A Good Customer Testimonial Is Your Five-star Rating

Businesses worldwide have relied on the power of the internet to reach a bigger target audience. Ecommerce stores used to be limited, but now they have flooded the online business industry. Before this rise in online stores, customers were reluctant worldwide to trust and buy products they had not yet laid their hands on. Physically holding and inspecting the products used to be something of a requirement. And yet, as the years passed, especially after this pandemic, people eventually learned to appreciate the beauty of online shopping. They have even liked it so much that it is one of today's most profitable businesses.

A critical factor in this change is the fact that customers have learned how to exert a bit more effort to scrutinize and check both the seller and the product’s legitimacy. They do this by checking the store’s credibility and reputation. In exchange for not being able to evaluate their products physically, they have found assessing the business is an excellent way to establish that their money won’t go to waste. And one of the primary things that help them decide is the thoughts of their peers - other customers who came before them. This is where a customer testimonial comes in useful for businesses. Customer testimonials have helped immensely in helping other customers decide and supporting businesses to earn more.

What is a Customer Testimonial?

A customer testimonial is a positive customer review. It is an affirming and favorable comment or a statement that previous customers made about specific products they have purchased, certain services they have availed of, or the entire business in general. Unlike customer reviews, customer testimonials are all positive. These are handpicked and specifically selected to showcase your business's good attributes and the products and services you offer. Thus, they not only work as a suitable type of content that you can use to fill your website, they also effectively act as a good marketing and conversion tool.

Importance of Customer Testimonials

While we know that a customer testimonial helps a business earn more, let’s dive deeper into why customer testimonials are valuable to a business.

  • A customer testimonial helps establish credibility. No matter how honest and transparent you are as a business owner, it will still be difficult for potential customers to take your word when you talk about the quality of the product or service you provide. This is where customer testimonials come in handy. With more people confirming what you said, you would be more likely to achieve trust and confidence. Your business would be more credible if customers could attest to it.
  • New customers are more likely to consider your business. Even if you only have a few customer testimonials, it would still make a huge difference for anyone considering your business. You see, customer testimonials act as proof that you are legit and can be trusted. For each customer testimonial you have, you are telling potential customers that they don’t have to be afraid of a scam when it comes to your business because there have been other people who have certified your credibility. When two businesses are pitted against each other, one has a few customer reviews and the other has none, the former wins.

GDC Consulting Testimonials

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

  • Customer testimonials can more easily persuade. A customer testimonial does not only work as a way for potential customers to consider buying from your business. It can also be the push that they need to push through with their checkout. Potential customers consider it one of the primary deciding factors when purchasing. A good customer review has been proven to be a good strategy for customer conversion. This is because other customers put much value in the words of their peers - customers like them.
  • A customer testimonial carries a personal touch. Customer testimonials come from real people - actual customers. They aren’t strictly and formally scripted nor carefully constructed because they are honest customer reviews. By displaying them, you give your website visitors an image that your business is loved, that you have good quality products, and that you have built a loyal customer base. The personal touch that your customer testimonials bring to the table gives your website visitors a good impression of the kind of business you are.

Displaying Customer Testimonials With Strikingly

A customer testimonial would go a long way if you put it in a position on your website where website visitors and potential customers will highly appreciate it. There is no one right way to display your customer testimonials. After all, each business is different from the other. This is why Strikingly helps every kind of business by providing different ways on how a business can display its customer testimonials. Take a look at some of the Strikingly testimonial examples below.

1. Playfight - Plain Text

Playfight Customer Testimonials
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

The most common and simplest way to display your customer testimonials is by adding a “Plain Text” section. You can do this by going to your Strikingly editor, adding a section, and going to the “Text” options. The Plain Text section lets you easily input the customer testimonial you want to display. You can edit the appearance, i.e, the font style, size, and color - and the layout of the text you want to display. The background photo of the whole section can also be changed and modified. And you can also change into different overlay formats or just proceed to “drag and drop” where you can arrange the section in any way you want. This allows you to organize your customer testimonials in an organized and simple way.

2. Fighting Pretty - Text + Button Slider

Fighting Pretty Customer Testimonials
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

The second way that you can display your customer testimonials on Strikingly is by using a slider. There are two types of sliders: one is for banner images, and the other is for text and buttons. Fighting Pretty (above) used the latter. If you want to add the “Text + Button slider”, you just have to go to your Strikingly editor, add a section, and go to the “Call to Action” options. You can easily remove the button if you have no use for it by clicking on the button and selecting “Remove.” You can also add your image side by side with the text displayed. Consequently, the “Banner Image slider” can be found in the “Image and Video” options. Whether you want to display text or a photo containing the text or quote, the beauty with this kind of format is that you get to highlight each customer testimonial - and the scrolling bit is an added fun bonus for website visitors.

3. Kerryn Gamble - Feature List

Kerryn Gamble Customer Testimonials

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

You can also use the “Feature List” section. As you can see with the praises for Kerryn Gamble, every customer testimonial features not only the quoted statement of the customer reviews but also the picture of the person who said it. You can add this section on your own Strikingly website by going to your site editor, adding a section, and going to the “Feature List” option. Here, you will find four different kinds of layouts that you can use. The unique thing about this kind of format is that you can not only add a text but also picture and a call-to-action button, if you wanted to. You can also change the background of the whole section, the fonts of the text, and the image that you want displayed. This kind of format is very useful for customer testimonials because it puts a face on the statement - which makes it more effective.

4. Radio Eden - Info Boxes

Radio Eden Testimonials

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

The last kind of format that we want to show you is the “Info Boxes.” This type of section format for your customer testimonials is similar to the “Plain Text” section. The difference is that each customer testimonial has its box in this format. Similar to adding a “Plain Text” section, you can add this kind of section to your Strikingly website by going to your site editor, adding a section, and going to the “Text” options. But instead of adding a “Plain Text” one, you must select the “Info Boxes” section. You can select from four different layouts for your display and change the background of the whole section itself. The wonderful thing about this is that you allow your customer testimonials to be visibly segregated from one another; thus, they are more highlighted and easier to read.

Don’t miss out on all the benefits of displaying your customer testimonials. Each customer testimonial is a five-star rating that tells all your website visitors, and other potential customers just how amazing and high-quality your products and services are. Be proud that your business is one that your customers love and will proudly and openly support.

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