Take Control: Tips on How to Drive Traffic to Your Store

Have you just established your own business? And have you recently made a website to house your products? An online store is the way to go in today’s age of technology and the internet. People are increasingly relying on the use of online and virtual technology in everything they do - especially shopping. It is thereby not surprising at all that many businesses, no matter their size or kind, have an online presence. If you are one of those people, you often wonder how to drive traffic to your store. It’s not easy to understand and navigate the online world, after all. But surely a motivated and passionate business owner, like you, won’t have any trouble learning all you need to know about how to drive traffic to your online store.

Ecommerce traffic is a term that is not often heard or known in the lives of normal people. But as a businessperson - an online business person, ecommerce traffic are two words that can either be a source of your stress or a reason for your happiness. See, making a website and having visitors and customers is one thing but increasing traffic to your online store is a completely new ball game. The right methods to increase ecommerce traffic can be a bit of a learning curve for many start-up online business people. It can be frustrating at times to have such an amazing website and amazing products yet have minimal ecommerce traffic. But let us remind you that you are totally capable of keeping up with the modern times of today. Remember that you’ve got all you need at the palm of your hands.

The internet may be home to a competitive industry of sorts but it also houses all the information you will need to drive traffic to your online store. For instance, here is a list of eight tips on how to drive traffic to your store.


  1. Campaigning sales never fails.
  2. What the eyes love, the customer buys
  3. Social media is your friend
  4. Help influencers, so they help you
  5. The right words can get you on top
  6. Maximize content marketing on your website
  7. Take advantage of Bing and Google Ads
  8. Email marketing never gets old

Now that list isn’t all that complicated, is it? Breathe, be patient and read on with us as we guide you through these 8 tips on how to drive traffic to your store:

  1. Campaigning sales never fails

If you yourself are an online shopper as well, you also know how easy it is to fall into the trap of these companies. A simple “Buy now and get yours for 50% off!” or “Buy 1, Take 1” or “Join now and ..” and the likes can get you to click and bam! You have just increased their ecommerce traffic. You can easily tell your website visitors this kind of news by using the pop-up announcements feature on your website. It’s fairly simple, but it always works beautifully. It may be hard to imagine but, with a little bit of practice, you too can drive your traffic to your online store like most large companies. Study and contemplate on what you can and what you have to offer to your customers. Think creatively of various campaigns you can do in order to increase your ecommerce traffic. It can be in simple promos, offering coupons, hosting contests, and giveaways that highlight your products best. Remember the purpose of your product and use these as ways to remind people why they need and want it. These simple yet appropriate campaigns give you an avenue on how to drive traffic to your store.

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  1. What the eyes love, the customer buys

Another sure-fire way on how to drive traffic to your store is to make sure they love what they see. Your website is your products’ online home. Think of it like this, when do you have this urge to go inside a store and browse or buy whenever you’re strolling through the malls? It’s when their storefront catches your attention, right? No matter what others say, as people, we always have a tendency to judge first with our eyes. How the storefront is designed is what attracts us towards the business product. So when we are attracted to the beauty and organization of a store front, our feet travel towards the inside of your store. This is a primary method on how to drive traffic to your store. It’s no different with online stores. Ensuring that your website homepage is well-organized and beautifully designed can easily increase traffic to your online store. How you organize your website to suit your target audience preferences can go a long way on how to drive traffic to your store.

  1. Social media is your friend

With today’s online global world, social media dominates. An online presence - a website is truly important, sure. But having a social media presence is also as important. See, websites’ main home are the search engines. However, in reality, the social media traffic is far faster than search engines. There are more people that lurk on social media rather than on websites. But that’s not something you should worry about. In fact, you can use this fact to your online store’s advantage - mastering how to drive traffic to your store. If you utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and the like, you can directly lead your followers to your website. Your social media profile can easily increase ecommerce traffic for your business. You can modify and make them in a way to promote your products while also establishing a connection with your customers. Using features such as Facebook Ads, IG stories, IG TVs, and the like. Twitter also has an advanced search feature you can take advantage of. You can also do this vice versa - that is, you can put your social media profiles on your website so that customers can follow your accounts and be updated whenever you post updates.

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  1. Help influencers, so they help you

You know how large companies employ certain celebrities to endorse their products? Well, in today’s time, you can have something similar to that. You don’t have to only dream about employing celebrities whenever you are thinking about how to drive traffic to your store. See, in the age of social media wherein anyone has the potential to gather followers as if they were celebrities. Influencers come in all shapes and sizes - and they have thousands or even millions of followers. Establishing connections with them can help you drive your ecommerce traffic. Most influencers agree to a mutually beneficial relationship. Simply by sending them your products for free, you gain access and influence to their followers for free as well. They can use their own platforms for advertising your products and asking their followers to go directly to your website.

  1. The right words can get you on top

Words are powerful, especially when it comes to search engines. See, with the momentous amount of information available online. Your products and your website is only one of the millions in existence, and potential customers can easily miss yours. This is why it is important to know certain keywords to help you increase your search engine rankings. Knowing how to incorporate these words or phrases into your website is one of the most important lessons you have to learn on how to drive traffic to your store. By increasing your search engine rankings, more people will more easily be led to your website and therefore you are more likely to increase ecommerce traffic for your business.

  1. Maximize content marketing on your website

See, one thing you have to remember in mastering how to drive traffic to your store is that your website can be more than just a place to display your products. A website customized accordingly will ensure that you increase traffic to your online store. While it is important to highlight your products, you have to take into consideration other ways on how you can do this other than displaying them in a beautiful layout. You can add blogs to your website - blogs that can attest to your products quality and purpose or narrate an experience from one of your customers. You can also submit blogs about your product on other sites that can link readers to your website. Another way on how to drive traffic to your store is to incorporate your products using videos added to your website. Short, energetic videos endorsing your products can entice viewers to purchase your products.

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  1. Take advantage of Bing and Google Ads

This method falls under the list of how to drive traffic to your store, but be warned that this particular tip costs more money than the previous tips. See, with search engine optimization, you use keywords to increase your search engine ranking so that people may see your site first in the list of search results. By using Bing and Google Ads, you actually pay Google and Bing to deliberately show your site to your target audience. It can be costly, but it ensures that you drive traffic to your online store. With the chance to target a certain audience using a specific criteria like demographics, location, and the like, ecommerce traffic on your site will certainly increase.

  1. Email marketing never gets old

While we have emphasized the importance of SEO and social media marketing, we still believe in the power of email marketing. See, while it is a known fact that social media is where most of the people spend their time, there is no denying that people - especially those who are working - check their emails everyday. Strikingly allows you to add a Hello bar on your website. This enables you to ask for your customers’ email addresses for them to subscribe to your site. This way, they are sent emails whenever your online store has any updates, announcements or any exciting news. Hello bar also allows you to customize a certain message that can help you catch your customer’s attention. These updates can help you increase ecommerce traffic of your site.

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See, it’s not that difficult to drive traffic to your online store. I hope these tips on how to drive traffic to your store were helpful. These tips can easily be applied to your own business website. Make your own website that can house all of these tips - Strikingly offers all the features mentioned above and so much more!