how to sell a product

Over the past ten years, the online retail industry has advanced significantly. With the aid of numerous tools and tactics that did not exist or were not well-liked just a few years ago, many firms and individuals have discovered how to sell online and generate money. There is no greater rivalry than ever before in the digital realm. Anyone knowledgeable about selling a product can think of creative strategies to increase online sales. There are numerous categories from which you can choose when considering what things to offer online. The majority of consumer goods are marketable online. The key is having a system for doing so and a brand presence online. Today, we'll discuss a few ideas for selling a product.

Advice on How to Sell a Product

These techniques will assist you in increasing your knowledge about how to sell online, whether you are a drop shipper or create your goods.

1. Pick a Trustworthy Website Builder

how to sell a product
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One thing is certain: if you don't believe any website builders, you cannot comprehend how to sell a product online. Strikingly is the website builder we would suggest if we had to. Even if you defied our advice and created an online website somewhere else, be sure your decision satisfies all your website-related needs. You should consider the following criteria for selling a product using a website builder:

  • How much template customization is possible with the provided website builder?
  • How attractive are the provided website design templates?
  • What are the available subscription plans?
  • How trustworthy is their customer service?

You can pick from a variety of website themes for your online store at Strikingly. Within a few hours of choosing a template, you can launch your website by adding your website's content. Our drag-and-drop tool makes it simple for our users to add text and photos and quickly launch their web pages. We have everything you need to run a basic e-commerce site and increase e-commerce sales, from adding product photographs to pricing items to providing several payment gateway alternatives.

2. Identify Your Target Market

how to sell a product

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When considering beginning an internet business, it might be very tempting to believe you can satisfy everyone. As a result, you start without identifying your target market. However, the reality is that you can never truly satisfy everyone. Therefore, it is usually preferable to identify your target market before concentrating on how to sell a product and services to them precisely. You give yourself a goal when you identify your target market. This mission clarifies your goals and directs the development of effective online product sales techniques.

  • How old is your intended audience?
  • What are their interests, and what is their profession?

3. A System of Appropriate Order Management

Having an effective order management system is one of the most crucial things you can do to increase online sales. Orders delivered on time leave a positive image in the eyes of your customers. Most importantly, you'll give them every incentive to make more purchases on your eCommerce website. Instead of spending time and effort trying to get new clients, it is significantly more cost-effective to have recurring customers. You could use our tool to track orders if your website was created with Strikingly. Thanks to this feature, you can see the date and status of any order you get. If you have an order, for example, that you cannot fulfill on time because you are out of stock, the order's pending status will keep you awake so that you can first notify the customer and then quickly make arrangements for the stock.

4. Create an Online Store Strategy

Online sales are referred to as eCommerce. The first step in thinking about how to sell a product is to create a strategy. This will be where your journey will begin. Consider the internet platform you'll use as your business base. Consider your strategy for convincing clients to choose you over other companies in the same sector. You must adhere to the plan you develop from the outset if you want to sell your products online successfully. Select the product categories for which you will gather stock. Would you prefer to offer a variety of products or specialize in a specific product category? You must have the answers to these questions before investing any money in your project.

5. Produce Fantastic Product Pages

 how to sell a product

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Create your product pages by adding products to the store part of your website. Create a concise product description and set each item's price competitively. It would be easier to find products to sell if you were more descriptive and your product photographs were of higher quality.

Adding multiple product photos is recommended for any item you intend to sell. Your website visitors will be more likely to buy if they can view the products from several perspectives.

6. Provide an Easy Checkout Procedure

For you to understand how to sell a product online, the checkout procedure needs to be simple and hassle-free. When a consumer is about to complete an order, they do not need to fill out extensive forms or provide too much personal information. Create a mobile-friendly checkout page to make it as simple as possible for customers to shop at your store from the convenience of their phones. Once they've finished their purchase, you can offer your customers to leave you comments on their shopping experience or a testimonial. But wait until they complete the purchase before approaching them, as they can become irritated and withdraw. A high bounce rate or many shopping cart abandonments on your website would be undesirable.

7. Deliver Outstanding Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service is essential to keeping your customers happy and encouraging them to make additional transactions. This is crucial for the stages of pre-buy, purchase, and post-purchase. Customers may require your service and assistance when selling a product online during the purchasing process. Good customer service may be ensured in your online store in several ways.

The ideal option on how to sell a product is to have a live chat function set up on your website that users can use from any of your web pages to ask questions and receive prompt answers. With Strikingly's Pro plan, you can send and receive messages to up to 100 clients using our live chat tool.

8. Make Product Promotions on Social Media

If you want to know how to sell a product online, you cannot undervalue the significance of social media marketing in internet sales. In addition to developing an eCommerce website, using your social media accounts to advertise your products is crucial. Social media marketing has grown into one of the least expensive strategies for promoting online sales in recent years.

Even if you don't run sponsored commercials, you may start a Facebook page, engage a respectable online community, and ask them to spread the word about your posts to the general public. You won't find a better social media channel than Instagram for advertising things on social media. You can post top-notch website photographs to Instagram with an appropriate product description. You can also use hashtags to make sure you draw in a wide range of viewers to your page. Make sure to include a contact area on your Strikingly website where you have your social media accounts. By doing this, you can attract a social media audience to your eCommerce website.

9. Various Payment Options

how to sell a product

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Because clients must go through payment alternatives to shop online, payment methods have an impact on online sales as well. Not every customer who shops online use the same payment method. As a result, you must adopt a proactive strategy and develop various payment methods for them to choose from. You need to ensure that each payment method is appropriate for your target market.

On Strikingly, we make it possible for our target clients to finish an online transaction using a variety of payment channels. First, we offer the "Store Currency" option, which enables clients to make payments using the currency of their home nation. Stripe and Paypal are two of the most widely used payment methods incorporated on the Strikingly website. We also give our users the option to accept credit card payments.

10. Include Top-Notch Product Pictures

 how to sell a product

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

High-quality website photographs are essential while learning how to sell a product whether you operate an e-commerce website or a portfolio website. Your ability to increase online sales is directly related to the quality of your website photographs.

Customers can only trust the quality of the product photographs because they cannot touch or feel the things they purchase online. They can determine whether or not to purchase that eCommerce item by looking at the photographs. The image's quality will influence how your visitors feel about the thing they wish to purchase. Make sure the images of your selling products are clear and have a good background when you take their shots. Visitors will purchase the same item from a different eCommerce store if they see any flaws in the product image. To enhance sales, be sure to take high-quality product pictures.

11. Examine Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are becoming one of the most affordable marketing strategies for boosting sales. You must consider the viewpoints of customers who provide online testimonials or reviews for your business. By considering their feedback, you can identify areas where your store could use improvement. Your online sales will be positively impacted by this automatically. You can respond to their inquiries on social media if necessary. Your brand can develop a negative reputation if you don't respond to their queries.


In conclusion, there are many techniques to sell a product if you have an eCommerce store. You can significantly increase your eCommerce sales by utilizing cutting-edge marketing techniques and a dependable website builder like Strikingly.

This combination will be helpful because it will raise your eCommerce sales and help you establish your company's online visibility. As you know how to enhance sales, you may visit our landing page and join Strikingly right now. You won't need much time to become familiar with our cutting-edge features and tools. You can set up an online business quickly if you find products to sell. Strikingly wishes you well as you work to increase your online sales.