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Have you recently launched your dropshipping or eCommerce store? Are you fully prepared to step into the digital marketing world? If you have started looking for information, you must have come across the advice of building a blog to promote your website.

The truth is that this is actually great advice. The latest blogging statistics reveal that blogging is highly beneficial for promoting eCommerce sites. However, you need to have more detailed information on blogging statistics than just that before you start relying on it for the growth of your business. You need to cover at least the most important blogging statistics to gear your blogging efforts accordingly.

Now you must be having many questions in your mind about this. How many blogs are there in the world in 2021? How many professional bloggers are there, and how many of them are expected to thrive in their business? Are individuals making a good amount of money by simply monetizing their blogs? What is the average length of a typical blog post? How often do I need to post on my blog to make it grow faster? The answers to all these questions are part of blogging statistics.

This post will show the kind of blogging statistics you need to know before building your own blog. We will provide you with a long list of blogging statistics that you can read through. You can then evaluate the effectiveness of blogging for the growth of your online store. Without further ado, let’s dive into some interesting and latest blogging statistics as we approach the end of 2021.

How Many Blogs Exist on the Internet?

The first blogging statistics you need to know is the number of blogs on the internet at the end of 2021. Knowing this will make you aware and alert about how much competition you have if you start blogging. According to the latest blogging statistics, there are more than 600 million blog websites on the internet.

The home to most of these blogs is Tumblr, which is a microblogging platform. It holds over 488 million blogs on the platform, and this number keeps growing. The closest competitor to Tumblr is WordPress. WordPress currently gets roughly 78 million new articles published on it every month. More than 2 billion blog articles are posted on the internet every year.

These blogging statistics are revealing really fierce competition in the blogging world. If you want to start a blog, you need to walk the extra mile and work hard to make your content stand out in the competitive sphere.

You can achieve this by taking specific measures such as publishing original content, attractive web design, interesting topics, search engine optimization, and ensuring you are up to date with your niche’s latest blogging statistics and market trends.

How Many People are Running a Blog in the United States?

This is among our list of the most important blogging statistics. Since blogging is seen as one of the most effective digital marketing means, the United States is home to millions of blog owners and bloggers. The second-largest eCommerce market is in the United States. Perhaps that’s why people and businesses are very interested in making blog posts to promote their initiatives.

blogger writing a blog post

The number of active blogs in the United States crossed 31 million in 2020. This reflects a 12% rise in the number of active bloggers from 2015 to 2020. Instead of getting overwhelmed by these blogging statistics, you might want to consider researching the type of posts you want to make on your blog. The niche you choose for your blog content should be relevant to your area of expertise and passion for writing. The possibilities and choices in deciding on your niche for a blog are endless. The blogging statistics are there to enable you to make more informed decisions about your blog.

What is the Most Popular Content-Format for Blogs?

Content marketers are the most excellent experts in analyzing blogging statistics in this regard. If you want to find out which format is the best for your blog posts, look into the surveys conducted by content creators as well as content marketers. According to a survey, blog articles continue to be the most effective and popular format among all types of content across the internet. 9 out of every 10 content marketers use blog posts to obtain their marketing objectives and be successful in their overall marketing campaigns.

The next two most popular content formats are infographics and emails. 66% of content marketers use email marketing, and 45% of them use infographics. Blogging clearly gives more advantages to businesses trying to promote their websites and brands through content. Websites that have a blog section or companies that run a blog under their name get 55% more visitors than those that do not have a blog.

On top of that, building a blog and maintaining it is not even expensive. Therefore, the blogging statistics indicate that blogging is a low-cost marketing strategy that every business and aspiring entrepreneur should adopt.

What is the Average Length of a Blog Post?

New bloggers often wonder how long their blog posts should be. There is actually no exact or correct answer to this. Many factors determine the ideal length of a good blog article. These factors include the keywords, niche, platform where the post is being published, the quality of the article, the formatting used, and others.

With that being said, here are some blogging statistics on this issue that you can use as a guide. Experts say that blog posts should ideally be from 1,500 to 2,000 words long. A general rule of thumb for blog posts is that the longer it is, the more detailed information it can provide, thus improving its quality. The longer you write, the more you can hone into the specifics of the topic at hand. You also get more opportunities to add all the relevant keywords. Hence in one way, a long blog post will potentially have better SEO and get better results in terms of driving traffic to it. But on the other hand, writing a very lengthy blog post can feel redundant and boring.

Keeping these blogging statistics in mind, we can say that a blog post longer than 2,000 words may or may not perform better in enhancing its search rankings and promoting the business that it’s written in favor of.

Strikingly user's blog with posts of average length published on it

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How Long Does it Take on Average to Write a Blog Post?

It does make sense to assume that the longer your blog post, the longer it will take you to write it. According to the latest blogging statistics, it taka professional bloggers around four hours to produce a quality blog post. These blogging statistics are from 2020, revealing a longer time than that showed for 2019.

As businesses realize the value of blogging and content marketing, their staff will spend more time producing blog articles. Professional bloggers are also probably taking longer to write blog posts now, as they analyze the benefits they get from the blogging statistics.

The extra dedication to blogging definitely pays off. Writers who take more time to prepare and publish their blog posts get more fruitful results in driving traffic and sales for their business and website.

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What is the Importance of Content Quality?

The increased time spent writing blog posts must be due to the increased emphasis on the quality of content published. Blogging statistics from a survey conducted in 2020 revealed that the most essential success factor for bloggers is the quality of their content.

What is meant by high content quality? Besides the formatting, layout, spelling and grammar, and visual appeal, quality content provides relevant and thorough information backed up by research and facts. Good quality content is not plagiarized. The quality of an article also refers to the relevance of the content to the topic at hand.

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How Do You Build a Blog on Strikingly?

Strikingly is a website builder that makes it super easy for anyone to create a blog. You can either directly select one of our blog templates to build a standalone blog or create a website to attach a blog section to it.

To add a blog section to your website, click ‘Add New Section’ from your Strikingly editor, and select ‘Simple Blog’. Start writing and publishing your articles without having to code or program anything.

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The features of Strikingly are developed with the ease of use of our customers in mind. We take care of the technical side of running your website while focusing on your marketing efforts to continue growing your business.

Now that you know the importance of having a blog through the blogging statistics we discussed do not delay creating a blog to promote your business. If you want your blog to be ready within just a few minutes, choose Strikingly as your blogging platform and get started with making your blog right away.