When you’re building a website, you don’t stop at simply bringing up a page that contains basic information about your business or brand. It has to get visitors to do something on your site - perform activities that should fulfill the objectives of your website. Website widgets are components that you add to your site to make this possible. Not only do they make your website functional, some widgets also create cool effects and micro-interactions on your site to attract users.


Strikingly lets you build full-featured sites through free websites widgets that you can add to your site through its app store and by adding specific sections to your page such as the Gallery and Simple Blog. We provide easy integration with the most popular widgets but if you want to further extend the features of your site, you can also add free widgets for websites with codes through the HTML section.

Social media widgets

Turn your website into the central source of online information on your company by adding your social media pages to your Strikingly site. You can add a Facebook widget for website that lets users share your content with their network. Some widgets allow you to stream your Facebook page content on your website, or engage users in conversation by adding the Facebook comments box on your site.


Twitter widget for website and Instagram widget for websites work in pretty much the same manner - allowing you to integrate your social media content with your website and creating a more cohesive online presence.

Event widgets

You can also add a website calendar widget to your Strikingly website using the Eventbrite app. This is a particularly great feature to add for service-related websites. For instance, you can add this calendar widget for website to enable users to see upcoming gigs and shows that your band is having. If you are building an events management website, this could be a good way of letting potential clients know when you’re free to accept new projects. Get your guests excited for your upcoming wedding or increase the hype for your brand’s upcoming new product release by adding a countdown widget for websites.

You can also add free website widgets for ticketing and marketing events. Free events can be created through Eventbrite, Peatix or Eventnook and then add to your Strikingly website to make it easy for your target audience to book a seat. These apps also come with countdown widgets for websites so you don’t have to look far to install that feature into your site.

Search and analytics

Strikingly comes with free website widgets for analyzing web traffic but if you want a more granular view of your site’s performance, you should install Google Analytics into your site. You can get this widget for free by signing up for a Google Analytics and Search Console account. You can get verified as the website’s owner and add the tracking code into your site through the site editor settings.

Gallery widgets

Make your website even more attractive with image galleries made through an Instagram widget for websites. You can add a social stream to your Strikingly site so that your Instagram feed is displayed on your page. Every time you upload an image on your social media page, your site is also updated so you get fresh content on your website regularly.

Feel free to explore and test out various website widgets on your site. You can use the HTML editor on the Strikingly App Store for apps that we currently don’t have on our collection. We also welcome suggestions for new features that we can add to our roster. Talk to us through the Ideas forum or, if you encounter any issues adding new features to your website, please feel free to contact us directly.