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Whether you are a beginner or professional, using drag and drop website builder will help you develop great ideas for your online space. Amazing how this powerful feature enables freedom for people who want to do more than just edit predesigned templates. Web designers, developers, or even website users find drag and drop very useful for building what is in their minds. They can recreate their imagination by moving things around like texts, images, and buttons. This is just a cool feature that most website builders have. While many website builders offer it for free, you’ll be surprised to find some frustrating limitations. That is why we have sorted the best drag and drop website builders to give you some references. Before we go further to the best of the best, let us share the things you need to know about our topic. What is drag and drop? What are the advantages of using drag and drop website builders? And why you should discover Strikingly as the best-in-class when it comes to an ideal and practical drag and drop website builder.

drag and drop website builder

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What is Drag and Drop Website Builder?

In an article from Website Planet, they have featured the ten best website builders for 2021. All of them have a drag and drop feature.

When you use a drag and drop website builder, you can move texts, images, blocks, and objects on your web editor. With this feature, website builders empower users to build their websites without going through some coding lessons or expertise. Whether creating a site from scratch or starting with a template, using a drag and drop website builder is a smart idea.

drag and drop website builder

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What are the Advantages of Using Drag and Drop Website Builders?

1. Design With Ease

Most website builders highlight the value of ease in designing your own site. However, it’s important to know that you still need to figure out how to use the design tools in their site editor. This should not be a complicated task for beginners. Some platforms offer free online courses and web design tutorials before taking a deep dive into website building. Enabling you to design your own website with ease and expertise is something that a drag and drop website builder is good at. You certainly want to move things around and put them in the right place if you’ve got an eye for design. Regardless of the minimal or sleek design template, you have chosen for your website, you still need to drag and drop things to blend in your branding strategy. You can easily come up with design ideas if you have this powerful feature.

2. Build Site at Absolute Speed

Think about building a website in minutes and going live in no time. Yes, it’s possible with a drag and drop website builder. You really don’t need to hurry, but having to build a site at absolute speed is a great thing. You need not worry about any coding skills or anything related to the technical side of website building. Building your own site fast and easy is amazing. You just need to be equipped with the right design tools and features to execute ideas as fast as you can. The best drag and drop website builders got all these things.

3. Flexibility Gives You Control

Did you know that the more complex a website builder gets, the lesser they get more users? If you are looking for a drag and drop website builder that is true to its features and functionality, flexibility should be the first thing to find out. Some drag and drop website building platforms, although they offer it for free, you’ll find that it’s not flexible enough to bend and blend on your customization ideas. Flexibility helps you design your website easily with no frills. You don’t need to go to one tool and the other to move a single object. Simply get into the drag and drop mode, and things should work out your way.

4. Personalized Web Design

There’s nothing like making your own personalized website design. Drag and drop website builder makes it possible for users to develop their stunning ideas while still using one of the designer themes. It’s just a matter of being able to drag and drop the image to the left or put the call-to-action button on the top right part of your homepage. Things like that can be very significant to your online business success. While you can dig deeper into the psychology of web designs, it’s more realistic to apply your personal preferences and brand principles. Yes, it says a lot about personalization.

5 Best Drag and Drop Website Builder

∙ Squarespace

drag and drop website builder

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Use a drag and drop website builder like Squarespace. If you’re looking for the best-in-class when it comes to interface and web designs, this is for you. See how they can be a favorite to many creatives and designers. It has similarities to WordPress in terms of navigation layout between pages. Building a website with Squarespace is smoother and user-friendly. With Squarespace, you can enjoy a flexible and manageable website building experience.

∙ Wix

drag and drop website builder

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Wix is very popular with its stunning templates. You can say they’ve done a formidable job in web designs and worked really well to develop notable features like drag and drop editing. It has a true drag and drop feature that allows users to move things freely on their website. This simple yet significant feature empowers business and personal websites. To use a drag and drop website builder like Wix is one of the great decisions made by multiple users across the globe.

∙ GoDaddy

drag and drop website builder

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Still remember how GoDaddy ads made it compelling to their audience? You might be one of many people who were curious to try it out. And yes, it’s absolutely worth trying for. GoDaddy has improved a lot in terms of navigation, templates, and marketing features. At some point in the past, you’ve probably encountered one or two negative reviews about them, but they’ve totally improved everything. We’re talking about the ease in use, flexibility in design application, running tests, and related stuff. Like, you can enjoy this drag and drop website builder now.

∙ Strikingly

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Hey, look what we got here. It’s us. As a startup website builder, Strikingly is definitely not a beginner when it comes to good product features. Drag and drop editing is one of the many things that our users enjoy. We make website building fun and easy. Along with our best web services, you can find built-in eCommerce and blogs vital in building businesses and even personal brands. A simple web editor makes it easy for users to develop great design ideas. Easy navigation makes it more comfortable to switch between pages or move objects from one corner to another.

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This is how you can easily switch to drag and drop mode using our website editor. Look at how you can make quick edits or improvements on your website and go live instantly. If you want to find out more about this feature, chat with us now.

∙ Weebly

drag and drop website builder

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What makes Weebly stand out? Extremely simple and fast website building. Most drag and drop website builders treat user experience as a big deal. They don’t want to waste time because every single moment spent figuring out how to use a certain tool is time-consuming. Weebly empowers its users with tools and features that will help the site shine online. Weebly offers practical solutions with its brand and marketing tools when it comes to the best of the best. Drag and drop features are important in website building. It's important that a website building platform should be transparent with the capabilities and limitations of each feature. Weebly is true and honest when it comes to this matter.


We’ve just shared a significant feature in website building. The best drag and drop website builders are paying significant attention to their features and web services. Whether a beginner or a professional building a website, one can enjoy helpful features that give full control and freedom in designs. Predesigned templates are a great help, but you have to develop a concept aligned with your branding strategy. Personalization gives meaning and value to your website. This is the essence of why intuitive features like drag and drop editing are built. To make website building a hassle-free and easy task to do, great features are developed. Think of the idea as in a table setting. You have the freedom to put things properly where they belong. As one of our brilliant website users, In Plan View, website building should be as simple as setting up a table while putting your heart in everything you do.


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It is important to discover and understand the features and tools that can help you come up with the website you dreamed of. This is why another very important decision to make is the right website builder to make things happen. There are a few things to consider in choosing the best website building platform for your online space. Don’t compromise the quality of web services over good pricing. If you can get both, why not? Strikingly offers yearly plans with freebies such as unlimited hosting, custom domain, built-in eCommerce, plus lots of good features to enjoy. Ease of use, flexibility, good functionality, reasonable pricing, stunning web designs are some of the things that the best drag and drop website builders have in common. And, Strikingly got it all covered for you.