%2475,-per%20hour%20(this). Apart from your experience, your earnings can depend on the complexity of your project and the clients you can attract. If your website contains a strong portfolio, you can attract many paying customers.

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Upwork is a popular freelance platform where you can find thousands of website design-related gigs. There are two ways in which you can get your earnings on Upwork, i.e., at a fixed price or hourly.

You can also rely on an effective website builder like Strikingly to build quality website designs. You can build fantastic website designs without writing a single line of code, which means you can accommodate more customers or use your time on other things, such as promotional activities.

3) Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists carefully listen to different audio recordings before noting them down. It is one of the most legitimate online jobs in the market because the margin for error is extremely low, but you must have great listening powers if you want to make a career out of this job. If you are struggling to pay attention to voice recordings, you can look into the strategies used by your competitors. If you have a good typing speed, you will have more chances of earning.

4) SEO Jobs

If you want to pursue the best online jobs in the market, search engine optimization (SEO) jobs are the best solution. Nowadays, every website or application needs visibility in search engines. Imagine if your website has the top ranking on Google with all the competitive keywords of your niche. There is no better feeling than that. You can earn thousands of dollars by maintaining your website’s SEO ranking.

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You can do that by identifying the most competitive keywords within your industry. You can use those keywords to write SEO-based articles and publish them on your website. Ensure that you add internal and external links to your blog projects, which are fundamental to the SEO ranking.

PeoplePerHour is a popular freelance community for finding thousands of SEO jobs online. You can narrow down the SEO jobs based on location, language, and industry.

5) Online Tutor

If you love teaching, being an online tutor can be an online job you can start in 2022. Tutoring can be an easy job for you because it allows you to earn money by simply teaching them various subjects.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all the educational institutes were closed for some time, and the concept of online classes became popular. Teachers tend to publish their lectures on their YouTube channels after completing their online classes. Apart from that, there are thousands of online platforms that people are using to gain an education.

Your earnings may depend upon the topic that you choose. For example, English tutors earn between $10 to $40 per hour based on their qualifications. If you teach advanced subjects, such as SAT or Calculus, your earnings can increase to $50 or $60 per hour. You can find online tutor jobs on the following platforms:


6) Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is an individual that provides remote services and gets paid for those services. The virtual assistant is a fantastic work from home opportunity because you can offer the following services:

  • Writing
  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • Answering emails

The beginner virtual assistants may get paid around $5 to $10 per hour. However, you can improve those earnings by increasing your productivity to $50 per hour.

VA is a fantastic online job because it allows you to learn new skills that can allow you to be a better blogger or a marketing person. You can set up your rates as a virtual assistant to attract clients. If you are experienced enough, you can set up higher rates to attract better clients.

7) Sell Photos Online

If you are looking for a legit online job in the market, selling photos online can be the best option for you. If you are a photographer, you can sell the following digital products online:

  • Stock photos
  • Vectors
  • Graphics
  • Logos

If you sell stock photos, you can earn between 25 to 50 cents for one image per month. 500px is the most popular online platform for selling stock photos online. However, Shutterstock has also paid millions of dollars to a worldwide community over the last decade.

You can also showcase your images to the target audience by creating a portfolio website on Strikingly. Make sure you choose a website layout where you find it easy to add all your quality images. You must only add the best images you have rather than just adding all the images on your website. If there are blurry images or they have a poor background, you must remove them instantly.

Reseller Program on Strikingly

Strikingly enables its users to earn commission by becoming an affiliate, and adding banner images or links to their content. Our reseller program allows freelancers or people doing legitimate online jobs to quickly build landing pages, online stores, and all types of websites. Strikingly offers competitive bulk pricing for our resellers who look to buy 20 or more sites. You can use the Strikingly website editor to build some quality websites for your clients in little time.

strikingly reseller program

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Strikingly’s reseller dashboard will help you manage clients and websites efficiently. You can choose to give access to your clients so they can edit their website or you can just design the websites for them.

Strikingly also provides its resellers with a co-branded website solution. Most resellers prefer to give full-site management to their clients. Clients who want to make changes to their site will recognize the co-branded landing page and the website dashboard.


When you work from home, you must have the same professional level as when working at your office. Your clients will never compensate for the lack of quality work in any way, shape, or form. Therefore, you must make the most out of any online job offered.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a blogger, student, or working professional. Get started with your respective online jobs. Once you start making money, you will love these jobs and be motivated to work daily. Earning through these remote jobs may not make you rich overnight, but it will make you financially equipped to fulfill your own needs. If you're interested, here are the best online jobs for students in India.