Actor websites are definite must-haves in this era. You’ve got to have the talent to make it big in this industry but producers are also more inclined to cast artists with a good solid following and an established personal brand. And these days, the web is the best place to start building your brand and attracting fans.

building actor websites

Actors websites are like online resumes - spaces that are meant to highlight projects and convince producers and talent scouts to hire you. It’s a powerful source of information about your professional data and an effective way to make a good first impression online.

A lot goes into creating the best actor websites because it affects how you build your brand on the internet. In this article, let’s discuss the most common mistakes that many actor websites commit and how to avoid them.

1. Using an outdated looking design

The best actor websites examples have one thing in common - modern and updated web design. Your website should keep up with the times. An outdated and unprofessional looking website can make you look really bad. It makes it seem like you didn’t put a lot of thought into what goes into your online profile. Strikingly has an expansive collection of modern actor website templates

2. Choosing the wrong template

Using a website builder for building actor websites is okay but selecting an inappropriate template can be bad. It gets worse when some users do not customize the template, ending up with a generic-looking site. Strikingly aims to empower users to create unique websites by offering ample room for customizing color schemes and fonts, as well as images and backgrounds.

3. One and done websites

actors websites

Actor websites should be dynamic. You don’t simply put up one and call it a day. You need to work on your website and update it with fresh content regularly. Put up your latest photos, projects or media coverage on the gigs you have done in the past. Turn it into a website that showcases your unique talents. If you have a knack for writing, extend the site into a blog. An updated website increases your online visibility which would be good if you’re trying to build a follower base - something that producers and talent scouts usually find appealing.

4. Not connecting your site to social media

By now, you’ve probably created pages on various social media sites. Connecting your website to your social media pages can help create a more consolidated online presence. People don’t easily see the connection between your online pages when you don’t connect them together. Link these pages so they can work to promote one another. Your site can promote your social media pages and you can encourage your followers and subscribers to check out your website for new content.

5. Third person updates and generic content

Unless you’re already a big star, you will not benefit from content that is written in the third person. It is your actor website so it has to be personal. Write as if you’re directly communicating with your audience. Make your website unique by relating your personal story. A well-written bio can go a long way towards creating a fan base and, eventually, auditions.

6. Not making your contact information readily available

Leaving your contact details out of your website defeats the main purpose of encouraging producers and talent scouts to contact you for auditions. Strikingly’s actor website templates already feature a section where you can enter your contact information and encourage visitors to send you a message. Make sure to use it wisely.