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Customers are naturally curious. Once they want to know something about a product or a service, they’ll automatically seek immediate answers. As the owner, you must ensure that each inquiry and concern thrown at you is answered immediately. You must keep your website ready 24/7. Using live chat for website can help you a lot during these circumstances. If you are looking for the right ways on how to create your own website live chat, this blog will definitely get you covered. Let’s first get to know what is live chat for your website.


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What Is Live Chat for Website?

Website live chat is among the most famous and helpful features a website can offer to its users. It is one way for businesses to provide a reliable customer support whenever needed. Live chat for website is usually added on many business websites to serve as a “tour guide” and help new website visitors with their inquiries.

Benefits of Website Live Chat

Adding website live chat offers many benefits. To help you get a better view, we’ve provided them down for you.


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1. Website Live Chat Improves Customer Experience

Customer experience should be every business’ priority. If you want people to go back to you, you must make them feel valued. One of the top benefits of website live chat is that it helps you and your business provide high quality service to a client. Many customers love businesses who pay attention to their needs. Studies have also proven that customers prefer business websites who have a reliable website live chat. This is because most customers prefer to get immediate action to inquiries rather than sending emails and waiting. By using website live chat, you give your customers a way of reaching out to you during unexpected events without having much trouble. Once they’ve encountered a problem, your website live chat can immediately help them and find the best solutions to their problems.

2. Live Chat for Website Helps in Conversion

Many online shoppers aren’t sure of what product they would be getting. They just go on and visit online shopping platforms in hopes of finding what they really need. As a business, it is your chance to grab every opportunity that comes knocking at your door. By using live chat for website, it will be easier for you to convert undecided customers to loyal ones. Once they visited your website and something caught their attention, they will immediately get curious and would want immediate answers. Website live chat can help you talk to them virtually and give them guidance on how your business can help them. If you are devoted enough, you might be lucky enough and convince them to do the purchase with you.

3. Using Live Chat for Website Builds Relationships

Trust is important in getting a solid group of loyal customers. It is one of the most essential elements in securing a good reputation in the world of business. As your team talks/chats to a potential client, relationships are slowly being built. When a customer starts to ask a question through your website live chat, it is easier for you to analyze his buying behavior and adjust your style to convince him. This step is among the most notable benefits of website live chat. It allows you to deeply understand your customer’s wants and needs. By using the infamous mirroring style of talking on a website live chat, your team can easily establish rapport towards customers. When you add live chat to website, you can quickly offer a more authentic style of showcasing your team’s personalities.

4. Live Chat for Website Boosts Productivity

Good websites are productive websites. As a business, it is not only your task to earn money but also save yourself from crisis brought by delays and negative feedback. Having a number of clients seeking immediate response is inevitable. In times like this, website live chat is one holy grail. Using website live chat can help you a lot in saving money, time and energy. When you add live chat to website, you can easily respond to inquiries and concerns faster than only using system generated emails. This trick is very helpful especially during times where loads of questions are arriving and are seeking immediate actions. Through website live chat, you can avoid missing out a message sent by one of your clients.

5. Using Live Chat for Website Outsmarts Competitors

Competition is tough in the world of business. Tons of similar companies could emerge hindering your path towards success. If you truly want to outshine them, you must be fully-equipped with all the right weapons. One of the greatest benefits of website live chat is that it gives you an edge against competitors. Consumers nowadays are becoming fonder of transacting through website live chat than phone calls. They seek businesses that can provide them with their needs ASAP. Once you succeed in designing the best website live chat for your online business, the promotion will never be impossible. With website live chat, gaining the attention you want is just a piece of cake.


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Best Website Live Chat Software

Now that you understand the benefits of website live chat, we’ll now get to another exciting subject—getting to know some of the best website live chat software.

1. LiveChat

LiveChat is considered as one of the industry’s leaders in website live chat software. This website love chat software is very easy to use and will fit you and your business despite being a beginner. It offers a set of well-designed website live chat applications which your team can use. You can access this website live chat software through your desktop computer, laptop, tablets and even through mobile phones. This website live chat software also allows its users to add survey forms for team evaluation. LiveChat offers different types of website live chat plans for all sorts of businesses. Their basic plan ranges from $16 to $19 with a free 14-day website live chat trial.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is another popular website live chat platform businesses use these days. They have a one-stop platform for all your digital marketing needs. This live chat for websites allows you to create custom designs to compliment your online business brand. You can also build automated website live chat flows even with no coding experience. Aside from their website live chat features, HubSpot also comes with an email marketing automation function, CRM, landing page software, and many other powerful digital marketing features. This live chat for your website helps you get started with website live chat for free. If you want to access their additional website live chat tools, all you have to do is upgrade to their set of paid plans which starts at $45/month.

3. ChatBot

ChatBot is another famous website live chat software you can use for your online business. This live chat for your website allows you to connect with your clients 24/7. Their website live chat platform comes with an easy, drag-and-drop website interface you can enjoy. They have a collection of ready-made website themes which can suit any type of business you own. Their website live chat template allows you to sell your online products directly from your website’s chat window. Currently, ChatBot offers different website live chat plans for businesses. They offer website live chat starter plan, which starts at $50 per month and comes with a 14-day free trial.


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Add Live Chat To Website With Us

Strikingly is among few website building platforms which allow you to freely add live chat to website. With this feature, you can easily get more leads for your business website and ensure that your online viewers are engaged. Here’s a one-stop guide we made just for you to add website live chat to your Strikingly website.

Adding Website Live Chat

Before you add live chat to website, it is important to take note that our live chat function requires you to get an Audience Plan or a VIP Plan. Our Audience plan allows you to make changes to your audience and only pick the right size for your business. Once your Strikingly account can now activate our website live chat feature, simply enable it on your site editor and you’re good to go.


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We strive to ensure that our users can easily access their website whenever and wherever they are. With our website live chat feature, users can enable mobile notifications to keep themselves updated once a client sends them a message. All you have to do is download our iPhone app or Android app , log in to your Strikingly website and start receiving notifications! You can even just simply tap on the notification and send a direct reply to your customer. Sounds amazing, right?

Aside from this, using our website live chat feature also allows you to send invitations to your team members and add collaborators for your website live chats! All you need to do is send an invitation to your team member. As soon as they accept it, they will be able to see your website homepage in their dashboard's site list. There, they can now click on the "Live Chat" button to see & respond to all the website live chat your website is receiving.

One common characteristic customers look for in a business is its reliability. People prefer companies that know how to prioritize their audience and provide answers. Who would want someone who doesn’t know how to give an immediate response? If a businessman like you truly seeks solid trust from your customers, always stay ready and be one chat away.

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