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Business websites are not just an addition to your business marketing endeavors anymore. It is now considered a necessity. Whether you have a physical store, a website for business, or both of them, you must know that as a business owner, each step you take and each resource you create and use for your business’ success must be rooted in what your customers would want or what they probably need. And in today’s advancement in technology, it is probably sufficient to say that an online presence is necessary for your business and marketing campaigns. We dwell some more on other reasons why you need a website for your business.

Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

You might wonder, “I’m only a small-time business owner, so why would I need a website for my business?” Well, the answer is simple. You definitely can accomplish many things with just your bare hands - and without the use of a website for business. But there is certainly more than you can achieve with one. These are only some of the reasons and explanations why your business needs a website, no matter how small it may seem.

1. Control

One of the primary reasons you need a website for your business is that you get to take control of the narrative about your business. See, without a website for business, your online presence will only be through social media sites and posts of your customers. Thus, most of what other potential customers will know about you is confined to what these social media platforms say about you. But when you start having a website for your business, you can take back the control and can primarily be able to see to it that what gets sent to your market is according to what you want to send and what you deem is the best way to introduce your products. Thus, when you have a good website for business, you also have a good tool to help you in ensuring that you have control over the wheel of the narrative you want your audience to know about.

2. Credibility

Having a website for your business also gives you a sense of credibility. You can more easily convince people that your business is trustworthy because a website for business is one of the things that can show how serious your business is, how much effort you put into it and how satisfied your previous customers are. You need a website for your business because it helps give your business not just a name in the industry but a good one, at that. A website can help you do that because most consumers don’t really trust your marketing stents and advertisements, no matter how good, accurate, or attention-catching it is. So more than your own words, you can display on your websites, feedback, and reviews from your own customers. After all, a friend’s words are more trustworthy than a salesperson's, and a fellow customer could be the best friend your potential customers are looking for.

Credibility through Strikingly Feedback

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3. Accessibility

A website for business gives you more than just a way to market your business and your products. It also helps you to be more accessible to your target market. By having a website for your business, you actively display your products for anyone to see and browse through. Unlike a physical store, you do not need to limit your store hours, and your business is thus open 24/7. This is one of the main reasons you need a website for your business. By making yourself and your products accessible to all your potential customers, you laid the foundation for a successful business. You can even take it to the next level and set up other features such as a Simple Store (an online store) so that your customers or site visitors can browse and find your products, but they can also purchase them right there then.

4. Adaptability

Another thing about having a website for your business is that it allows your platforms to be easily adjusted to fit your customers' needs. Much like promoting inclusivity through including wheelchair ramps or signages when you have a brick and mortar store, being adaptable to the changes brought upon by the very same technology that you are using is vital. Thus, if configured correctly and edited in the right way, a website for business will help your business thrive because none of your viewers, site visitors, and/or customers will have trouble browsing through and finding their way around your business. A website for business is also a good way to easily keep your design and brand up to date with the most recent and popular trends. Your business can grow exponentially well by being flexible and quick on your feet.

 Strikingly Adaptability

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5. Popularity

A good explanation of why your small business needs a website is that it is a good avenue for generically and authentically gaining new customers. A website for business is essentially your way into the industry. With the right marketing strategies, your website will serve as the home base where you can send all your potential customers too. As you promote and interact on other social media platforms, it helps you have one specific place where your potential customers can find all the information they need. Having a website for your business also allows you to be part of a much larger system, and you are thereby more likely to be found and known by more people.

6. Profitability

Finally, the last answer to your question of “why do I need a website for my business?” is that it is a good avenue for profitability. As we have already mentioned before, the website for business that you will create may not only contain information and/or promotions. It can also be a tool for you to easily and conveniently accommodate your customers’ purchases, receive their payments, and arrange for the shipping of your products. With a website builder like Strikingly, you can also easily track the analytics of your online store. Having a website for your business also allows you to be properly informed about your sales funnel and other information about your business and revenue that you can use for further planning. A business website can sometimes be tiring to create, but it can really deliver results that you will be surprised to keep track of when done right.

Strikingly Simple Store Analytics

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Need A Website For Your Business? Strikingly Got You!

There are so many website builders that you can find online. But let us introduce you to Strikingly. Strikingly is a website builder that offers you a lot of different features, and it is trusted by thousands of business owners such as yourself. It can help you easily register domain names, set up your own online store, blog, gather up email addresses or other information, connect your social media accounts, and so much more. Here’s how to build a website for business with Strikingly.

1. Sign up or log in with Strikingly

Here, you can sign up with your email address or sign up with Facebook. You can register for free and only avail of the upgrades of accounts consecutively.

2. Select from the Best Templates

Strikingly offers you hundreds of templates to choose from. Each of which offers up different layouts and features that you can easily modify for your own business needs. However, you can also overhaul any templates to make it into your own website for business. This allows you to be flexible and properly fulfill the need to have a website for your business.

Strikingly Templates

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3. Explore Your Editor

There are many things that you can do with Strikingly editor. But do not be afraid because the Strikingly editor is relatively easy to use. You can easily navigate through different menus and find what you are looking for. Each section that is already built into the template you chose or added to this website for business of yours is also easily customizable by a mini settings menu on its upper right portion. You can also easily add your own photos, videos, and other features.

4. Strikingly Support Got Your Back

However, if you ever encounter any trouble or problems as you create a website for business, you can easily reach out for help. Strikingly Happiness Officers will be there on the double to assist you in accomplishing whatever you are trying to do. This is a 24/7 service, so you do not need to worry about doing things independently. Different manuals can guide you through if that would make things easier.

Strikingly Support Center

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5. Publish and Let Your Business Thrive

Once you finish editing your website for business, Strikingly also assists you in making sure that you publish it with ease and without much trouble.

With Strikingly, you are not only given a chance to create a good website for business. You are given different tools to help you enhance your website, innovate your business, and reach more customers. With just one website builder, you can reap all the benefits of control, credibility, accessibility, adaptability, popularity, and profitability. You don’t even need to be an expert artist or an expert in information technology to be able to create an amazing website that can match your amazing business and products. Sign up or log in now and let Strikingly help you bring your business towards definite success.