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Running a business means working hard to gain loyalty from your customers. If you want to last long, you must know how your target consumers want to be taken care of. You must understand everything from their needs and even their wants. You must gain profit and, most importantly, their loyalty towards your business. Got zero ideas how? Worry no more because you just happen to be in the right place.

This article will give you everything you need to know what is brand trust and why building brand trust is a holy grail for your business.

What is Brand Trust?

Brand trust, in simple words, is the trust your consumers give to your brand. It mirrors a customer’s expectations that trusted brands can perform what they promise him. This also involves a client’s satisfaction towards a company’s product, services offered, and even company behavior.

Building brand trust plays an essential role in protecting trusted brands from losing their target audience. When customers trust brands, businesses last longer. Failing to understand brand trust and how it would affect the business can lead to a massive loss in assets and even solid damage to the trusted brands’ reputation. Brand trust is considered the first and most important step in securing a solid foundation of loyal customers.

Why? Let’s get you to understand the reason for our next step on mastering the art of building brand trust.

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What is the Importance of Brand Trust?

Do you want your online shoppers to continue purchasing your products? Do you seek only good reviews from your audience? Do you want consumers to go and recommend your online shop products to their friends and family? Well, if yes is your answer to these questions, then mastering the importance of brand trust is your savior.


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There are tons of reasons why customers giving brand trust to a company is essential. To make things easier for you, we in Strikingly provided a set of reasons why being among trusted brands in the world of eCommerce is important. Take a deeper understanding of these building brand trust hacks, and who knows, you might be the next top business in your chosen field.

1. Makes Customer’s Feel Loved

One importance of building brand trust is that it helps you communicate with your target market. Trusted brands are often more successful because they can pamper their consumers. Customers trust brands once they figure that they can answer their concerns. Earning brand trust from your customer doesn’t only revolve around increasing sales. Brand trust isn’t something you get once they buy a product or service from you. Instead, brand trust is something you get in the way you impact them during your transactions.

2. Influences Consumers Buying Behavior

Customers like to be taken care of. When they feel like a business is making efforts to give them the best service, they stay. Another importance of brand trust is that it makes way for more customer conversion. Consumers who trust brands like yours are more likely to purchase and return to you. For example, when a customer visits your website, and you immediately give them all the attention and care they need, they will tend to instantly fall in love with your website. As a result, they will stay longer on your website, browsing your products, and will most probably make a purchase. You, as the owner, must consistently provide them with excellent service from the start to the last step of your transaction.

We in Strikingly help our users build brand trust from their clients with awesome features like live chat support. Through this feature, they can add something to their website to immediately help them communicate with their online visitors.

3. Establishes Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is all businesses want from their customers. Who wouldn’t want a solid foundation of regulars, right? One good importance of brand trust is that it can help you turn trust into loyalty. When you involve building brand trust as a part of your service marketing strategy, you are taking a step further in being with your audience. Once you're done earning brand trust, and you succeed in consistently providing them with what they need, earning loyalty will just be a piece of cake.

Here in Strikingly, we offer our users unique ideas on securing brand trust. Through our website features like adding membership pages on their business website, they are making themselves more capable of being among the most trusted brands in the world of eCommerce.


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4. Produces Brand Promoters

Happy and satisfied customers become loyal customers. Loyal customers play crucial roles in spreading the good news about your business. Building brand trust can help you turn your loyal customers into your business’s own promoters. Consumers trust brands that have positive feedback from their other co-consumers. And once they hear good things from one of your loyal customers, they will immediately get curious about it and will eventually visit your business. This word-of-mouth business website promotion is a compelling marketing strategy that can help you earn revenues and firm brand trust from consumers.

Website building with us here at Strikingly gives you the chance to earn brand trust and attract more customers. When you create your business website with us, you can easily add sections that you can design in your own way however you want them to be. You can also include your past customers' testimonials about your business which can surely bag you among the most trusted brands in your chosen field.


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Steps on Building Brand Trust Effectively

After understanding the different importance of brand trust, it is now the time for you to step on to the next level—learning the steps on building brand trust for your own business.

1. Set Goals

Any strategy won’t work if no objectives are made. The first step in effectively building brand trust is to set your goals. Know what you really want and how you want to achieve them. Do you want to be among trusted brands who are the talk of the town? Do you want your clients to enthusiastically share their experiences with you with their friends and family? Or do you first seek loyal consumers who will trust brands like yours and willingly patronize your company? Ask yourselves these questions. Define what is brand trust in your own way and how you think it will affect your business. Once you’re done setting your goals, think of a way to execute them properly. Our tip? Start with a free website.

We like to help our users reach their business goals without having much trouble with how they will do it. We offer one of the best free website building services to help them build their own website and earn the brand trust that they truly deserve.

2. Be Authentic

Originality rocks. If there is one central idea you should never miss when understanding what brand trust is, it’s that nothing beats authenticity. The world of eCommerce has tough competition. If you want to set a good position in the market, you have to be unique in your own way. Customers trust brands that have their own unique way of expressing themselves to the market. They trust brands that are not “bland” and have the power to introduce themselves creatively.

Being authentic will require you to create your own brand trust values, mission, goals, etc. You can also be authentic by being responsive to feedback, whether positive or negative. Ensure that you are building brand trust by addressing complaints immediately. Be authentic by being brave to tell your stories, which can improve customer engagements, help develop a stable relationship, and eventually gain brand trust. Use this as an opportunity to establish a brand trust marketing strategy that will help you capture more attention. Do not be afraid to try new things and just express who you are to your audience.

We in Strikingly ensure that our users are considered as among well-trusted brands in the world of eCommerce. We offer only high-quality features that let our users express themselves however they want them to get noticed. You can enjoy our massive collection of free website templates, add section features, simple blogs, and many others in personalizing your own website. You can even change your website’s language options, set billing options, and easily send newsletters to your clients. Once you’re done designing your own website, feel free to launch it and start smoothly building brand trust.

3. Be Consistent

If there is one certain character every consumer likes, it's consistency. Customers love it if they see how a brand can continuously fulfill its responsibilities as a provider. They trust brands who know how to be true to their own words and not just bluff around. Understanding what brand trust means is mastering the art of being consistent. Giving the best customer service may be answering a simple question, providing honest opinions on your own product, and even helping customers troubleshoot problems. Do all of it with pure passion, and in no time, earning that brand trust from your customer will never be that impossible.


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Building brand trust does take a modest amount of time. It requires a strong management strategy to ensure that you are keeping things on track. You will be experiencing tons of challenges for you to earn them. But, as soon as you learn how to do them right, everything will just fall into its proper place. You don’t really have to worry about how you will master what is brand trust. You are never alone. All you have to do is find the right partner, be brave to try, and eventually earn the sweet fruit of all your hard work—just like how we do things here in Strikingly.

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