How to Measure the Success of Social Marketing

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How To Measure The Success Of Social Marketing

Social marketing is an approach that utilizes marketing principles to promote social good. It involves using marketing techniques to influence behavior change and improve the well-being of individuals and society. Measuring the success of social marketing campaigns is crucial to understanding their impact and improving their effectiveness. In this ‘What is social marketing’ guide, we will explore the definition of social marketing, the importance of measuring success, and how Strikingly can help you achieve your goals.

What Is Social Marketing?

According to the social marketing definition, social marketing promotes positive behavior change by applying commercial marketing techniques to social issues. It involves identifying target audiences, understanding their needs and motivations, developing effective messages, and delivering them through appropriate channels. The ultimate goal is to improve health, safety, environmental sustainability, and well-being.

Measuring the success of social marketing campaigns is essential for evaluating their impact and improving their effectiveness. You can identify what works and what doesn't work in your campaigns by tracking metrics such as reach, engagement, conversion rates, and behavior change outcomes. The information can help you adjust your strategy accordingly and optimize your resources.

Advantages Of Social Marketing

Here are some major advantages of social marketing:

  • It promotes positive social change. Social marketing campaigns aim to change behaviors and attitudes to benefit society in some way. They can improve public health, safety, the environment, education, and more.
  • It is cost-effective. Social marketing leverages existing social networks and media platforms, so it does not require a big budget. Low-cost tools can be used to reach and engage large audiences.
  • It reaches broad audiences. Harnessing the power of social networks and media, social marketing messages can spread widely and rapidly reach very large numbers of people.
  • It allows targeted messaging. Campaigns can be tailored to reach specific audiences and communities based on location, age, gender, interests, and more. Precision targeting helps to focus on those most affected or concerned.
  • It builds public trust. People tend to trust campaigns from reputable non-profits, universities, and government organizations more than commercial brands. Trust enhances influence and impact.
  • It promotes community engagement. Social marketing fosters discussions and interactions within communities. Engagement and connectivity strengthen the potential for change.
  • It provides valuable insights. Data and metrics from social marketing campaigns offer insights into audiences, their responses, the spread of key messages, and opportunities to optimize strategy.
  • It has a lasting influence. Social marketing aims for long-term impact by prompting sustainable behavior changes and POLICY shifts. It seeks to empower people and communities over time.
  • It complements other strategies. Social marketing works with traditional marketing and policy/structural changes. An integrated "marketing mix" helps to support behavior changes from multiple angles.
  • It advances social equality. To motivate behavior change in marginalized groups, social marketing helps address social inequities and promote more justice in society. Campaigns give voices to underserved communities.

Social marketing leverages the power of social influence for positive social impact. It is a very valuable process for enacting meaningful and sustainable change. The advantages are both social and practical. When done well, social marketing benefits both individuals and communities.

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In this social marketing guide on understanding social marketing and measuring its success, we will cover several important topics related to social media metrics tracking:

  • Setting measurable goals
  • Tracking metrics
  • Analyzing data
  • Adjusting strategy
  • Creating reports

Setting Measurable Goals

Setting measurable goals is essential to any successful social marketing campaign. With clear goals, measuring success and making data-driven decisions to improve your strategy is possible.

Importance Of Setting Goals

When it comes to social marketing, setting clear and measurable goals is crucial for success. It gives you a roadmap for your campaign and helps you track progress and make data-driven decisions to improve your strategy over time.

Smart Goals Framework

One popular framework for setting effective goals is the SMART framework. The acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Following this framework, you can ensure that your goals are well-defined and achievable.

Examples Of Measurable Goals

Some examples of measurable social marketing goals might include:

  • Increase Instagram followers by 20% within the next three months
  • Generate 500 new leads through Facebook ads in the next six weeks
  • Increase website traffic from Twitter by 30% in the next quarter

How Strikingly Can Help With Goal-Setting

The Strikingly offers a variety of tools to help you set and track your social marketing goals. The analytics dashboard lets you easily monitor key metrics like website traffic, engagement rates, and follower growth over time. The customizable templates make creating landing pages optimized for lead generation or other specific objectives easy.

Strikingly Can Help With Goal-Setting In Social Marketing

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Tracking Metrics

Social media metrics are primarily for measuring the success of your social marketing approach. These metrics help you understand how your social media campaigns perform, what resonates with your audience, and what needs improvement.

Overview Of Social Media Metrics

There are various social media metrics that you can track to measure the effectiveness of your social marketing strategy. Some popular metrics include engagement rate, reach, impressions, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and share of voice.

Popular Metrics To Track

The engagement rate is a crucial metric measuring the interaction level between your audience and your content. Reach measures how many people have seen your content, while impressions measure how many times it has been viewed.


CTR measures the number of people who have clicked on a link in your post or ad, while conversion rate measures the number of people who have completed a desired action, such as filling out a form or purchasing. Share of voice is a metric that compares your brand's visibility with your competitors.

Tools For Tracking Metrics

Various tools are available for tracking social media metrics, such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite Insights, Sprout Social, and Buffer Analyze. These tools allow you to monitor and analyze data from different social media platforms in one place.

How Strikingly Integrates With Social Media Metrics

Strikingly provides built-in analytics tools that track key website metrics such as traffic sources and page views. It also integrates with Google Analytics to provide more detailed insights into user behavior on your website.

Strikingly Integrates With Social Media Metrics For Effective Social Marketing

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Analyzing Data

Social marketing is a dynamic approach that requires constant analysis and adaptation to achieve success. Analyzing data is crucial in understanding how your social marketing strategy is performing, identifying trends and patterns, and making necessary adjustments.


In this section, we will explore the importance of data analysis in social marketing and how Strikingly simplifies the process.

Importance Of Data Analysis

Data analysis plays a crucial role in social marketing because it provides insights into how your content performs, what your audience likes or dislikes, and which strategies work. You can recognize areas for improvement and make informed decisions about your social media strategy by analyzing data regularly.

Data Visualization Tools

One of the challenges of analyzing data is quickly making sense of large amounts of information. Data visualization tools help simplify complex data by presenting it in visual formats such as graphs, charts, and tables. These tools make identifying patterns, trends, and outliers in your data easier.

Identifying Trends And Patterns

Analyzing data helps you identify trends and patterns that can inform your social marketing strategy. For example, certain types of content perform better than others, or that specific times of day generate more engagement from your audience. You can adjust your strategy accordingly to maximize results by identifying these trends and patterns.

How Strikingly Simplifies Data Analysis

Strikingly's analytics dashboard simplifies data analysis by presenting key metrics such as page views, clicks, bounce rates, and referral sources in an easy-to-understand format. The dashboard also includes built-in data visualization tools that visually track performance over time.

Strikingly Simplifies Data Analysis For Social Marketing

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Adjusting Strategy

In social marketing, adjusting your strategy is essential to achieving success. It involves understanding the data, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing changes to optimize performance.

Understanding The Data

To adjust your social marketing approach, you must clearly understand the data you have collected. It includes tracking metrics such as engagement, click-through, and conversion rates. You can recognize trends and patterns that can inform your strategy moving forward by analyzing this data.

Identifying Areas For Improvement

Once you understand the data, you can identify areas for improvement in your social marketing approach. It might include changing the content type you share or adjusting your targeting strategies to reach a more relevant audience.

Implementing Changes

After identifying areas for improvement, it's time to implement changes to optimize performance. It might involve creating new content or adjusting your posting frequency to better engage with your audience.

How Strikingly Can Aid In Adjusting Strategy

Strikingly offers a range of tools that can help you adjust your social marketing strategy based on data analysis. For example, their analytics dashboard provides real-time insights into how users interact with your website and social media accounts.

Creating Reports

Reporting is an essential part of social marketing. It helps you track your progress, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about your strategy moving forward. In this section, we'll discuss the importance of reporting, the elements of a good report, reporting tools, and how Strikingly can assist in report creation.

Importance Of Reporting

Reporting is crucial for measuring the success of your social marketing approach. With it, you will know whether you're meeting or progressing toward your goals. Reporting also helps you identify trends and patterns in your data that can inform future decision-making.

Elements Of A Good Report

A good report should be clear, concise, and visually appealing. It should include an executive summary highlighting key findings and recommendations and detailed data on metrics like engagement rates, reach, and conversions. The report should also include visualizations like graphs or charts to help readers understand the data.

Reporting Tools

Many reporting tools are available to help you easily create professional-looking reports. Some popular options include Google Analytics, Hootsuite Insights, and Sprout Social. These tools allow you to customize your reports with different metrics and visualizations and save templates for future use.

How Strikingly Can Assist In Report Creation

Strikingly offers built-in analytics tools that make tracking your website's performance easy across social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube, etc. With Strikingly's analytics dashboard & integrations with other third-party services like Google Analytics or Hootsuite Insights etc., it's easy to create custom reports that showcase the metrics that matter most to you.

Strikingly's Role In Helping With Social Marketing

Social marketing can be daunting, but with Strikingly's help, you can create a successful social media campaign that reaches your target audience. Here are some ways Strikingly can assist you in achieving your social marketing goals:

Stellar Social Media? We've Got You Covered

Strikingly provides an easy-to-use platform for creating stunning social media pages that showcase your brand and engage your audience. You can build a professional-looking page in minutes with customizable templates and a user-friendly interface.

Engage Followers With Compelling, Creative Content

Content is king in social marketing. With our advanced yet easy-to-use features, you can create content that engages and inspires your followers. From eye-catching graphics to thought-provoking blog posts, you may create content that drives engagement and builds brand loyalty.

Social Marketing- Engage Customers with Compelling Content

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Expand Your Reach With Expert Hashtag Usage

Hashtags are essential to any successful social media campaign, but knowing which ones to use can be tricky. Use the best hashtags for your industry and incorporate them into your posts, blogs, and images to expand your reach and attract new followers.

Maximize Your Exposure With Targeted Ads

Paid advertising effectively reaches new audiences on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can develop targeted ad campaigns that reach the right people at the right time, maximizing exposure while minimizing costs.

Monitor Your Metrics For Optimized Performance

Measuring the success of your social media campaign is crucial for identifying areas of improvement and optimizing your strategy. Strikingly provides tools for tracking metrics like engagement, reach, and conversion rates, so you can monitor your performance and make data-driven decisions.

Trust Us To Amplify Your Online Presence

With Strikingly's help; you can amplify your online presence and establish yourself as a leader in your industry. You may develop a comprehensive social marketing strategy that aligns with your goals and drives results.

Let Strikingly Be Your Social Media Secret Weapon

Social marketing can be overwhelming. Still, with Strikingly's help, you can create a successful campaign that reaches your target audience and drives results. It can be your secret weapon in the world of social marketing.


As we wrap up this social marketing guide, we must recap the key points we've covered. We've defined social marketing and emphasized the importance of measuring success through setting measurable goals, tracking metrics, analyzing data, adjusting strategy, and creating reports.

Measuring success is crucial in understanding the impact of your social marketing approach. You can simplify this process and improve your overall performance by utilizing Strikingly.


Strikingly is valuable for businesses looking to enhance their social marketing efforts. With its ability to help set goals, track metrics, analyze data and create reports, it can be your secret weapon in improving your online presence. Measure your success today with Strikingly, and ensure your efforts are noticed. Take the first step and sign up today!