benefits of using a drag and drop website builder

The process of website development has evolved massively in the last decade. It wasn’t long ago when creating a website was a very tedious process. Individuals and businesses had to hire technical developers to make sure that they built their desired website. However, technological evolution has made website development process extremely easy. Nowadays, building a website is as easy as creating a social media account. The innovative website features have a huge role to play in this, and that includes the drag and drop feature.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional, using drag and drop website builders will help you generate new ideas for your online space. It is amazing how this powerful feature can do more than just customize your pre-designed website templates. Numerous developers and website users give importance to the drag and drop feature in building their dream website. They experiment with different aspects, such as buttons, images, and texts.Drag and drop is an exciting feature that most website builders have nowadays. To build your websites, you don’t need to be a professional programmer or a coder anymore. Even though some website builders provide this feature for free, few make you sign up for their premium account to access this feature. This article will give you a list of all those website builders with the drag and drop feature. We will also discuss the benefits you can attain from this feature.

What is Drag and Drop Website Builder?

In an article on Cyber News, seven of the best website builders in 2022 have been mentioned. All mentioned website builders contain the drag and drop feature. It is one of the most popular features in website development and is something that is commonly used by many users.

drag and drop
Image taken from Strikingly

Using drag and drop website builders give you the authority to move different digital elements, such as text, images, and web buttons, on your website editor. This feature empowers users to build their websites without technical expertise in coding or programming. If you are building a website from scratch or starting your website via a website template, using the drag-and-drop feature can be the best idea.

The drag and drop feature has proved to be a lifesaver for many beginners who want to build their professional website. Strikingly is one of those website builders that helps you create a basic website design under their free plan.

Benefits of Drag and Drop Feature

1) Ease of Design

If you surf the Internet, you will find many website builders that make it easy for users to build their websites. However, you must know how to figure out these design tools to get the best out of your website. This shouldn’t be a problem for beginners. Some of the best drag and drop website builders offer YouTube tutorials regarding website designing before jumping into website building.

If you have envisioned your design, you want to experiment with a few website elements and put them in the right areas. However, the most important thing is whether your website builder has this powerful feature in the first place.

landing page elements
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Regardless of the website template you have chosen for your platform, you must use the drag and drop feature to create the perfect blend for your branding strategy. For example, you can have an idea about where to add your website logo, call to action (CTA) button, navigation elements, etc.

2) Design With High Speed

As a user, there is no better feeling than building your website from scratch within a few minutes and going live in no time. If you use a drag and drop website builder, you can achieve your dream website within no time. Having a top website builder doesn’t mean that you have to be in some sort of hurry. However, if the website builders have a great speed, it only helps you preserve time for more important things, such as marketing strategies.

drag and drop icons
Image taken from Strikingly

You don’t need to worry about your codeine or programming skills when it comes to the technicalities of website building. Building an efficient website is an amazing feeling, especially when you think it was such a time-consuming process back in the day.

3) Flexibility

In today’s day and age, the more complex a website builder is, the fewer users it will attract. Flexibility is the most important thing to consider if you are looking for the best drag-and-drop website builders loyal to their features.

Even though some website building platforms offer the drag and drop feature for free, you will feel that they are not flexible enough to showcase your customization skills. Flexibility helps you in creating a website design without any limitations. You don’t need to move from one tool to another. Simply get to understand the drag and drop mode, and things will fall in your pathway instantly.

4) Customized Web Design

There is nothing better than creating a customized website design on your own. Drag and drop website builders help you in developing awesome ideas while using design themes. It is just about dragging and dropping your website logo on the top of your homepage and adding the call to action button on the top right. Implementing these ideas can be pivotal for your online business' success.

Top Website Builders With Drag and Drop Feature

1) Strikingly

Strikingly is truly one of the best drag and drop website builders in the world. It is a free website builder that allows you to create the website you have just envisioned within a fraction of a minute. If we talk about it as a startup website builder, Strikingly isn’t a beginner platform because it has fantastic product features. The drag and drop feature is one of the many things that our users seem to like on our platform.

strikingly website builder
Image taken from Strikingly

Strikingly makes website building simple and easy. Apart from our ideal web services, we help users by adding product categories and simple blogs to improve their brands further. Strikingly’s website editor (on the left side of your computer screen) makes it easy for users to implement their web design ideas. The ideal navigation elements make it easy for you to move from one web page to another. If you have built a single-page website, navigation elements will help you move from one web section to another easily.

Strikingly provides its users with a live chat feature, which creates a connection between them and the customers. If you want to add this feature on your website, you must subscribe to our Audience and VIP plans.

2) Weebly

The simplicity and quickness of website building make Weebly a standout platform. Usually, when people use a drag and drop website builder, they consider user experience a big deal. They don’t waste time because every second they take to figure out the design tool makes the process even more time-consuming. Weebly authorizes you with all the fundamental tools and features that help you create a unique website identity.

3) GoDaddy

Do you remember how GoDaddy advertisements were a source of attraction to their target audience? You might be one of those who seem curious about using drag and drop website builders like this. We can guarantee that GoDaddy is worth a try.

In the past few years, GoDaddy has greatly improved its navigation system, templates, and marketing features. This website builder is one to watch out for because of its ease of use, flexibility in web design, and running tests.

Use Drag and Drop Feature on Your Strikingly Website

With a quality website builder like Strikingly, you control your destiny. It is one of the best drag and drop website builders available today because of how easily you can change or move your elements. Let us give you an insight into how the website is built on Strikingly.

  1. Choose a website template
  2. Move different digital elements, such as web buttons, images, and texts
  3. Your desired website in front of your computer screen in no time

strikingly website template
Image taken from Strikingly

The length of the website building process depends upon your business plans. Users may not even take 15 minutes to build their website on Strikingly. Our collection of website templates is responsive and optimized for mobile users. The mobile app feature allows you to manage your website anytime and anywhere. Many businesses run 24/7 whereas hundreds of personal and blog websites have increased traffic. The mobile app feature can be fundamental in elevating your business to the next level.

On average, the Google Pagespeed Insight Score of the established Strikingly websites is 90, which means that our users check out potential issues within their platforms instantly.


As a business owner, you have the right to choose the best drag and drop website builders for your platform. By using the drag and drop feature, you can have the freedom to express your style and create an excellent design. Regardless of which website builder you choose from our list, you are guaranteed to find ease in building your website.

As more businesses try to make their mark online, your website should stand out among the rest. If you want to win this competition, you must desire to be the best. Your design must give a compelling web presence. You don’t have anything to lose in this because the website-building process is now straightforward. Gone are the days when you had to be a professional web designer to make a website. Register yourself on Strikingly and put your website building plans into perspective.