Gaining customer loyalty can make any online entrepreneur more confident in whatever they do. It keeps them inspired and motivated to continue serving their chosen market. Businesses treat the attention they are getting as the fruit of all their efforts to capture the online market's hearts and minds. When you gain customer loyalty, repeated purchases are the main character of your story and the trust you earn from your client.

As a wiser entrepreneur, it is a must for you to keep yourself connected with your client. It would be best if you made all your effort to make them like you and your business. To reach the top, you must master the art of making them miss you. It would be best if you learned how to keep them coming back to you. One way to effectively do that—understanding what is customer retention.


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What is Customer Retention?

The process of retaining customers, or simply customer retention, is one effective strategy to gain revenue. When you use customer retention strategies for your business, you try increasing a consumer's repeat purchasing rate. A customer retention program mainly aims to extract additional value from a company's target audience. Including a customer retention strategy allows businesses to turn any online visitor into repeat buyers and prevents them from transacting with competitors. Customer retention helps online companies determine whether the market loves their products and service quality.

Retained customers are essential in any online company. Aside from the fact that they help increase sales, retained customers also make way for good relationships. Managing and growing any business is always possible when good business-customer relationships exist.

Importance of Customer Retention

When you start an online business, you want to ensure that every customer you worked so hard to acquire stays with you. One of your goals is to provide them with an outstanding customer experience so they'll eventually think of you more than your competitors. Taking your time mastering how to retain customers can give you something you can use in conquering the world of eCommerce.

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Starting an online business means battling with many competitors to gain revenue. As someone entering a competitive world, you must know how to use your weapons well. By understanding an effective customer retention program, increasing your company's revenue is always possible. Retained customers are typically more than willing to try and purchase whatever type of new product you offer them. Learning how to retain customers help you earn the trust of your target market, making them more attached to you. Once you establish a connection with them, making smooth transactions comes second.

Getting higher customer satisfaction also increases through implementing effective customer retention strategies. More satisfied customers mean more revenue gained by your online company.

Top 10 Customer Retention Strategies

Mastering how a customer retention program works is overwhelming, especially for those who have only encountered it for the first time. With the information you can find online, you might need clarification about picking which customer retention strategies would work best for you. Our pro tip, take your time in doing your research.


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Not because everyone else uses a specific customer retention strategy means you must do it. Learning how retaining customer in your business works is about something other than using what is the latest trends among your competitors. For you to ace it perfectly, you must find the right one for you. To help you have a better look, we listed the top ten powerful customer retention strategies you could use for your eCommerce website.

1. Prioritize Customer Experience

Providing an exceptional customer experience is the number one priority of every business. If you want to secure a long life in eCommerce, you must do your part in satisfying your customers. You might not seem to notice it, but many customers get hooked on a business because of how they are treated. By mastering how to retain customers, you can understand your clients more. Observe how your target audience responds to your customer retention strategies. Take important notes of the elements which captured their attention. Customer retention allows you to ensure that you are delivering an exciting interaction with your target audience. You can effectively do this by improving your business website's navigation. Most customers prefer to avoid slow websites. The moment they log on to your page and everything isn't working, they'll immediately leave your page. If you want to save yourself from these troubles, ensure that your website-building platform functions well and supports a smooth-navigation on business websites—like how we build websites here at Strikingly.

2. Respond Immediately

Customer response is another crucial element in a customer retention strategy. One reason why online audiences visit you is because of their problems that seek a solution. They want to find answers to their queries that they think would only be answered by you. If you wish to keep retaining customers, always ensure that you respond immediately. Mastering how to maintain customers means understanding that they always want attention and good service from you.

When you study how the customer retention program works, you should also find ideas to respond to your clients immediately. Here at Strikingly, we ensure that our users can communicate directly with their clients through a live chat feature. Our excellent live chat feature allows business owners to add a live chat feature on the Strikingly website and quickly respond to their audience.

3. Encourage Engagements

Encouraging more engagements on your business website makes customer retention more possible. One thing about online consumers is that they tend to be curious about everything. When they browse business websites, many need help figuring out what they are looking for. But as soon as they came across something that caught their attention, they immediately invested in it and wanted to know more.

By mastering how to drive engagements on your website, gaining retained customers becomes more effortless. The more the online audience is invested in your website, the more they develop into retained customers of your online store.

4. Get Regular Feedback

A customer's feedback is another customer's conscience. One fact about online consumers is that they love getting opinions from their co-consumers. If you want to do customer retention right, get regular feedback from your previous clients. By getting regular feedback from your past customers, you are giving yourself higher chances of converting online visitors into sure buyers or retained customers.

You can smoothly do this by putting a feedback section on your business website. In this section, you can put statements from your past clients about your transactions. When online visitors see this, they will instantly understand how you do what you do. And when the excellent impression keeps coming, earning a retaining customer each day will never be just a dream.

5. Track Your Performance

The next thing you need to learn to earn a retaining customer regularly is tracking your performance. As a business, it is one of your duties to map your customer journey for the past months. Take your time in identifying how much you have improved for the past transactions you had with your online audience. Analyze what specific customer retention strategies worked for them and which did not affect them at all.

Doing this step helps you understand the steps you need to continuously implement in a regaining customer process that requires more focus. By tracking your performance, you can smoothly understand how your online audience responds to the customer retention strategies you are implementing. Here at Strikingly, tracking your website performance is easier with our built-in analytics.


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6. Surprise Them

A customer retention strategy should not be boring. If you want to earn a retaining customer, you must create excellent marketing strategies that'll drive them to you. Customer delight is one of the most effective customer retention tips you can use for your online business. It would be best if you put extra effort into fulfilling the expectations of your chosen market. Never miss a chance to showcase to your online audience how capable you are in catering to their needs.

Find out their pain points and develop an excellent customer retention strategy to make them choose you over your competitors. You can make your conversations personalized by sending them welcome greetings in their emails or communicating with them in real-time using their preferred communication channels.

7. Educate Your Customers

Customer retention is about more than just making efforts to increase sales. An effective customer retention strategy sometimes involves sharing knowledge with your target audience. The business world does not only revolve around consumers who want to purchase something. The eCommerce world is also for those who want to adapt to new learnings and discover something useful. There are a lot of online consumers who visit websites to learn something new.

As a wise entrepreneur, you must grab this chance to share your knowledge and skills and quickly use your customer retention strategies. When you put educational stuff on your business website, online consumers will get interested, thus, keeping the engagements coming. Offer product demos or video tutorials that can interest your online visitors. Here at Strikingly, you can smoothly start a simple blog and use them to share your knowledge about your chosen niche. Provide them authentic knowledge to get them more curious about you, eventually making way for a purchase and retaining customers.

8. Listen With Your Customers

If there is one way to ace a customer retention program, it's listening to your audience. The online market seeks someone who'll understand them. They want businesses to understand their pain points and provide the best care. Customer retention strategies will only work if you know your consumer's concerns.

As a business, you are responsible for listening to your customers to help them understand what is happening. Knowing what's running through their minds will make finding the best solutions to their problems more manageable. And when you finally give them the answer they need, regaining customers comes naturally in your business.

9. Build A Community

As we've mentioned, consumers love to consult other consumers. One way to effectively do customer retention is by creating an online community. When consumers have a community they can rely on, they get easily attached to the business they are joining. Developing a sense of belongingness lingers in their mind making way for customer retention.

Building an online community here at Strikingly is a no-brainer, even for beginners. You can create membership pages allowing your online users to communicate and interact with each other. The more interaction you make, the higher the chances you earn a retaining customer.

10. Be Consistent

If there is one character customers seek from businesses, it's consistency. As a company wanting to establish a good name, you must do your part in performing well. Don't be just someone who is good at first and loses momentum after a few transactions. Customers always expect you to be your best, so do your best to prove your worth.


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Customer loyalty is any business's prize. When an entrepreneur enters the business world, one major priority is ensuring that his target audience will like their business. The company's team will spend time planning and strategizing the best techniques to fit their target audience's needs and wants. Creating a marketing plan that will help get more visitors to their website is among their goals to ensure that they'll smoothly grow a robust online community. And when they finally succeeded, customer loyalty was now at their palms.

If you want to know more about digital business and website building, chat with us today, and we'll get you started.