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The church allows us to have a safe space to reconnect, replenish or strengthen our faith and spiritually with the supreme being and creator himself, God. Through churches, we gather and unite as a family, pray and grow in maturity and wisdom, celebrate festivities together as one body like Christmas and Easter, and spread the word of God.

Most of the time, we spend Sundays in the church to thank God for all the bountiful blessings he bestows upon us and the experiences and struggles that make our faith stronger and minds wiser as we always think we are protected with his love and power.

With churches, we get to be reminded of our purpose as his creations, as well as our mission for our fellowmen and to the world. If one must know and wants to seek God, the church is the best place to be.

While people are on the move to spread the word of God and encourage their faith in the process, the internet is the best place to start your venture. Having a church website is an essential tool when you want to encourage, if not hundreds, but thousands of people spending most of their time on the web.

With the adverse effects of the pandemic, mass gatherings and other religious congregations were prohibited to lessen and prevent contact from suspected cases of COVID-19. Certain alterations were then made, like practicing social distancing and other health protocols to still practice worship and serve God.

With this, building a great website church can help you achieve the sole purpose of the church, which is to build and fortify relationships with your fellow church-goers even if we’re locked up inside our homes.

Key elements in making the best church website

Bayside Church Website

Image taken from Bayside Church

Building a church website is not an easy task. You need to know what elements are there to put in a church website, and tips and tricks to make your great church website enticing.

1. Vision

Vision helps congregates to focus on their plan while still being a cohesive whole. It’s an effective guide to achieve preferable conclusions and allows for the people to keep their eyes aligned on their roles and achievements. It’s presenting an idealistic emotional future of your church, of what you want for the people who are interested to visit or even join your community. It’s about communicating your purpose and things that you want to achieve that have an existential impact on the world.

2. Calendar of events

The church is a busy place. It does not just host masses and vigils but a wide variety of religious traditions and occasions. So, the best way for information dissemination and spread reminders to your community about the happenings, celebrations, as well as special occasions to the community and potential goers is by putting up a calendar of events on your church website. This is essential in building a church website since people would be updated on the events even if they are at their own homes.

3. Staff and Community

Grace Christian Church Website

Image taken from Grace Christian Church

We all want to know what and who we are expecting the moment we visit a place. Pictures and warm welcomes of the staff and the community is a great, enticing way to make people know more about your church and its community. It gives the newcomer a sense of belonging if they have knowledge about who and what to expect.

Let them know how they can reach your community by providing contact and staff information, too. Putting your office hours as well would be convenient for the newcomer since they can schedule their appointment or visit your church at suitable hours.

4. Engaging Design

One best way to catch people’s attention even if they haven’t visited or experienced an occasion with your church is by having an eye-catching and engaging design for your viewers to see and ponder on. Since your church website is their first interaction with your church and your community, it’s best to make a lasting impression and a positive reaction. Upon this, you can express the atmosphere of the place and describe how God has gifted your church uniquely from the others.

10 best church website designs

Union Church Website

Image taken from Union Church

If you’re looking for the best church website designs, then you’re in the right place. Here is a list of the best church websites so you can start building a great church website for your church and your community today.

1. Fincastle Baptist Church

Fincastle Baptist Church

Image taken from Fincastle Baptist Church

What’s amazing about Fincastle Baptist Church’s website is its video background design showcasing highlights of what you’ll see and get once you visit their church, making it one of the best church websites to draw inspiration from.

Aside from its responsive display, you can also see details about the hours and location of the church, and even send them an email if you have further questions.

2. New Purpose Church

New Purpose Church Website

Image taken from New Purpose Church

New Purpose Church’s website is an example of the best church websites on the web. Aside from its engaging background video and clean layout, the website offers you a lot by having the opportunity to watch the sermon by clicking on the “watch sermon” button visible on the banner and a call to action tag telling the viewers when and how they can get there.

3. Central Baptist Church

Central Baptist Church Website

Image taken from Central Baptist Church

Much like Fincastle Baptist Church’s responsive video background, Central Baptist Church’s website also belongs to the top best church websites on the web. Its website basically has it all, from schedules, and contact, to sermon videos and links on how you can connect and know the community more, a newcomer would surely be enticed about how good your church website is.

4. Rock Church

Rock Church Website

Image taken from Rock Church

Its creative utilization of white space is what makes it a good church website for those who want to keep it simple and easy to navigate. The website has current events which make it easier for the viewer to know information about the activities, as well as action steps if you’re a new member if you want to serve a campaign, if you want to connect, or if you simply need a prayer that is why it’s one of the best church websites.

5. Exchange Church

Exchange Church Website

Image taken from Exchange Church

Another simple yet impressively built website on the web is Exchange Church. This best church website is all about presenting information and photos in the most presentable and humble way. You can simply navigate on the corresponding tabs if you want to know more about them, and how you can contact the church as well as give online and share generosity. It’s pretty much a good church website for churches who want information spread fast and easily.

6. Passion City Church

Passion City Church

Image taken from Passion City Church

Passion City Church’s website is another example on the list of best church websites due to its visual tension and overall balance when it comes to the utilization of space. Key points are given the chance on the spotlight every time you scroll on their website, making visitors want to come back for more.

Photos are crisp and clear—a great way to entice visitors that the church really does its job to make them the best among the rest. On a side note, you can watch messages, read, articles, listen to podcasts, and worship music all on one website.

7. Providence Church

Providence Church Website

Image taken from Providence Church

Providence Church’s website is another example on the list when it comes to the best church website templates to take note of. This immense yet evenly distributed and categorized information all in one page makes it easy for viewers to navigate the page in just one scroll.

From uploading talks so you’ll never miss anything from church to a list of few people who you’ll meet in the community, the overall layout and presentation of the website tie it all up, plus it’s mobile-friendly, too. Another feature of this great church website is that it has a google map on the site to let you know about its exact location and that makes it one of the best church websites on the web.

8. Bethlehem Baptist Church

Bethlehem Baptist Church Website

Image taken from Bethlehem Baptist Church

Basically, all information is presented clearly on this church website, which makes it user-friendly and allows a quick and better understanding of their events and purpose.

This good church website maximized the use of their website on the internet by giving updates as to how they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Other than that, they also have an app for you to download so you won’t miss out on any events and updates by this community church.

9. City Church

City Church Website

Image taken from City Church

Aside from the easy-to-spot video banner regarding their latest sermon, the website offers an array of videos directed to YouTube regarding their worship videos, bulletin, tithes and offerings, and more, all with smart visual displays for a more engaging experience. The overall appearance of this website, which is simple and neat, as well as their transparency, are a few reasons why it’s one of the best church websites on the web.

  1. Coastline Bible Church

Coastline Bible Church Website

Image taken from Coastline Bible Church

Coastline Bible Church also makes its way to the top 10 best church websites due to its well-organized structure and presentation. Content is easy to spot, and the website is easy to navigate, so you won’t get lost from the display and arrangement of information that this website gives.

The site also has a full-page dedicated for newcomers to ensure that they will encounter a warm welcome upon visiting. Images are presented well to illustrate the stories that this church encounters when they gather and spend time together.

Be an inspiration

Good News Church Website

Image taken from Good News Church Website

Building a church website is not an easy feat and finding the best church website builder. But with these tips and samples, you can spread the word and be an inspiration to people today by talking to your community church on establishing a church website, and hopefully, become one of the best church websites on the web.

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