Being one of a kind is an advantage in an online world where everything can be replicated in just a matter of seconds. When you join an eCommerce community, you will see how all businesses exert all their efforts just to ensure that people recognize them. Wherever you look, competition is tough. You have to take things out of the ordinary to stand out. And what is one best way to showcase that? By choosing a super awesome domain name.

A website domain name is an “address” your business uses online. When you choose a domain name, you are also choosing what identity you’ll bring to the online community. Just imagine going to a mall to buy your favorite items. For you to find the products you want, the first thing you look for is the location of the shop selling those products you want. This is similar to when choosing a domain name for your online business. When you master how to choose a domain name, you are making it easier for your online audience and potential clients to find you first in line in a vast online community.


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Choosing a domain name will not just help you establish your brand online, but also help you get closer to your business goals. Many businesses have strengthened their brand online by mastering the best tips for choosing a domain name. If you are looking for excellent ideas on how to level up your website-building journey through learning how to choose a domain name, we’re glad to tell you that you are now in the right place to discover everything you need to know.

Benefits of Having the Best Domain Name

Understanding why you should choose a domain name has a lot of benefits. We listed them all down just for you to give you a better view of what they are.


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1. Improve Your SEO Rankings

Search engines play a massive role in achieving a fully-functional website. SEO is essential in making sure that websites are seen by their target audience online. Choosing a domain name can help you get a good and reliable relationship with search engines.

By choosing a domain name, you are giving your business better access to various search engines. When search engines recognize you through your best domain name, they can quickly improve your SEO rankings, making it easier for online audiences to find your website. The sooner you choose a domain name, the faster it will be for you to build a relationship with search engines.

2. Establish Your Identity

Another benefit one can gain from learning how to choose a domain name is being able to establish your own brand easily. Having your business name isn’t just about giving yourself your title in the business world. Choosing a domain name is also how you will tell your story to the whole world. It may not seem like it, but naming your website is similar to telling people about your business. Once you choose a domain name and use it on your website, you are already starting to build a connection with your target market.

By mastering helpful tips for choosing a domain name, you are making it easier for potential clients to understand who you are as a business and what you do just by taking a glimpse of your beautiful business name.

Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

Now that we’re done with the basics, let’s now get to another exciting topic that will surely get you more curious about naming your website—our awesome list of tips and tricks to remember before you choose a domain name.


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1. Pick a Unique Name

Just like what we’ve been mentioning in the first part of this blog, being unique is an advantage in the world of business. Before you choose a domain name for your online business, always ensure that you have the best domain name choices on your list. If you choose a unique domain name, your online audience can easily remember you. You can do this by listing all names on your mind and trying to create the best domain name. You can mix and match your ideas before you start choosing a domain name that best suits your taste.

One tip we can give you is to avoid naming your website based on what you usually see from your competitors online. When you choose a domain name similar to what you typically see on many online businesses, you are making it hard for your online business to get noticed quickly, especially by search engines. Also, before you choose a domain name, ensure that your “chosen one” is simple and easy to type.

You must consider that not everyone can remember your domain name at one glance. Some senior citizens and people with bad eyesight use the internet.

2. Choose the Right Extension

Domain extensions are another element you need to understand when dealing with how to choose a domain name. If you haven’t heard of them yet, domain extensions or top-level domains are the suffixes connected to your best domain name. These domain extensions are vital in identifying your website’s primary purpose, the location of your online business, as well as the owner of the business website.

Picking the best domain name extension ensures your business website will function well. And because we like website building here in Strikingly, we provided a list below of some of the best domain name extensions you can use for your next online business.


This best domain name extension is among the most used on the internet nowadays. This suffix stands for “commercial,” which is commonly associated with online businesses. It is also considered the best option when you choose a domain name extension.


This best domain extension refers to networks and is considered the 2nd best option to choose a domain name extension. Domain names with this extension are widely used by various service providers, including website hosting, collaboration tools, and databases.


This best domain suffix stands for organization and is widely used by charitable organizations in choosing a domain name extension.


This best domain name extension stands for “information” and is mainly reserved for informative homepages or educational websites.


If you are naming your website after your name, this best domain name extension is the one for you. This extension is highly recommended for online resumes, personal blogs, professional portfolio websites, and personal brands.

3. Focus on Branding

If there is one best among all the tips for choosing a domain name you can find on the internet and in this blog, it's staying on your brand. Naming your website, a unique name can make a lot of difference to your marketing strategy. When you have a unique brand name, an online audience can easily identify you among everyone in your niche. But, having a unique name does not necessarily mean making names that can put your branding at risk. One of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when choosing a domain name is becoming too careless in picking the name for their business. They tend to become too engrossed in choosing from all the fancy names they see online and they take more time choosing their name driven by the desire to be outstanding and trendy. Most of them tend to focus more on how they can choose a domain name that is above their competitors to ensure that they will get the attention from online viewers, making them forget what they should be putting their focus on–promoting their brand.

One thing you should remember in the world of ecommerce is that you can always have the catchiest domain name, but it takes an awesome domain name to keep everything on your brand. No matter what you consider in choosing a domain name, always ensure that you will come up with a domain name that will introduce your brand to your target market. Create a striking domain name with the mindset that the name you will be creating will serve as your partner in your online business journey. When you choose a domain name, see to it that you are not making the best domain name in the ecommerce world, but also the most effective one which will bring you the recognition you’ve always wanted.


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Start Naming Your Website with Us!

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