You must know by now that as an actor, you need an actor website to represent your brand online. Having a professional site is crucial in this era where people mostly use the internet to search for virtually anything you can think of. When casting producers look up your name online, you don’t want them to land on your personal social media account. Actor websites enable artists to make a good first impression to potential clients, producers and talent managers.


These days, you don’t need technical expertise in web design and development to create the best actor websites. In fact, many actor websites examples were built by aspiring artists who may have little to no prior experience in setting up websites. A good actor website builder makes this task possible. All you need to do is focus on creating great content and customizing your selected template into a site that reflects your brand and personality. With that said, here are a few guidelines to remember for creating effective actor websites.

1. Select the right website template

With a site builder, you normally start off by choosing from various actor website templates in the platform’s collection. Your choice ultimately depends on your content objectives and the kind of features that you want to get on your site.

Plan for the look and feel of your actor personal website. What colors do you want to incorporate into the template? Choosing a color scheme requires a clear view of your objectives for building a site. Different colors convey different emotions. Creatives usually lean towards bold shades and artistic visuals. Are you a theatre actor? Perhaps a minimalist color scheme might reflect your image more. Ultimately, your personality will dictate the design direction your website will take.

2. Build an attractive portfolio of your best projects

For seasoned actors who must have appeared in several shows, programs and stage plays, it can be challenging to select which projects should go in your portfolio. It’s much easier to dump everything in for everyone to see. This may not be the most efficient way to land gigs, however. Most producers, casting directors and talent scouts may not have the luxury of time to go through your entire work history so it’s best to take the time to pick out only the best of the best. Choose projects that you are particularly proud of and those that were especially memorable for you.

3. Add a blog feature to constantly keep your content fresh

There might be projects that you want to elaborate on. Starting a blog can be the best way to tell stories about the projects you have been part of. You can relate your experiences through your posts, add more action photos or even videos. Some artists, especially those who are just starting out use blogs to contain their audition reel. It gives visitors an opportunity to see potential talents.

4. Connect your social media pages

If you already have a considerable social media presence, connecting your accounts to your website will further create a cohesive branding. Your website can be the central source of information and updates for your fans and potential clients with your social media pages serving as a good way to get up-to-the-minute updates about you. Add a social stream feature to your website to keep your web visitors updated as well. Engage your audience with social media comment functionality and make sure to reply to comments and feedback in a timely manner.

5. Consider a custom domain

Strikingly can provide you with a personalized subdomain for free when you create your actors website. We do suggest that you choose a custom website name wisely. Ideally, your domain should contain your name so that when people search for you, your site will come up first in search results. Eventually, it is highly recommended that you register a customized domain to make your website more professional.