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Everyone knows that a company’s logo design is what provides a sense of identity and familiarity for an organization. It is so closely linked to the brand itself that it becomes a holistic brand representation. The details of the logo design help build the brand image to a large extent and earn brands more recognition than their products and services alone could. However, a good logo design has more power to make or break a brand name than it is given credit for.

A logo design is important for a business and its brand identity because they are the first thing almost everyone sees about your brand. Hence, the logo design gives off the first impression of your organization and all it stands for. A good logo can help drive people to want to learn more about your brand even though they initially had no intentions of doing so. A logo design is often investigated to learn the history of a brand’s origins. People expect them to have a deeper meaning than just saying the brand’s name monotonously.

If you make a good logo for your brand, then you increase the chances of your brand’s success by a lot just by simply doing that. What makes a good logo is the reasoning behind the logo design and its links to the values that your brand stands for, along with the message and purpose you want to spread. These logo design tips may seem too deep or unnecessary, but trust us, they are important. If you do not understand how, try putting yourself in the shoes of a potential consumer and understanding it from that perspective. This will help gain more understanding of the matter.

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In today’s article we will be discussing the do’s and don’ts of creating a good logo design. Keep on reading further to learn all about the subtle art of positively impacting your brand’s image with the help of your logo design.

What to do When Creating a Logo Design

Below are a few tips you can use to create an appealing logo design for your brand.

1. Incorporate a Story

A logo design is simply a design. It is a symbol. It involves no words other than the company name itself, sometimes not even that. Then how can you incorporate a story into a logo design? You can do so by indicating certain things with the color, size, and shape of your logo design. What makes a great logo is its ability to tell a story by simply being there in front of a person. What makes a great logo is its ability to be positively perceived just by someone looking at it.

2. Keep Scalability in Mind

The logo of your business is supposed to appear everywhere. On digital media, traditional media, in all different kinds of sizes, and places. Your logo should look exactly the same no matter where someone comes across it. You can make a good logo by ensuring this consistency. That is how it will become memorable. And that is also how people will be able to associate certain moments and memories with it. So however you design your logo, just make sure its scalability score is high, and it can be converted to any form.

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3. Keep it Simple

Remember to keep in mind that a logo design is supposed to make an impression at first glance. This means whatever message or purpose you want it to portray should not be so complicated that it needs time to be understood. That is why it is essential to keep your logo simple. It should not confuse someone when they glance at it. It is a misconception that it will not be memorable if it is simple. In reality, however, this is further from the truth. People tend to remember certain things when it comes to retaining random images of things they saw in their minds.

2D logo with a slight 3D effect

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website.

4. Font Readability

Some logos have the entire name of a brand within them, and some have just the initials incorporated in the logo design. Whatever you choose to do, make sure the font is easily readable. There is no point in adding different kinds of letters to your logo if the person who looks at it cannot understand the font as soon as they come across it.

5. Ensure Relevancy

A logo design can serve no purpose no matter how much of a good logo it is unless it is a hundred percent relevant to the brand that it is supposed to be representing. The overall look of your logo must go well with the product or service that your business is selling. There should be a clear link between your logo and the inner workings of your entire business. You can ask these questions yourself:

  • Does this font represent what we stand for?
  • Do these colors justify the purpose of our products?
  • Is it absolutely necessary to include this detail?

What to Not do When Creating a Logo Design

Here is what you need to avoid when building a logo design for your brand.

1. Make it Too Colorful

Do not assume that the brighter the logo design, the more noticeable it is. Even though, yes, maybe it might make it more noticeable, it will not necessarily be in a positive sense. Add as much color as needed. Go for it if you think your brand personality will be represented with just a black and white logo. Do not force color just for the sake of making it colorful.

2. Stretching the Logo

Stretching the pixels and dimensions of anything makes everything a big fat mess. Do not make this mistake. It will create massive problems with scalability and using the same logo on different kinds of diverse mediums.

3. Drop Shadow

Drop shadows look cool. We know. But to make an effective logo, they are never a good idea. When the logo design is placed in small corners of mediums and copied repeatedly, the drop shadow creates a problem. It tends to create printing problems and makes the logo look smudged even if it is not.

4. Generic Imagery

By generic imagery, we mean any kind of clip art or images found with a simple search engine search. Originality is important, and it needs time to perfect it. Do not take the shortcut of adding generic imagery to your brand identity.

5. Adding Everything

A logo is a symbol, and that is all. It is not meant to include everything regarding a brand within itself. Do not try to add long taglines or explanations or the very long unabbreviated version of your brand name in the logo. The more you can tell with less, the better.

Uploading Your Logo on a Strikingly Website.

Once you have your logo design ready, you can upload it to your website. If your website is being built on Strikingly, the way to upload your logo design is straightforward.

Strikingly sign up

Image taken from Strikingly.

Strikingly is a website builder that provides plenty of attractive and ready-to-use templates. Using these templates, you do not have to work for hours trying to create your web design from scratch. You also do not need to hire a professional web designer to do the job for you.

Before creating your web page on Strikingly, you will be taken to our template selection page to choose the most suitable template or theme for your site.

Any template you choose will be responsive and have slots on it for adding your brand logo.

In most of the templates, you will find the main logo design slot on or around the site's header. This is where you have to click, browse and find the logo file on your device, and open it. The logo will show up in the image slot.

How would you know where you have to upload your brand logo? The image slot meant for the logo will have ‘Logo’ written on it.

how to add logo in the Strikingly editor

Image taken from Strikingly

If you have made it until the end of this post, you now know how to create a good logo design. You also know how to upload it to your website and the importance of designing an attractive and memorable brand logo. If you want, you can still hire a graphic designer to design your brand logo, but at least you would know how exactly to monitor, check and approve the designer’s work based on the knowledge you gained about logo designs in this post today.

If you are yet to build your brand website, hop on to Strikingly, register for a free account with us, and make your beautiful web page today.